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Who am I, How I started with the Internet lifestyle?

I am Alok Rana connecting with you via our "About" page. And I will try to make it short and descriptive about LoudTechie and my blogging journey.

I get to know about the scope of Information Technology in my school days. My schooling was done with IT vocational courses. And later, I got my degree in BA (IT).

I was always interested in the multimedia field and want to learn more about it.

But that time I can't afford to go for any private multimedia courses like Maya, 3D Studio, etc. So I changed my mind and decided to start with the web designing.

At the time of completion of my college life, my basic was clear in software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Coral Draw, HTML, more. I was always weak in programming as I was not good with logics and all.

So I went out for my very first job just after my graduation. A friend referred me to one SEO company in Chandigarh. One of the oldest SEO firm in Chandigarh and was hiring many fresher.

I actually applied for a job in web designing but they told me to start in SEO department and they promised me that they will shift me to their web designing department when they have any vacancy.

This is the place where I first met with Kailash who is now my partner here at LoudTechie. After 6 months I got promoted as a team leader and on the same day, I resigned my job.

As I didn't see anything more to learn in that office. After that, I started with some freelancing jobs for next 1 year and later on I got selected in another company named Redalkemi which is one of the top reputed companies at that time.

There I met with some great minds that I could never expect to meet in any office. We were agents there and it was not anything like on roll jobs with limitations and boundations. Each person has their own multiple blogs for work without any restrictions. I still remember two friends which used to have more than 500 sites each and they were rolling in money at that time.

That job experience was a real life changer for me.

How I Started LoudTechie

I always had good relations with Kailash, even after my first job and we become good friends, that's how we started this blog together.

I usually manage/monetize LoudTechie and Kailash work on other niche blogs, so we've been always a good team.

We launched LoudTechie on 21 July 2015 with one main purpose to "live a laptop lifestyle" and to achieve our dream to become an influencer in the never-ending internet sphere. We both were having different skills from our past job experiences.

Blogging takes time and this is the fact. One should only step-in if he/she can digest it.

What comes easy won't last long, and what last long won't come easy

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Before getting started with LoudTechie blog, I tried to run a webmaster forum, entertainment blog, and a tech blog but sometimes the idea was not impactful and sometimes I made mistakes.

I'm saying this from my experience only. LoudTechie is not my first blog. I failed many times and I am still proud of myself that I got out of ideas even after my failures.

I did mistakes, I learned from them

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I believe there are three types of bloggers one with impactful ideas, one with a passion to write but no technical skills and one with technical skills but not a writer.

Just imagine!! What if these three TYPES get interacted with each other?

Yeah! This is what we call ProBlogging.

And this is why bloggers need to get connected with each other.

My blogging journey was never so easy. In this, about page, you won't only get to know about my achievements and blogging journey but you will get to know about my failures too.

Before LoudTechie, I was doing one tech blog. The start was fruitful but after a year, laziness hit me hard. I started accepting guest posts and sponsored posts on my blog without concerning about the content quality. And soon hit by a major Google Penguin" update.

After that breakdown, I got my lesson learned that blogging is not that easy. Anyone can write a blog but maintaining and monetization of a blog on a long run are never easy.

I was trying to recover my blog from that Penguin update and soon received another bad news. My hosting gets expired. Yes "expired" not expiring.

Actually, that time I didn't have my own hosting account and it was bought by the help of a friend. With whom things were not the same as before. I contacted my hosting company but the data recovery cost was too high. I was forced to forget about my blog. After hours of work, I somehow able to copy only a few of my indexed pages content from google cached pages.

That month was hard for me. My years of work was wasted and I lost my hopes in blogging career.

That time I was in touch with Kailash. And he asked me to start a new blog but this time we need to be more planned with our blogging.

And a year later we launched LoudTechie. Now my only motive is to turn this blog into a helping community for bloggers where everyone can learn and share their experience.

How I Make Money Blogging

Right now I earn between $2,000 to $3,000+ per month, it sounds great but the journey wasn't easy, I struggled a lot to make my first dollar online. I have gone through a lot of struggle and have faced many problems in my starting days of blogging.

When I started this blog I was more concerned about AdSense for my blog monetization, so after creating some quality content I applied for Google AdSense account and my request got approved. I was so excited about it.

After reading bunch of AdSense guides to setup better-optimized AdSense ads on my blog, I figured out everything and placed ads on best possible places on my blog.

But my AdSense earning was not satisfying at the initial days of my blogging career. And once again I was getting lazy and ignoring my blogging consistency. After writing my 60th blog post on LoudTechie, I skipped blogging for straight 6 months.

In the meantime, I started doing some micro niche blogs and a side-business which was also not so successful. And after around 6 months I decided to start with LoudTechie again.

But this time I was more into some serious blogging strategies and was following a list of top bloggers and blogs.

After 4-5 months of full-time serious blogging and blogging strategies.

Finally, my blog started making some decent AdSense income at that time my blog was 1.5 years old. I was making $50-$60 per month but somehow I realized this is not worth being a full-time blogger.

So I start doing research on other possible ways to make money online. I start checking income reports of some top bloggers and I noticed that all top bloggers are making their 80% - 90% blogging income from Affiliates only.

So I started learning more about Affiliates marketing and finally started reviewing hosting, tools and other online resources.

In my first 2 months of affiliate marketing, I was rewarded with my very first 2 affiliate sales. And soon I started getting some sales and I removed all AdSense ads from my blog so my affiliate ads get more visibility.

After doing more research work on affiliate marketing, I figured out affiliate marketing is not just about placing affiliate ads or promotional links on your blog. It only works if you recommend the best services to your readers or the resources that you have personally experienced. That is what your readers want to read so that they can decide if the recommended product is worth to invest on.

As of now, I am earning $2,000 to $3,000+ per month from blogging (including my other blogs) and I spend my time educating aspiring bloggers to do the same.

I'm still learning every day and so do you to get successful in your long journey of blogging.

My Future Goals

I have a long list of goals after my blogging success. My top most goal is to become an influencer in the world of internet marketing. And want to execute my long list of ideas.

I always like the idea of creating video tutorials but I'm not the person who loves to be in front of the camera. But yes I have plans to start my own blogging and marketing courses in future. As I have already said I have a long list of ideas.

What Help Can You Get from LoudTechie

Here at LoudTechie, we got one obsession and that is to help other bloggers and be as much resourceful as we can. We are steadily creating new tutorials from time to time for bloggers to get any possible help with their blogging.

Newbie bloggers tend to make many mistakes at their initial stage and only a proper guidance can prevent them to avoid making those unwanted mistakes. With the guidance of LoudTechie, you will get to know do's and don'ts of blogging.

We not only treat technical help here at LoudTechie but we are always ready to help individuals on their Ups and downs with any possible tips or advice. Bloggers always get distracted with some unwanted attractions which could be a reason for them to quit blogging.

This is where you need a personal advice. So here you've a chance to discuss about your blog with me (Alok) on personal level.

Alok Rana


Hey I'm Alok. Trying to make a living from my blogging. I like to be your helping mentor by sharing my experience and resources I use in blogging. I like to talk more about smart blogging, SEO, traffic strategies and content marketing.


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