How To Make Money From Your Blog in 2017 – Possible Ways To Earn

Just imagine a scenario: You get out of bed, and open your laptop, check your email, and see lots of notifications: “You’ve Been Issued a Payment.”

Wow!  Overnight, you’ve made hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Money gets credited in your bank account while you nap. And what’s the secret to this? It’s “Blogging”.

Started your own blog since you’ve heard it’s an easy way to earn money without sweating, but unaware of how to actually make money via blogging? Keep on reading!

This handy guide will shed limelight to explore the simple yet effective ways to monetize your blog.

No matter what niche your blog is, whether it’s a hobby blog, a personal blog or your business blog, making money with a blog is 100% possible! There are over a dozen methods which were used to monetize blogs based on the niche.

My this post is a newly updated version of my previously covered post, titled 9 Best Methods To Make Money Without Google AdSense. In this post, I have added trendy new ways to monetize your blog and also updated few previously covered points.

How To Make Money From Your Blog in 2017 – Possible Ways To Earn

Below is a rundown on some of the strategies used by few of the famous bloggers. Don’t get depressed if one method doesn’t work out for you just have a try to other method and build upon that!

Here are some Effective ways to Monetize your Blog:

#1- Pay Per Click Advertising

From the name itself, you can easily guess how you earn money from your blog using this method.

Yeah, you’re right!

You get paid for every click a visitor makes on ads placed on your site. The profit you gain via Pay Per Click (PPC) ads vary depending on the amount of traffic your blog gets.

Only a small percentage of visitors will click on these ads, so to earn a lot of money from them you will need a lot of traffic.

The design of your website plays an important role in increasing the Click through Rate (CTR). There are certain parts of your website which are more valuable and gains more attention from your site visitors, so you can place the ads there to increase your CTR.

Other than this, your blog theme also depends on it. There are types of themes like AdSense optimized which works best with CPC ads and another one is Affiliate optimized themes which are dedicated to working well with affiliate promotional stuff. So consider choosing the perfect theme for your blog at the start.

For instance: To increase the chance of someone clicking your ads, consider putting ads at the beginning and end of articles are highly recommend. If on the other hand, you place these ads at the footer of the page where not a single person will scroll down to see them, then chances are less that you will get clicks on your ads.

#2- Google AdSense

Creating a new account with Google AdSense is the first step to start monetizing your blog.

Google Ad sense

Through this program, companies can promote their ads using Google Adword at a comparatively cheaper cost while website or blog owners can make money displaying those ads.

You can check my AdSense earnings in the screenshot below:

LoudTechie Adsense Income Report

In this advertising, everyone earns money and businesses get a chance to bring their products/services right in front of their target audience.

While Google AdSense might not make you rich overnight, it’s a simple and easy way to earn for amateur bloggers. Once you sign up for an account and get approved, you can use AdSense ads on your other blogs also and start getting paid.

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#3- Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur blogger or a veteran blogger, you might be aware of the method “Affiliate Marketing”. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to monetize your blog just by placing affiliate links to your content.

Top 10 Niches For Profitable Affiliate Marketing

For Example: If you have a fashion blog, you could research affiliate programs that contain products related to fashion field (Cosmetics, Fashion Boutique etc.) If someone wants people to advertise their new makeup product, you could write a blog with a title “How to Choose the Right Cosmetics for Your Skin?” and at the end of the post, you could promote their affiliate product.

With this type of advertising method, you can get a commission with every sale that resulted from your referral links. You can use affiliate marketing via ad networks like Amazon Associates or else you can also create private memberships with others advertisers.

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#4- Referral Programs

Pay per referral program will add dollars to your wallet in a second!

Depending on the advertisement program you are using, you can look for referral programs and refer your readers to that program.

From cash back shopping portals, to survey sites, to job placement services, every item on this list will pay you to refer your site visitors – anywhere from $0.10 to $5,000!

