Guide To Create Free Online Course: Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

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Are you looking for some awesome content repurposing ideas?

Check out our Content Syndication guide to read about the best places to repurpose your content.

Did you know you can repurpose your old blog posts and tutorials by creating awesome online courses that sell?

If you have already exhausted all other means of using your content or looking for some proven traffic strategies to increase the reach of an existing content, you can start selling it as an online course.

There are many reputed platforms and websites that can help you repurpose your content as an online course.


Many of these websites are free while some others charge a fixed rate for course listing. But the price is nothing in compare to how much you can earn with a good online course.

In this article, we are going to discuss the step-by-step process to create an online course for free and places where you can repurpose your content with online courses.

Guide To Create Free Online Course: Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

Let’s first discuss why you should create an online course to content repurpose and how much profit it can earn for you.

Benefits of Repurposing Content as an Online Course

Here are some reasons why you should consider repurposing your content as an online course.
  • It is a nice way to make your old content useful.
  • It can give your blog and content the exposure they need.
  • It is the best way to educate your existing and potential readers.
  • It gives you the ability to make money from your blog content.
  • More and more people now prefer online learning over classroom-based learning. They find it an easier, affordable, and time saver way of learning.
  • Your content can forever go on helping hundreds of people who want to make big in the particular field.

Guide to Create an Online Course to Repurpose your Content

If you’ve decided to create an online course to repurpose your content, you can find the step-by-step guide here.

There is no one standard method for creating a course. Most of the online teaching websites allow you to create and upload online courses.

Here I am going to share the online course creation method for Udemy, which is one of the most popular online learning platforms.

Step #1 Visit Udemy website and Sign up or Log in.

Step #2 Click the “Become an Instructor” option from the top panel. Select “Create a Course” option on your Instructor dashboard.

Step #3 Enter the title of your online course and click on Save and Go.

Step #4 Enter your course goals and save.

Step #5 Upload a test video. (It is a 2-3 minutes video that gives users an idea of how the course is going to be taught.)

Step #6 Add test lessons, sections, and lectures. The website allows you to add lectures in multiple formats including video, audio, text and quizzes.

Step #7 Course Landing Page: This is the page that users will see when they search for your course. Try to make this as good and informative as possible.

Step #8 Enter the price of the course, subscription rate, and coupons if any.

Step #9 Create optional ‘Welcome’ messages for your course joiners.

Step #10 Submit your online course for review.

As you see, the process is really simple and fast. This is why online course creation is one of the best ways for repurposing your content. The process is more or less the same for all other online learning websites.

If you are planning to sell your online courses on multiple websites, it is recommended to create customized courses for individual platforms instead of using the same one for all sites.

Now, let’s discuss the top online learning websites where you can create and sell online courses to repurpose your content.

Top Websites to Create & Sell your Online Course

Here’s the list of websites that allow you to create and sell your online courses to repurpose your valuable content.

UdemyMonetize & Share Your Expertise

As the tagline says, you can monetize by sharing your expertise.

Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

If you have content that can earn more in the form of an online course, Udemy can help you to sell it. The online platform lets you create an awesome detailed online courses out of your content.

You can add slides, doc files, PDF documents, and videos to create an amazing online course. They even offer you several marketing tools to promote your course.

The website already has millions of students and growing day by day.

Udemy keeps a fixed percentage of the selling cost, but the amount is nothing as compared to what you can earn by creating a good online course to repurpose your content.

Teachable – Share your knowledge and get rewarded for it

Teachable is a popular e-learning platform that was established with the aim to overcome the problems people face with Udemy.

The website offers free and paid plans to the people who want to sell or teach a course online.

This is a wonderful platform for those who are looking for an affordable place to repurpose their content in the form of online courses.

Teachable features an amazing and easy-to-use course builder that lets you create courses with more focus on branding.

The platform also provides multilingual support and offers a number of marketing tools including coupons, email marketing, affiliates and more.

WizIQ – Do more with Online Academy & Virtual Classroom

WizIQ is another popular online learning system that allows experts to sell their learning materials and courses online.

Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

It also has a free plan that can be used with limited access to the features. WizIQ offers two types of learning solutions: the online academy and the virtual classroom.

The online academy is useful for those who have ready-to-sell education material including videos, tutorials, documents, etc. The virtual classroom, on the other hand, is mostly for live tutoring.

It is a great platform for those people, who have valuable content they want to repost or repurpose through online courses.

SkillshareTeach Online and Earn Money

Skillshare enables you to create and sell online courses to increase the reach of your content.

They have a community of millions of students who you can benefit from by creating and selling wonderful online courses. This is another amazing way to repurpose your content besides Content syndication and social media marketing.

The website offers several tools to help teachers create online courses comprised of videos, lectures, notes and test lessons.

They also run an affiliate system where you can earn money by referring new Premium members to Skillshare. According to the site, their teachers make an average of $3000 a year.

LearnWorldsDon’t just Sell Online Courses, Sell Learning Experiences

LearnWorlds lets you create, sell and market online courses in one place.

Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

You get your own online platform (website) to enlist your courses and build the community of students.

You can select your own school domain name and create an interactive online school with the help of inbuilt tools.

The website front-end is easy to manage and customize. You can easily create your online course to repurpose your existing content.

Other tools and features include attractive sales pages, social learning, intelligent sales engine, advanced analytics, and more.

Academy of MineCreate your own Online Academy

It is an all-in-one platform for online courses and teaching.

Academy of Mine lets you create your own personal academy (school) with the help of inbuilt drag and drop website builder tools and templates. It also features a very powerful learning management system.

In addition to the learning material, live classes, group sessions, and tutorials, you can also create quizzes and assignments for your students.

It also offers many E-commerce and marketing tools like Google analytics, SEO, keyword research, email marketing and more.

It also allows multiple instructors to share courses under the same brand name. If you are looking for the best way to repurpose your content as an online course, this is the place for you.

Thinkific – Create, Market & Sell your own Online Course

Thinkific is an online learning community where thousands of course creators are regularly creating and selling amazing online courses.

Places To Repurpose Your Content As An Online Course

It’s a great place to market and sell online courses for content repurposing.

The website provides you all the tools and help you need to build your online learning community and grow your student base.

Even without any technical and design skills, you can easily design and customize your online courses and sell them to a vast community of users.

It also offers various marketing tools to promote the courses and keep track of their performance.

GuidesA community all about instructional guides

Guides is bit different from other regular online courses sites where you create, market and sell.

It is a community full of people who just want to share their knowledge in the form of guides.

Here on Guides people around the world share their incredible guides on different topics. It is more of a hub for all kind of "How-To" articles.

All your curated content guides will be broken down into small easy to digest parts, with easy navigation table of content on the sidebar.

You can create a guide free for everyone or you can set it to paid access. The Guides also have premium plans for businesses or brands by providing a mini-website by their brand name. For example; "".

It also has more interesting features like heat map, subscribers, analytics and much more.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of free and paid e-learning platforms where you can easily create and sell online courses to repurpose your content.

Every piece of content has an expiry date but you can make it evergreen by repurposing it time to time on different places.

There are many methods to repurpose your content, one of which is to create an online course.

The online learning websites listed above in this article and many other alternative websites to them, offer you a great way to sell your content as an online course.

Looking for more ways to repurpose your content?

I would love to include more to this list, so if you have any good experience with any other online learning website. Do share it with me using below comment section.

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