Content Promotion Checklist: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Marketing

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Lets start with the next Phase 9 in my blogging series. This phase is about Content Promotion Checklist; where & how you can promote your content?

Just in case you missed my previous Phase 8, have a look "how to make money from your blog".

Are you a blogger or marketer? Do you own an online business?

If you come under any of these mentioned above you must be struggling with one thing. And that is, what strategies to follow to promote your content?

One big mistake I always observe with many newbie bloggers is that they don’t follow any content marketing tactics as their daily routine task.

Actually, not just newbie bloggers I see many professional bloggers doing full-time blogging are not much concerned towards content promotion strategies.

Instead, many of them are more focused on other factors like;

You write an awesome well informative post, and just publish on your blog and waiting for the hordes of readers to leave hundreds of comments on your site.

Do you think your waiting really pays you?

The truth is “It doesn’t”. Yes…You need to follow content promotion checklist to get tons of likes, shares and comments.

Content Promotion Checklist: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Marketing

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What is Content Marketing?

As you think, Content Marketing doesn’t wind up with sharing on social media networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter etc.

Do you know what exactly content marketing is?

Content Marketing is a marketing campaign based on creating epic content to drive a specific call-to-action - usually to attract and retain customers.

The international brand Pepe Jeans says, “When they improved their post frequency and followed different content promotion tactics, they enjoyed 70% more customer engagement via comments and their Facebook fan database to over 2,000,000.

Recent statistics revealed that nearly 80% of consumers prefer reading informative articles to get company/product information before buying the service/product.

According to The Content Marketing Institute, 60% to 70% of the created content is not being used.

Do you know why it is? It’s because of the lack of content promotion strategies or your topic could be irrelevant to the buyer audience.

To save your content from getting backed by other low-quality content in the search engine results, you have put together few things that should be followed to get more exposure and engagement on your blog content.

Why Should you Market your Content?

As I already discussed above, if you want your content to get the maximum exposure you need to market your content.

No matter what marketing medium you choose but only content marketing strategies can get you more traffic, engagement and sales.

How do you expect to get sales out of your content without promoting it? You shouldn’t just let it layered deep within your blog archives.

By following my content promotion checklist given in this article, your same old content can reach out to many new readers, buyers or clients.

But not every piece of content can get engagement and conversions as it really depends on the quality of your content and the blogging platform you are using for your business.

Things to do Before getting into Content Marketing

Before getting started with the Ultimate Content Promotion Checklist. There are few things you need to do to get better results from your content marketing strategies.

Step #1 – Set up a Blog

Before you start creating and promoting your blog post, it’s important that you create your own blog and that needs to be a self-hosted blog. As a blog hosted on free hosting always has limitations with many features.

And many platforms don’t really approve them for submissions. You need to do your research before you set your mind for any web hosting to pick for your blog or business website.

You need to set your budget, requirements and features accordingly before buying any web hosting. Picking a wrong one can lead you to many issues like server issues, traffic loss, drop in your search engine ranking and much more.

You can go through my previous experience with my last web hosting which cost me lots of traffic drop. Which makes me migrate to another web hosting service which is InterServer and still using it.

Pick a domain name for your blog, choose your hosting plan, complete with your registration. Log in to your hosting cPanel and install WordPress on your blog.

It might seem like a piece of cake but creating and setting up your own blog needs little research and hard work. Make sure to do these settings after installing WordPress on your blog.

There’s a lot to choose from. There are so many blogging platforms available for you to create a blog but you need to make a choice according to your blogging requirements, few popular blogging platforms options are,, Tumblr, Blogger and more…

Click here to read my complete guide to start a WordPress blog.

Now, it comes to choosing the web hosting plan. There are many hosting plans available. It’s up to you to choose the best that won’t break the bank!

My Recommended Web Hosting Services:

Budget-friendly: Bluehost starts at $3.95/mo (Use this link to get a special discount), SiteGround starts at $3.95/mo (Use this link to get a special discount) and InterServer starts at $5/mo (Use this link to get a special discount).

Here at LoudTechie, I use InterServer web hosting.

Premium: WP Engine starts at $29/mo (Use this link to get 4 months FREE)

Step #2 – Create an Epic yet Interesting Content 

Make sure to create a content that is engaging, interesting and informative! And also convey the main theme of your content by giving meaningful headline.

