Tips to Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

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If you have monetized your blog, then you are definitely using Google AdSense. However, as easy as it is to monetize your blog, it is difficult to maintain the monetization in such manner that it never gets banned.

Yes, there are AdSense alternatives but AdSense is definitely the best bet out there. AdSense is so far the best paying network for all sorts of bloggers. Though it is hard, there are ways to safeguard your AdSense account.

If your AdSense account is already banned do not lose hope. You can still make money without AdSense.

Here are a few of tips to prevent Google Adsense Account from getting banned:–

Tips to Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

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Do Not Buy Traffic

Equality goes a long way in any case and it applies to Google AdSense as well. Thus, if you are buying traffic, you are violating its norms and hence, it might lead to a ban. Also, take a look into how Google expects your landing page to be. For all you know, your landing page might be violating the norms.

Uniqueness is the New Antiquity

Ensure few things before reapplying for Google AdSense, like the name and address you are using is something that hasn’t been used before. If you ever created an account with AdSense and it gets banned for any reason, you should not use that account’s details like Name & Address with your next AdSense account. Otherwise, there are good chances that your submission shall be rejected. Check FAQs and Support forums properly for more details regarding this.

It isn’t difficult to resubmit. Google shall highlight everything that is wrong with your account and all you have to do is correct it and resubmit it.

Linking to illegal or Infringed Websites

This is a major concern of a lot of bloggers. Do not backlink with torrents, porn sites that sell sex toys, etc. as it will very much lead to a ban.

Also, do not support extreme violence, racism, hacking and gambling. In short, don’t do anything that will showcase support for unethical or illegal things. Do not put such content on your blog or interlink with it.

Invalid Clicks to Getting Traffic

The most common reason for a disabled account is that publishers trying to be smart and ask their friends to shot some clicks on their ads from different systems to get different IPs. But this trick always tracked by AdSense team and lead to a permanent ban of your Adsense account.

Bloggers or publishers also should not ask their readers for clicks on ads as this could also ban your account.

No Competitive Advertising

AdSense doesn’t allow other competitive ads networks to be displayed along with it. So if you try to use other competitive contextual advertisements on the same blog you are using Adsense with, you will get instantly ban.

Single Page Ads Limit

There should always be a limit to ads unit placing on a single page. Many users try to put maximum numbers of ads in a single page to get most of the impressions out of their traffic. But as per Google Adsense rules, the proper ad placement limit is;

  • Up to three AdSense for content units
  • Up to three link units
  • Up to two search boxes

Note: Large ad units should not be more than one in a single page. Ad size 300×600 is considered large ad unit. Find more about “ad limit per page“.

Sharing Ads on Emails and Chats

Publishers should not try to share/send Adsense ads via emails or chats. As a list of banned victims using this trick is damn big.

Don’t Infringe on Copyrights

AdSense will ban you if you are running copyrighted content on your website. It will also ban you if you are providing download links to movies and song. You cannot then utilize AdSense to monetize your blog. Adsense is against the distribution of copyright content or stuff.

(Note: Having copied content in your website will also get you banned.)

Actually, Read the Terms and Conditions

Even though this is very obvious, most of us ignore it and move on. However, reading the terms and conditions will take you a long way and will make you much clearer on what you have to do and what you don’t have to do.

Playing with the Codes

You cannot change your AdSense code even if you know how to. Do not do anything to the ad’s image and content and you shall be good to go. If not, you are inviting the ban at your doorstep.

Money Making Scams – Don’t get into them

A lot of websites will lure you into a quick money making schemes through AdSense. Fall for it only if you want to face a complete AdSense ban forever and more.

Using Unsupported Languages with Adsense

As we all know Google AdSesne is one of the biggest contextual advertisement programs. And this contextual ad system is very concerned about content languages used on your blog if you are using AdSesne ads. Google AdSesne supports a large number of languages, but if you are going to use your approved Adsense account on a site whose language is not supported by Adsense TOC. Then it is going to be ban soon.

List of Languages supported by Adsense.

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