The internet has eliminated the boundaries of nations, people, and almost everything. You had to physically go to an institution to learn anything lately. But now, you only need an internet connection as many courses are available online.

Simply put, an online course is a resource available on the web on a specific topic. You can find both free and paid courses online. In comparison, you will find the later to carry much more information than the former.


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Advantages of Taking Online Courses

There are so many reasons students and learners are attracting towards online courses. But first I would like to ask you something.

Are you taking any online course?

Have you ever taken any online course?

If your answer is NO, then I can prove you wrong. We all are surfing the web full of information. But many times while searching for something we get into taking an online course without even knowing about it.

Won't you believe it? Let me throw one example for this one.

Do you remember you were getting video instructions for anything? Yes for anything specific like "how to download this, how to register on it, how to learn this new language, how to get more followers on Instagram".

Many of these searches directed you to Online videos sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,etc. Those video instructions are one of the kinds of Online Courses.

Here are few advantages you can get by taking an Online course. As we all know free video instructions are never fully satisfied and are very specific sometimes. There is a time when one needs advance knowledge about something, taking an online course would be the best way.

  • A large Variety of programs and courses by experts
  • Affordable learning costs
  • Comfortable environment for learning
  • Career advancement with advance e-learning
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Can check user reviews about online course for better and Secure investment

Amazing Udemy Courses with Insane Discount

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What is Udemy?

Maybe, you are new to the whole phrase, online courses that you have no idea what Udemy is. It is an online learning platform, where you can find over 45000 of courses under various categories. You can find both free and paid courses there. The best thing about Udemy is you can learn anything through instructional videos training.

Over 15 million students are already enrolled and mastering new courses and skills on Udemy.

In order to enroll for any courses you see on the platform, you need an account, for which you can opt for the regular email ID and password method, or use your Facebook or Google account.

Once you get yourself an account, the first thing that comes to your mind is a dilemma because there are tens of thousands of courses available and you don’t know how to stumble upon the best ones. Well, I have got your back.

How to Find out the Best Udemy Courses?

Udemy has a filter you can use for categorizing the courses. You can choose any category and the courses from the same will get displayed on the screen before you. On the results screen, you will again get a few filters to sort the courses.

So, how can you find out the best online courses? Well, have a look at the steps below.

  • First, you have to have a look at the number of students enrolled for a specific course. The simple logic is that the more the number of enrolled students, the better the course is.
  • Then, you should take a look at the rating. Udemy follows a star-based rating system. Out of the five available stars, anything above 4 is great. Again, you must consider the number of ratings. The more the number of ratings and the more the star rating, the better the course is.
  • We all know a course should be created with utmost attention. And, we can figure it out by going a bit deep to the course. You must read the description first. Once you do it, you will know the modules of the course.
  • You can again check the title of every video to understand what exactly the creator deals with, in detail.
  • Just like in any e-commerce store, you can find the reviews dropped by the people already took the course. In order to make sure your money doesn’t go wasted, you can check the reviews. If the course has any flaws, you can see the students mentioning them in the reviews.
  • Unless and until you are not buying any free courses, you must check the contents. Avoid the courses with a small number of videos with short length. For free courses, it doesn’t matter because you have nothing to lose.
  • Sometimes, you may overlook a new course simply due to the fact that it doesn’t have a large number of positive reviews. What you can do instead is to check the other courses of the creator and see the ratings of them.

Get Discount on Top Udemy Courses

I have shortlisted some of the top most courses you may like to get at discounted price. The actual cost of these courses is $200 but you can get these courses at $10 using the discount links given below. There could never be anything worth than spending your $10 on these Top Online Udemy Courses.

Top Courses In Categories

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Digital Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Growth Hacking

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Web Design


IT and Software

Google for Office

Why Should You Buy Udemy Courses and Are They Worth it?

You may ask yourself. ‘Why should I buy an Udemy course?’, ‘Will it be a loss?’, and a lot like that.

Let me tell you, Udemy is one of the biggest learning platforms on the web. More than 15 Million users are already taking courses and creating them too. So, you will never feel like spending your money for knowledge cheaper than the price of the course.