According to David Ogilvy, “On the average, 5X times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” Create a headline that is magnetic enough to attract readers in.

Before finalizing the headline, ask yourself,

  • Does your headline is tweetable and evoke curiosity?
  • Does your headline convey what the readers should expect in the content?
  • Does the headline encourage the reader to read the entire blog post?

Read this post to know more about the important ingredients to boost reader engagement on your blog.

If you still have doubts about creating an epic content, here are few guides I recommend:

Create an epic content which means an in-depth case study that is filled with detailed points, statistics, images, step-by-step guides, how-to’s articles, list articles, information that will actually help your reader to take action.

According to one of my recent study based knowledge a resourceful content article has 80% more chances to be get clicked by visitors depends on your article topic.

Once you’ve got the content ready, add spicier to your blog by adding eye-catching images.

Since you’re ready with the content curation, now it’s time to start making sure your content is seen everywhere.

Step #3 – Formatting your Blog Post

There are few common questions I have been asked by many new bloggers. What my first blog post should be like? How should I start with my very first blog post? Do’s & don’ts for my first blog post? How to write a perfectly optimized blog post?

There are so many questions but my answer to them is “At the start of your long blogging journey don’t make things complicated for your first blog post.”

Write what you want to convey through your blog, share your ideas, and share your views about starting your blog. Don’t get too much money minded and don’t show too much love for the freebies.

Decide your short and long-term goals and just STICK to it.

Crafting the Perfect Content Format:

  • Post Headline
  • Post Meta Title and Meta description
  • Get your keywords researched
  • User-friendly interlinking
  • Proper Use of heading tags (h1, h2, h3)
  • Use optimized and compressed images
  • Your content length matters
  • Option to share content
  • Make a good use of LSI or long tail keywords
  • Post Snippet
  • Optimized permalink structure
  • Focus keyword
  • Shortened URL for social sharing purposes

Once you’ve done with all these, now it’s time to start promoting your blog post content by following the best content promotion checklist.

Content Promotion Checklist

Anyone can create content but to market, your content for the right audience is where many fails. Content production without content distribution won’t get you any leads.

As a blogger or marketer, you must follow a content promotion checklist so that your content can reach the right audience.

There are so many digital marketing strategies explained by marketers but each may reflect different results for different content and niches.

Note: You shouldn’t just keep following any random content promotion strategies without analyzing its results. Make sure to check which marketing platform is getting results and on which one you are just wasting your time.

Let’s get started with our Content Promotion Checklist.

Note: Some of the resource sites may repeat on different platforms.

Share it on Social Media 

When it comes to content promotion checklists, the first and foremost thing which strikes our mind is “Sharing on Social Media Networks”.

Yes, there are so many social networks you can use to share your content.

Content Promotion Checklist: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Marketing

But even social networks show different results for different content niches. So you need to analysis your content marketing results from time to time, so that you can shortlist your long list of social networks for content distribution.

And work only on those from which you are getting any engagement. Don’t forget to install social media plugins on your WordPress blog.

Follow the list below to get more exposure from your Social Media,

  • Update Your Facebook Profile Status
  • Facebook Page (1 - 2 post per day)
  • Tweet on Twitter – (15 Tweets per day, use #hashtags)
  • Post on Google+ – Personal and Company profile (2 posts per day)
  • LinkedIn Status Update (1 post per day)
  • Pinterest – (10 - 12 post per day)
  • Instagram – Post 1-2 images from the post (1 - 2 posts per day)
  • Ask your team members to share the post on their social networks
  • Ask friends and family members to share

There has been so much discussion regarding “best time to post on social media” and that should be when those people by whom you want your content should be seen are online.

By sharing your blog post at the best time, your content will get better traffic, better engagement and more followers.

Just to get help with your workloads you can use social media management tools to maintain your brand consistency on social media.

Social media marketing tools like Buffer and HootSuite can help you to share your blog posts and you can automate the process with scheduling date and time.

Emails to Your Subscribers 

It is the easiest, effective yet affordable approach you can use to promote your content and connect with your audience. Let them know about your latest content.

With email marketing, you can always drive in your lost visitors back to your website.

Reach out to more audience by “Marketing your content in front of your customers via emails”.

Investing in email marketing is the best option to generate more leads, traffic and engagement within the short period of time.

