Top 5 Email Marketing Softwares, Tools & Services

There are a large number of apps out there but email marketing has somehow managed to stay in vogue. However, the right kind of marketing is what matters. If you can target the right kind of audience, email marketing is a great tool. In order to share your newsletter, you need to send an email. In order to share your press release, you need to send an email. In fact, you also need to email your clients for updates regarding your business. Hence, email marketing is an extremely important tool. You can establish important relationships with your customers with the email marketing tool.

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

There are a large number of apps that let you send newsletters to your subscribers. These apps have a large number of features and other things but they aren’t bereft of shortcomings. Needless to say, your benefits depend on what app you are using and what money you are spending and also, what your requirements are….

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Here are top 5 email marketing software and tools that you can make the best use of –

1. Mailchimp

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

If you are looking forward to a tool that lets you not only send emails but also collect statistics, MailChimp is a good option. For, it lets you analyze your performance and then, makes it easier for you to make the next business decision. It also has a dashboard that imports lists on its own, creates campaigns as well as tracks progress. It also helps you in building a decent audience. You can also link your marketing campaign with Google Analytics for better insights. Other than that, there is an option to interlink social media with your MailChimp profile and keep them updated. It is free for around 2000 subscribers and charges money after that. However, it is worth its salt.

2. Get Response

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

This app has a free 30 day trial period and it allows you to decide whether it is good enough for you or not in those 30 days. It also lets you design your email so that it is attractive enough. It also has a testing feature. It has a large number of features and the best part is that it lets you import images from FLICKR and facebook. It also lets you link with PayPal. The best part is that you can schedule your emails and you don’t have to come ahead and do it time and again. It also lets you import all your twitter and facebook contacts, which is a big plus for any business doing well on social media. It also gives you performance reports in chart forms which will help you decide the further course of your campaign. At $15 a month, it lets you send unlimited emails to around a 1000 contacts. That is definitely a decent email marketing package.

3. AWeber

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

The tool is extremely flexible and it has a very large number of templates. Thus, it lets you design beautiful emails in no time. This is very important for an entrepreneur. It also responds automatically to all your customers and lets you integrate with the shopping cart. This also allows you to build your own kind of marketing tool or app on its platform. It lets you send unlimited emails to about 500 subscribers and has a money back guarantee plan of $19. Not a bad deal, is it?

4. Litmus

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

One of the best features about this is easy testing. It lets you test in a very large number of formats and decide your next course of action accordingly. Hence, once your campaign is live, you can be really confident about it which is a great point in their favor. It gives you details such as –

  • Stats
  • Time spent
  • Number of clicks

It is free to use for a week and chargeable after that.

5. Reach Mail

Top 5 Email Marketing Software, Tools & Services

Reach Mail also has quite a few templates and it also provides you with designers who will make custom templates for you. Other than that, it has a testing feature and a metric that counts up to 5 campaigns. It gives you the number of clicks of each email so that you can figure out which campaign was the best and use it for a larger audience. It will cost you about $10 to $70.



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