You are desperate!

You hear the stories of people making tons of goddamn money from blogging and you want to do the same. But you don’t know how!

Can you relate to the above scenario?

Don’t worry!

What you are reading is the ultimate guide to starting a WordPress blog.

I know there are tons of blog posts and video tutorials on the web explaining the same topic. Then, how the HELL does this one stand out?

There are so many bloggers talks about how to start a WordPress blog, but no one talks about the hard work and effort that it required creating a successful blog.


 Alok Rana


Are you still learning how to blog?

Find your way to do Smart Blogging

There was a time when I was a novice to blogging. I have also refined my blogging after making many mistakes some of which now fixed and some cannot be undone.

The truth is my blogging startup was unplanned and unorganized. That is what kept me to get my ultimate blogging success till now.

So I have decided to create the only ultimate guide one should need to start a WordPress blog. This guide will smoother your blogging experience and will prevent you from making unwanted mistakes.

I've divided this guide into different phases of a blogging journey from a beginner level to a professional blogger. Also, you get to know some of my actionable methods to do Smart Blogging.

How to Start a Successful WordPress Blog?

Don’t believe them!

There are people who convince you by saying you can start a blog in five minutes. Let me expose the reality behind it!

The literal meaning of their title is correct! You can create a WordPress blog in less than five minutes. But when it comes to a blog with which you aim to make some profit, you shouldn’t believe them. It takes real effort to create a successful blog.

Remember the proverb. Rome was not built in a day.

So here in this article, I don’t give you any false time constraint promise. What I offer you are the real methods and strategies you should dedicate your time to, for making a money making blog, which will soon pay off your debts and bills.

The Ultimate Guide to
Start a Successful WordPress Blog

I have divided each step into Phases. And, you will get a link to the detailed post about that topics.

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Blogging Startup Mindset Checklist

This Phase will clear all your doubts and misconception about blogging. Ignoring this blogging mindset checklist can get you later disappointed in your long blogging journey.

Do not proceed with your blogging without reading this Phase.

Every business needs an in-depth research this will be your blogging research before you start with your new blog.

Technical Choices To Make Before You Start A blog

Starting with anything online always requires some technical choices to make. In this Phase, I'll discuss 4 technical choices which are crucial for your blog and every newbie blogger finds it challenging to make.

Making a mistake here means you are responsible for holding yourself back from the success.

You just need a clear guidance with these technical choices and that you’ll be getting here in this guide.

Choose Your Blogging Platform

Moving on to our next Phase which is how to setup your WordPress blog. I assume you have selected the WordPress blogging platform.

The default WordPress installation is not correctly optimized, so it is essential to make few changes before starting up.

This phase will go through all those required WordPress settings and optimization you’ll need to do right after installing WordPress on your web hosting.

It will only take your 30-40 mins maximum to set up your basic WordPress settings completely. All these WordPress optimizations will help your blog to get faster indexing and crawling by the search engines.

Getting ranked on the search engines is all that matters.

After setting up your WordPress blog, you need to install important WordPress plugins that will ease your blogging experience without many efforts. A plugin is a software developed in PHP, it allows you to add new features to your WordPress blog.

Plugins are what makes WordPress the most recommended blogging platform.

In this Phase, I’m sharing my secret list of essential WordPress plugins just so that it can save your time doing the search work for the right plugin for a specific task.

WordPress Plugins
Complete WordPress SEO guide

Blogging is full of competition and without a perfect SEO (search engine optimization), your blog can’t make it to the top. But with the help of right SEO, you can cut down a decent amount of competition.

To avoid Google penalties your SEO needs to be ethical. What is ethical SEO? It means no black hat SEO, no hacking tricks, no hidden coding or more.

Getting ranked with pure SEO will always last long. Find out what actionable tips you need to work on to make your WordPress blog search engine optimized.

A blog is nothing without content. Writing content is not enough, in blogging optimization is always required same way your blog content needs to be optimized.

To learn the art of writing an SEO friendly article you need to prepare a checklist for content optimization.

Here is this phase, you can get my content optimization checklist. You may want to forget everything after reading this.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles for better SERP
My Blogging Resources & Tools

Blogging is impossible without using the resources and tools. I can’t imagine a day without using my blogging tools.

Blogging resources like hosting, themes are essential for any blog. But blogging tools are exceptional they depend on different blogs requirements.

With blogging, we always try to organize our time management as there are so many things to take care of. That is when using a tool is useful and can trim your long job hours into few mins tasks.

There are always countless options when it comes to blogging tools and resources. But before that, you need to know what tool serves what purpose.

In this phase, you’ll get to know what tools you’ll need and how they can help for your better blogging experience.

How to make money from your blog? How to monetize your blog? The only questions that attract or distract all bloggers in their blogging journey.

But do they really make money and how? A short answer to this question is YES! And in this phase, you can find almost all possible ways to make money from your blog.

Are you fed-up with your 9 to 5 job?

Check out this phase to know more about how you can skip your 9 to 5 job timings. And start making some real income out of your blog only.

How to make real money from your blog
Marketing Strategies: Advanced Content Promotion Checklist

Your quality content creation will not meet its purpose if like-minded readers can't see it. You can’t just wait for the search engines to get it ranked so that it can reach out to its readers.

That is when you need to follow advance content promotion methods. Marketing your content is more important than your creating creation.

Content Marketing and Content Creation ratio of a professional blogger or marketer is 60% marketing and 40% content creation.

Professional = 60% (Marketing) & 40% (Content creation)

What is your Marketing ratio?

In this phase, I have listed out all possible ways you can try for your content promotion and content marketing.

Note: This is not just limited to social media marketing.

Another important yet mostly ignored topic in blogging. There are thousands of quality bloggers in every niche, but they are missing out one essential thing which they never learn from the experts in the industry.

Professional bloggers never stand alone. They always credit their fellow bloggers in their roundup posts. Just by following this old phenomenon “Unity is Strength” they are doing wonders. Getting featured, contribute, interviewed and much more.

In this phase, I’ll list out all possible methods you can use to outreach fellow bloggers and get connected with them.

It’s not about getting reciprocate, it is building a relationship.

Plan out your Networking Approaches

Unity is a strength... when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

By Mattie Stepanek

Ultimate Guide to Protect Your WordPress Blog

Imagine your blog having 100s of quality blog posts, traffic and ranking. You are making a living from your blog.

And one day it gets hacked by someone, you’ll lose your blog and its content. This sure can give you a heartbreak and your blogging career will be finished in an instant.

As we always say “prevention is better than cure.” The same applies to your WordPress Blog Security. There are thousands of websites getting blacklisted by Google every week for reasons like malware and phishing.

In this phase, I’ll be sharing some tips to prevent your WordPress blog against hackers and malware.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it! I know I have given you a lot of information and I don’t want you to start a blog in five minutes.

My “how to start a WordPress blog” series is consist of 11 guides which I think shouldn’t be ignored in any way.

Take your time to grasp the information efficiently. Once you come across any doubt, make sure to let us know about it.

Make sure to bookmark this post for future reference.

Bear in mind, fastening the process without much knowledge never makes you successful. Hence, take your time to come up with your blog. It’s okay to be late rather than banging your head on the wall after doing it wrong.

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