There are many email marketing services you can use such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.

Click here to find out top best email marketing tools available!

Submitting to Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

Apart from going viral, submitting your blog URL to social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and many others will drive more traffic to your blog.

Few helpful guides you can use for your content distribution:

With WordPress, it’s easy to leverage the power of social media on your blog with plugins. There are many Social media plugins like Social Warfare, Monarch, Shareaholic, and more which will help users to share it quickly on their social bookmarking networks.

So, just spend a few more minutes in placing bookmarking tools at the bottom of your posts and bookmark each time you publish a new blog post.

There are number of social bookmarking automation tools available which you can use for your content distribution like OnlyWire, socialmarker, SocialAdr, and more.

Here are some of my favorite social bookmarking sites:

Post on Relevant Groups & Communities

Kickstart the discussion by posting your content on relevant groups and communities. This content marketing strategy has high-performance rate with lots of quality referral traffic.

You can share your content with relevant niche groups. 

There are groups available for all kind of niche and topics in all listed platforms.

  • Google+ communities
  • Facebook groups
  • Linkedin groups
  • Slack Groups
  • Twitter Chats
  • Niche Forums
  • Google Groups

Here are few trending groups and chats among the marketers and bloggers around the world.

Content Syndication 

Hope you’ve read my Content Syndication Guide earlier! Content Syndication is nothing but allowing other sites to publish your content.

This is the most recommended marketing strategy in my content promotion checklist.

If done correctly, content syndication can be the very best way to drive more traffic, visibility and develop an online reputation.

There are two types of syndication sites; auto syndication sites and manual syndication sites.

Things you’ll get by syndicating your content on other websites;

  • Backlinks
  • Showcase your content in front of new audience
  • Better chances to get ranked on the search engine.

Top Sites for Content Syndication Includes:

Go through my favorite list of guides and places for content syndication:


Finding forums relevant to your blog and start discussing is also the great way to promote your content. While responding back to threads, write a short summary and give a link back to the blog URL if required only.

There are some forums which allow you to place a link to your website in your signature. Make a proper answer and end up with a line which allows other members determine whether or not to check out your site by clicking on the signature links.

You won’t get a dofollow backlink from it but yes you’ll get a good outreach from like-minded users around the world.

Top Forums for internet marketers and bloggers:

Forums are the best places where you can get your doubts cleared or to get opinions from other experienced users.

So be there and start marketing your content by helping out others users as well.

To know what more can you do with Forum Posting – Read This

Other Forums Related Articles:

Post on Q&A Sites

Another content marketing strategy for bloggers. Search for questions relevant to your blog post and post responses in the answers and also give a link back to your blog post.

There are always more to it. I have listed my favorites Q&A sites and which I think is good to go with any blog niche.

The most popular Q&A Sites are:

Getting involved in high authority Q&A sites are considered as a good strategy to get link juice to your main blog. Their referral traffic can do wonders if done perfectly.

Few things to consider when using Q&A sites for your content marketing:

  • Don’t trigger yourself as a spammer by only sharing your own blog URLs with all your answers.
  • You don’t have to always share a link with your answers, provide textual help sometimes instead.
  • Don’t copy paste your answers containing a link to multiple questions.

Curate Your Blog Post

Content Curation is being used popularly by many bloggers to increase the amount of content they publish.

There are so many social sites that allow you to curate content into lists and collections. By adding your content into your niche based lists as a collection or saved pages, it will be visible to other users and they can save it or share it within their own network.

TIPS: To get results, share high authority valuable content links and not just your own blog URLs.

Some of my favorite content curation sites are listed below:

Why do I like Content Curation Method?

I like it because I don’t have to create any extra content to promote my already published blog post. I find it as one of the simplest methods of promotion used in content marketing checklist.

All I have to do is just share it using a browser extension or a simple link submission.

And if it is a quality content, it will reach out to a large percentage of readers all around the world.

Some of which will reach out to you personally, some will share it on their social network, some will guide you what more can be done in it.

So this kind of content promotion platform is a profitable approach for me from every angle.

Don’t just wait for more, simply charge for it.

Paid Promotion via Advertising

If you’re putting too much of hard work and effort to build a stable platform, then you can consider promotion via paid advertising.

But while stepping into paid advertising, make sure don’t blindly shove your hard earned money on marketing channels instead do your research and improve it.