Well, sometimes, you may feel you spent money for something you already know. I have shared a few tips above for you not to be disappointed after taking a course. You must go through the description and title of each video included inside the course. Then, you will come to know what the creator is talking about and what he isn’t.

Udemy is a platform of video courses. So not only do you get the information, but you also see the demonstration in action. As a visualization is the best learning practice, you will find it easy to digest and difficult to forget.

Udemy contains tons of courses ranging from basic to advanced guides. As I told you already, the worth depends on the selection and it is subjective. If you already know something and you buy a course on the same topic, you will feel your money go in vain. So, follow every tip I have shared above.

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think?

I have given you the introduction and a few tips to choose the best Udemy course. Moreover, you also got some Udemy courses with the biggest discount here.

It’s your turn now. You have to understand what area you want to widen the horizon of your knowledge. Once you find the subject, choose a course from the list given above. There you have it. Happy learning.

About the Author Alok

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  • This is very helpful. I had been thinking of enrolling myself for content marketing course. Thank you for sharing this.

  • A great post! This is right up my alley because I am currently thinking about signing up for online course while finishing my university studies. Thank you for sharing!

  • Online courses are great as they keep your mind active and give you a new skill or knowledge base x

  • Now that’s some crazy discount! Just saw that there are courses on Growth Hacking as well. Would love to explore.

    • Hello Tushar, this is one insane discount offer. They have so many courses on growth hacking as well. I have already mentioned how to find best Udemy courses.

  • Super helpful! Picking an online course is tough sometimes but these tips definitely cleared some things up 🙂

    • Yes! This one is a HUGE save. You can find top marketers and bloggers here with their personal online courses.

  • Quite insightful. Course in Social Media Marketing seems useful for me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Useful and helpful tips on Online Course offer. I would always try for SEO course and more on blogging as I am very new to world of blogging and very few books are available on it, so I have to rely on online courses.

    • Hello Yukti, at the start I have tried few e-books as well for blogging but none of them really got my attention. We always need something that we don’t know about and that is not easy to find. Online courses have their trailer videos so that once can know about everything he will going to learn in that course. That’s what attracts me towards online courses.

  • This is very useful information! I always want to expand my horizon by learning new things I will definitely have a look at Udemy.

    • Hello Grace, Good to have you here. If you have the desire to learn more you can always go for it. Udemy is just a platform to achieve your desires by learning and turned it into a skill.

      The desire turning into a skill is BOMB! Happy learning 🙂

  • Being an IT girl, such website always helps us in increasing the knowledge. Worth sharing with friends.

  • I would be so interested in taking up an online course for SEO. This is a great post with an even better deal for people looking for course. Thanks for sharing!

  • Web courses are my favourite ones. You can participate from home so it’s quite easy to make the decision and join classes without too much effort.

    • I hope you will grab this offer before it expires. Happy learning 🙂

  • Helpful tips on Online Course offer, I actually have done one free online basic french learning course from Udemy and I really liked learning . I am thinking to enroll for the paid course . Thanks for sharing!

    • You are welcome Sonali. All the best for your next Pick.

  • I never heard of Udemy, but thanks for the information. I have never done an online course either. Maybe one day!

  • i can definitely see some pretty cool stuff that they offer for online courses. Actually my grad school was done pretty much exclusively online. And I have taken some other online courses as well. They can work well as long as you have the time to fit them into your schedule.

    • Hello David, sure they do have some quality courses you can try out. I hope you get time to fit them into your busy schedule.

  • This is a huge discount. I think I will get one because I have no time out of work and I can continue doing the course in my home. Also very cheap!

  • This is interesting. I didn’t know about Udemy before. So I will definitely be checking it out! Thank you.

  • I’ve been thinking of taking an online course, but I’m so ole school. 🙂 I love going to class and sitting at a desk and meeting new people in person. There’s a great place called General Assembly that I love for all of the awesome classes they offer both in person and online. I’m definitely going to look into this article again however to consider trying something new.

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