13 Things To Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

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13 Things To Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

You want to make money, don’t you?

One of the best and popular ways for making money is Google AdSense. It is a platform that brings publishers and advertisers together under one roof. Making money using Google AdSense is all every blogger’s first choice while starting up with blogging.

But let me ask you one question. Do you have an AdSense account? Most probably, you don’t! And, that’s exactly why you are here, reading this article.

You might have tried many times and miserably failed. Nonetheless, this time, you are going to get a Google AdSense account.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the things to do before applying for AdSense.

Things to be Considered before Applying for Google AdSense

Google is very strict about AdSense publishers that your account will get terminated soon after you do any fraudster activity or violet any rules. And, you can’t even get an account without a proper website.

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So, here we go; things you must do before you apply for Google Adsense.

#1. Check the Quality of Your Content

Content is king, it surely is!

Google as the whole gives the greatest significance to the content quality. So, you won’t get AdSense approved if you have low-quality content on your blog.

One of the main aspects of getting an AdSense account is to have high-quality content. When you write something, make sure you cover everything about it, giving no room for confusions.

Most important thing you should care about is the uniqueness. If you are a person who hires writers, you should use any plagiarism checker tools to ensure the 90-100% uniqueness.

Google hates duplicate content.

#2. Create an About Us Page

You should show your identity on your blog to get Google AdSense approval. Even if you want AdSense for your event or niche blog, you must apply to your public blog. And later after approval, you can show ads on whichever sites you want.

An about us page simply describes who is the person behind a particular blog. You can tell about yourself and your motive behind starting the blog there. Don’t make it too short and too long as well.

Just tell how you ended up creating the blog. And, don’t try to cook up anything about you and insert in the about section. It will do more harm than any good.

#3. Have a Decent Number of Articles

How much content do you need for AdSense?

Do you have this confusion?

Well, there is no specific number of posts one should have on his blog to get AdSense approved. But I recommend you should post a decent amount of content before you even think about applying for Google AdSense.

As long as your content quality is good, AdSense won’t reject your application even though you don’t have many articles posts in your blog.

I think about 20 articles will do the job. And, you should care about the length of the content as well. Each of your articles should have 600+ words in it. Fresh and unique content always win the game. Do not start your game play with copied content.

#4. Show Your Email ID

You may argue it isn’t needed. But I always recommend bloggers to unveil their email address on the About-Us page or somewhere on the website.

Google wants to know you are transparent and value user experience. In order to make it easy for the readers to reach out to you, having email ID shown on the website is mandatory.

The best place to show the same is the About-Us page. While you talk about yourself, providing email address doesn’t look weird there.

#5. Have a Privacy Policy

A privacy policy defines how you treat your audience. That’s why Google wants to see the same on your blog.

An ideal privacy policy talks about how the website gathers and uses the customer details. As the content should be completely formal, you may find it awkward to write it. In such a scenario, you can use any of the privacy policy creators available on the web.

#6. Don’t Use Copied Images

There may be exceptions! But you shouldn’t use images from any other sources.

Copying image is a form of plagiarism and as I said earlier, Google will not like you for doing that.

Always try to create unique images. When you write a tutorial, take screenshots by yourself. In case you want to post an infographic from a website, make sure you give proper credits.

If you have no other ways than using an image from another website, I recommend you should edit it. You can crop and change the color of the arrows and pointers to make it look unique. Obviously, you will not face any copyright warning thereafter.

#7. Check Your Type of Content

As a person who wants to know how to apply for Google AdSense account, you must check your content type. Google doesn’t approve websites with sensitive and explicit content (pornography, pirated software, hacking, cracking etc.).

And, they have an acclaimed list of languages. If your website is in a language which is not supported by AdSense, I am sorry to say that you can’t show ads there.

AdSense list of languages

At present, AdSense only supports ad serving in this language. The AdSense product interface and Help Center are not currently available in this language.

#8. Create a Contact Us Page

Make it easy for people to contact you.

A Contact-Us page is one of the prominent Google AdSense requirements. Google forms help you create forms if you are not using WordPress.

For WordPress platform, there are many WordPress plugins available for this purpose.

#9. Have a Nice Theme and Navigation

By nice, I don’t mean flamboyant. Just choose any minimalistic theme or SEO optimized themes with a top navigation that brings your audience to different categories and pages. That would do the trick.

AdSense team gives supreme importance to the better navigation. And, they will give you the exact reason behind rejection if your blog lacks a navigation element.

#10. Domain Age Must be 6 Months Old

AdSense has different eligibility rules for few Asian countries from long ago. As for countries like China and India, there is a requirement for users before applying for AdSense. Your domain age should be at least 6 months old if you want to apply for Google AdSense.

Has your site been active for at least six months?
In some locations, including China and India, we require your site to have been active for at least six months before it will be considered. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Beside this eligibility requirement, there are blogs with less than 6 months old age are also getting approved. They must have focused on other strong requirements for AdSense or they could be regularly updated their blog with fresh content.

#11. Apply With Root Domain Only

Always use root domain before applying for AdSense. Never try to use any subdomains for Adsense as they are not accepted by AdSense.

Apply with root domain onlyYourdomainname.com” no subdomain “blog.yourdomainname.com“.

#12. Redirecting Traffic Won’t Help

Many users try to redirect a good amount of traffic from their other websites to the one for which they want to apply for AdSense. Traffic is not required to get approved by AdSense. AdSense team never check for traffic count while approving any AdSense account and it is sure.

So redirecting traffic to get approved by AdSense will not be helpful.

#13. Avoid Any AdSense Alternatives

This one is not considered as an official requirement in AdSesne terms, but it’s always considered a better precaution to avoid any rejection. There are many available ad-networks alternatives to Google AdSense. (Revenue hits, BidVertiser, Chitika, Clicksor, etc)

I suggest you to avoid placing any other alternative ad-networks to Google AdSense while applying for AdSense. And keep them disabled on your blog till you get any response from AdSense team about your account approval or rejection.

So always make sure to disable all other ad-networks before applying for AdSense.

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Wrapping Up

I have shared 13 things to do before applying for Google AdSense. Apart from these, you should be 18+ to get an account.

In case you have any doubt regarding this article, you can reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

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