9 Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

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Is your blog is making good with your current ad network? If not then, its time for you to try some other Ad networks, having a different kind of nature. There are plenty of ad networks available out there, but sorting out a perfect one for your blog is always a difficult job. As ad networks have types like CPC, CPM and more.

9 Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

Always considered few things like a number of page views, traffic and your blog’s category before applying for any new ad networks. As ads earning depends on these basic things mostly.

In this article, I have shortlisted a list of ad networks which is most considered and best recommended for new bloggers or small publishers. Quality content is key to your earning slab. The higher the content quality the higher will be your earning slab and this is for sure.

In ad network industry there are many ad networks which sometimes fraud with you by not paying you your earned amount, even after reaching minimum payout limit. So awareness is always important before starting any new ad networks.

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In this article, I have shortlisted 9 trustworthy ad networks for new bloggers and publishers. These are the best-recommended ad networks in the industry which will boost your earning and will make payments on time.

1. Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense

Google AdSense offers a way for website owners to earn money from their Blogs/websites. AdSense works by matching text and display ads to you on the basis of the content and visitors. AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by showing targeted ads next to the online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even make to order the look and feel of ads to match your website.

Pros of Google AdSense:
  • It is a great method for anyone to have a recurring source of income that doesn’t need a lot of hard work and time.
  • Google provides a web search with AdSense that is a great add-on to have on any site as it helps in keeping visitors on the site.
  • AdSense does not require any primary information and anybody can add AdSense to their blog/site by following its rules.
  • No specific traffic limit required.
# Cons of Google AdSense:

2. Revenue Hits

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

It helps publishers to produce more revenues. The innovative performance Base Ad Network was made to help publishers to convert online assets consisting of toolbars, websites and search widgets. Revenue hits allow all WordPress publishers, big and small to become and have the knowledge of the next generation of online advertising.

# Pros of Revenue Hits:
  • Revenue Hits helps to customize the format as per the person’s first choice.
  • Revenue hits not only focuses on publishers but also offers same importance to the advertisers also.
  • With Revenue hits, people can make money without investing. There is no added cost to revenue hits. The signing up of revenue hits is completely free.
  • Getting approval from Revenue hits is easy and permission is provided immediately.
# Cons of Revenue Hits:
  • Revenue hits do not support video ads.
  • It doesn’t pay according to pay per impression basis.

3. BidVertiser

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

BidVertiser is a company that puts ads on the blog or site. They provide a wide variety of various ads that you can decide what to put on the blog or website.

# Pros of BidVertiser:
  • BidVertiser has the capability to identify targeted audience.
  • It has progressive protection from fraud.
  • It is easy to use.
# Cons of BidVertiser:
  • Everyday earnings that are received will change to a great extent. This makes it difficult to project the long –term earnings consistently.
  • Low- quality ads will receive lower paying ads.

4. Chitika

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

Chitika is a search-targeted advertising network that works around a system of pay per click. It is very good for online writers who are finding to leverage their content so that they can earn some money from it without charging it directly from their readers.

# Pros of Chitika:
  • Chitika allows users to select the method of payment.
  • It is considered one of the largest services. Thus it has many publishers that will pay according to their ad situated in the blog.
  • Chitika has one of the lowest thresholds for cash.
# Cons of Chitika:
  • Shows mostly on traffic from search engine.
  • Chitika should improve in identifying the international traffic.

5. Clicksor

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

It is one of the most effective ways to extend the customers that are targeted. Clicksor offers e-commerce resolutions to its clients in the parts of the high quality design, programming, technical expertise and innovation in marketing.

# Pros of Clicksor:
  • For signing up with Clicksor it is fast.
  • The payout is faster.
  • Clicksor pulls through with a lot of several advertising options. These consist of layer banners, in-page banners, inline text ads and pop-under ads. These ads are obtainable in a range of sizes and can be further custom-made to your liking.
# Cons of Clicksor:
  • The disadvantage of using Clicksor is that Clicksor does not offer any XML tags that lets publishers specify what content should not be related.
  • The Clicksor contextual advertising needs you to state site wide keywords that are not specific to the page. Even though we have the choice of specifying around 100 keywords, their contextual matching is poor. Thus resulting in ads that have a low conversion rate.

6. Infolinks

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

It is a global advertising platform that gives solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Advertising with Infolinks means providing brand messages to engaged users.

# Pros of Infolinks:
  • Infolinks is easier to get approved.
  • Doesn’t need advertisement space.
  • Infolinks does not have an effect on the speed of the website.
# Cons of Infolinks:
  • Info link does not pay enough for traffic coming from other parts of the world except for United States, Canada, and Britain.
  • Cost Per Clicks is very less.

7. Adcash

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

AdCash is an advertising trading platform that offers a simple, operational way for publishers to earn money.

# Pros of Adcash:
  • Adcash offers compatibility with mobile and desktop.
  • There are various formats for sites.
  • Live to report.
# Cons of Adcash:
  • There is higher payment for U.S sites only.
  • Adcash has firm rules for traffic.

8. Pop Ads

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

It is the best paying advertising network. A pop-up ad is an advertisement that is shown in a new browser window.

# Pros of Pop Ads:
  • Pop ads are cheap.
  • Pop ads are seen in the front and center of the page.
# Cons of Pop Ads:
  • Pop Ads are irritating.
  • Putting too many pop ads will cause people to exit because they cannot get the information that they came for the first place.

9. VigLink

Best Ad Networks for New Bloggers or Small Publishers

Viglink is a traffic monetization service that is mainly used for publishers, forums, and bloggers.

# Pros of Viglink:
  • Viglink is an intelligent way how to make money from the website.
  • Helps many platforms like forums and blogs.
  • It is SEO friendly.


Google AdSense is the highest ad networks and is a WordPress plugin that facilitates users to use Google products in a convenient manner comprising of Webmaster tools along with the word press site.

Other Ad Networks that can be considered:

  • Media.net
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Burst media
  • Adtegrity

If you find any other ad networks works perfectly for you and you think it would be good to share it with other users, do let us know about it under comments. Sharing information is always helpful.

Let us know your experience after this article reading. Keep sharing and keep caring.

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