The Complete Guide To Start a WordPress Blog

You are desperate!

You hear the stories of people making tons of goddamn money from blogging and you want to do the same. But you don’t know how!

Can you relate to the above scenario?

Don’t worry!

What you are reading is the ultimate guide to starting a WordPress blog.

I know there are tons of blog posts and video tutorials on the web explaining the same topic. Then, how the HELL does this one stand out?

There are so many bloggers talks about how to start a blog but no one talks about the hard work and effort that it required creating a successful blog.

Are you still learning how to blog? Find your way to do smart blogging.

There was a time when I was a new to blogging. I have also refined my blogging after doing many mistakes some of which are fixed now and some mistakes which cannot be undone.

The truth is my blogging startup was unplanned and unorganized. That is what kept me to get my ultimate blogging success till now.

So I have decided to create the only ultimate guide one should need to start a blog. This will smoother your blogging experience and will prevent you from doing unwanted mistakes.

This guide will be divided into different phases of a blogging journey from a beginner to a professional blogger. In addition, you get to know some of my personal methods to do smart blogging.

How to Start a Successful WordPress Blog? (The Ultimate Guide)

Don’t believe them! There are people who convince you by saying you can start a blog in five minutes. Let me expose the reality behind it!

The literal meaning of their title is correct! You can create a WordPress blog in less than five minutes. But when it comes to a blog with which you aim to make some profit, you shouldn’t believe them. It takes real effort to make a successful blog.

Remember the proverb. Rome was not built in a day.

So here in this article, I don’t give you any false time constraint promise. What I give you are the real methods and strategies you should dedicate your time to, for making a money making blog, which will soon pay off your debts and bills.

I have converted each step into subheadings. And, you will get a link to the detailed post about that topics.

Picking a Domain

The very first step to starting any website, let alone a blog is to choose a domain name (for example,

You must be extra vigilant while selecting it because your domain is your online identity. One must keep the purpose in mind during the process to come up with the best-in-class domain.

Read my detailed guide on how to choose a perfect domain name

Remember, I haven’t told you to buy, just decide one check whether it’s available or not. You can use Whois.Net for that.

Selecting a Web Host

Tons of web hosting providers are out there. I mean it, tons!

Selecting one from a sea of companies is the real herculean task. You should consider a lot of criteria while buying a web hosting plan.

Don’t worry! Here it comes; how to choose the best web hosting for you.

When it comes to my preference, I started my blog with Godaddy and after a year I shifted my hosting to FatCow which is perfect till date and, they haven’t let me down at least once. If you are looking to buy a cheap and reliable web hosting for startup.

Obviously, I recommend you should use them.

Install WordPress

For a newbie, installing WP from cPanel may seem to be a mammoth task. I wrote two tutorials for FatCow and GoDaddy.

Basic Things to do Right After WP Installation

Once you install WordPress, you need to know how to do a few things from your WordPress admin area.

Once you do everything given above, you need to give an impressive appearance to your blog. Themes determine the appearance.

How to Choose and Install the Best Theme for Your WordPress Blog?

Install Necessary Plugins

Plugins are the powerhouses of a WordPress blog. You need to download and activate a few necessary plugins to make your blog fully functional.

There are tens of thousands of plugins you can find on the WordPress repository. But I prefer not to go with a lot of them as it will adversely affect the loading time of your blog.

Necessary Plugins You Must Install on Your WordPress Blog

Create Necessary Pages

A blog should have a few mandatory pages. Your audience will love to read about the author of the articles they read. So, you need an About me page. Moreover, a few of them may want to contact you as well. That projects the necessity of having a Contact me page.

These two are the pages your blog should have right from the first day.

How to Write a Spellbinding About us Page?

How to Setup a Contact Page for WordPress?

Schedule Regular Backups

Do you have a habit of creating backups for your files? It surely helps you a lot when anything happens to your device.

Similarly, you must take regular backups of your blog. I have automated the process with the help of a plugin and Google Drive.

Read how to take regular backups of a WordPress blog automatically?

Make SEO of Your Blog the Best

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO of your blog must be perfect to drive hell lots of organic traffic. I have a few guides for you in this regard.

Complete WordPress SEO Guide

How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles?

Leave No Loopholes for Exploiters

Hear me out! There are hackers. Some of my blogs had been exploited by them in the past. And, I have learned the importance of making my blog 100% secure. From my experience, I wrote a blog post.

9 Tips that Protects Your WP Blog like the Great Wall of China

Additional Tips

Now you have learned almost everything about making and maintaining a WordPress blog. The following are the additional tips that will help you improve your blog, maybe aid you in money making as well.

  • How to Improve the Loading Time of Your Blog?
  • How to Setup a Newsletter and Show Opt-in Forms?
  • How to Create Google AdSense Account?
  • How to Display AdSense Ads on a WP Blog?
  • 9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for WordPress Bloggers?

Wrapping Up

So that’s it! I know I have given you a lot of information and I don’t want you to start a blog in five minutes.

Take your time to effectively grasp the information. Once you come across any doubt, make sure to let us know about it.

I hope you will bookmark this post for future reference.

Bear in mind, fastening the process without much knowledge never makes you successful. Hence, take your time to come up with your own blog. It’s okay to be late rather than banging your head on the wall after doing it wrong.

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