#5- Create & Sell Digital Products

Writing eBook is very popular nowadays! With the ever-increasing eReaders such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle, selling your own digital products online is a great way to earn money via blogging.

You could write an eBook about almost anything related to home interior design, tutorials, online courses etc. You can sell your digital products via the Apple iStore or on Amazon. You can sell it directly on your website as well! This way you get 100% of the sale price and traffic to your website.

Apart from eBooks, you can sell other digital products including:

  • Online courses/workshops
  • Images, video, or music
  • Apps, plugins, or themes

#6- Email Marketing

Yes! You can earn more money via email marketing by sending tricky newsletters to subscribers with call-to-action!

Plan out your Email Marketing Strategy

When people register to become a member, you get their email address. When people sign up to your weekly newsletter, you get their email address.

When a new member subscribes to join your list, they are redirected to a thank you page that would ask them to check their email and confirm the subscription.

After confirming and verifying the subscription, you can send daily/weekly newsletters and emails to your subscribers; by this, you encourage your site visitors returning back to your website.

There are always ethics to follow even for email marketing. This is not something you send an email and get paid. It always depends on how interactive, engaging and informative your email content is. Doing it the wrong way can get you banned by the subscriber and your email marketing services.

Here are some Email Marketing Tools for Your Business:


#7- Publish Sponsored Posts and Paid Reviews

You can write detailed reviews about products and publish them on your site. Make sure to review products that are only related to your website niche, as you are catering to your target audience. There is no value writing a detailed review about a gardening tool if your website is about SEO trends.

Regular sponsored or paid reviews can ruin your content quality. Don’t get too much attracted towards paid posts. Maintain your content quality.

According to many studies, Google doesn’t like paid reviews. The reviewer and the brand both can be affected by it.

I personally experienced the bad effects of doing too much paid posts and guest posts in my previous blog. And never recommend anyone for doing paid post reviews.

Blogging without good results can make you lazy which in results you will ask others to contribute to your blog. Many think that just by publishing content on their blog consistently will get them ranked on Google. But this can ruin your blog quality and you can get penalized for violating Google’s rules.

My suggestion: You can do this once a month. Avoid doing it regularly.

#8- Offer Online Courses

Creating online courses and tutorials would be a great idea to earn money by charging people a membership fee (a fixed amount). These courses could be about anything and could include podcasts, videos, tutorials, etc.

Present your talent as an Online Course to your visitors.

For Instance: If you’re a great programmer or website designer, you could set up a one-week online training on how to be a better website designer. Make sure to make videos instructions to describe all the coding techniques that you might need, strategies that help achieve excellent user-friendly web design etc.

While creating video instructions for your online course, keep in mind that the information that you offer to your paying customers is different to any free content that you offer on your site.

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#9- Private Forums

As like paid memberships, private forums can be created to cater the needs of your site visitors. You can simply add a forum inside your WordPress blog using WP plugins.

Forum members can pay a monthly fee to access the forum, join communities and interact with the other forum members. There are many free forums out there, so to make the members access your account for fixed fee, you need to provide excellent, informative content that isn’t available elsewhere.

You can also promote your affiliate links with your forum members.

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#10- Selling Ad Spaces

Based on your niche, you can start selling ad space to advertisers once you get a certain traffic volume. As mentioned earlier, there are certain places on your website where you will receive more attention from your site visitors.

You can sell these spaces to advertisers to promote their products/services. By this, you can add more dollars to your bank account!

Note: You can use heat map feature to know more about the places on your site where you get maximum clicks and impressions. 

Wrapping Up

Hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on make money from your blog. There are many other monetization strategies you can try with your own blog – the above-mentioned are just the most popular ones that tend to generate a lot of income for a lot of popular bloggers!

Don’t just read my post and dream about making money from your blog! Take the right action on what we’ve been discussing in this post and put it into action.

Start earning more money without satisfying the comfort of your own home!

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