Top paid channels available for content promotion are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • StumbleUpon Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads

Things to know before getting started with Paid Content Marketing Strategies:

  • Optimize & improve your landing pages.
  • Paid ads don’t really get good ROI.
  • Create beautiful landing pages with effective CTA (Call-to-Action)
  • Follow the A/B testing tactics also known as split testing strategy.

I have seen many affiliate marketers are using this marketing strategy to promote their landing pages for more sales but many of them don’t get the results as they expected to be.

There are so many factors involved for bad ROI such as; poor CTA, poorly analyzed regional selection, wrong age selection, or using poorly optimized headline for your ads.

Repurpose Your Old Content 

Repurposing your content is quite similar to content syndication but still, they are known as different terms and there are some platforms which suitable for both marketing strategies and single strategy.

It’s none other than republishing your posts on third-party websites.

In content repurposing strategy its recommended you to share your old content only a month later and remind your blog followers why they liked it.

By repurposing your old content you can get more views and engagement.

But there is one thing to remember about this strategy. Don't repurpose your recently published content.

Does it sound strange? keep reading...

This marketing strategy has to be time-based otherwise it will outnumber your own blog post ranking in the search engine results.

It happens because these content repurposing websites are all high authority websites and the search engine would give them more preference over your blog content.

And no one would want that to happen.

I have seen many of my own blog content ranking lost after doing early time content repurposing. So use this content marketing strategy for your old blog content only.

Top website Networks to Repurpose your Content are:

Thinking how to repurpose your content on these sites?

In the above list, I have shared websites where I repurpose my “textual” content only.

Yeah! You may have known that nowadays content isn’t just in textual form. There are so many types of content to market.

And if you want to market your content the expert level you have to follow the different content based marketing strategies and not just textual content.

Here in my Content Marketing Blueprint, I am including some of the most widely used marketing strategies by expert marketers:

  • Turn Your Blog Post into A Video
  • Turn Your Content into Podcasts
  • Turn Your Content into An Infographic
  • Convert Your Blog Content into A PDF
  • Turn Your Content into A Webinar
  • Modifying Infographic into A Videographic
  • Turn Your Content into An Online Course
  • Repurpose Your Content As A Slide & Upload to SlideShare

#1- Turn Your Blog Post into A Video

A Video Speaks More than Words” – As the saying goes, you can turn your blog post into video to reach out more audience.

These days people prefer watching videos over content for tutorials or other help.

Or else you can use tools like lumen5 to repurpose your old content into a beautiful video to get better engagement with your old blog content and social media pages.

You can also draft a script based on your blog post content, then voice over it and share in on popular video sites.

The top best video marketing platforms are given below:

#2- Turn Your Content into Podcasts 

Turning your content into a podcast continues to be an effective yet affordable way to generate more traffic and engagement.

I really like the concept of creating a podcast and I like to listen to marketing podcasts sometimes when I am traveling or walking.

It’s ok if you are not comfortable with recording a podcast for your content.

You can hire a professional freelance voice and just ask them to read your content loud and record it. That’s it!

If you don’t want to invest in hiring a professional podcaster and just want a voice for your content to turn it into a podcast.

You can use these FREE & paid tools to create your own podcast from scratch.

Here are some Podcasts Submission Directories to Market your Content such as:

#3- Turn Your Content into An Infographic 

Turning your blog post into an eye-popping infographic is the great way to promote your content!

Creating an infographic is considered one of the best technique in content promotion checklist because of its great results to pull readers towards your blog post.

There are many case studies done on engagement through infographics.

Moreover, infographics are not just about getting views or engagement on your content but you can also get huge traffic and backlinks from your infographics.

You can promote your infographics by submitting them to infographic directories or send emails to ask bloggers to use it on their own blog with your contributed content.

Here are some tools to create social media visuals & infographics.

Create an infographic and submit it to the top infographic directories such as:

#4- Convert Your Blog Content into A PDF 

You must be doing it already as there are so many bloggers offering their PDF content as a freebie to their blog subscribers.

Using opt-in forms with Call-to-Action:

  • Get subscribed to download this Content Marketing Blueprint
  • Download my Traffic Driving Strategies

But content repurposing using your PDFs is not just ending here, there is so much more to it.

Do you know you can promote your PDF content by following these methods?

  • Submitting it to PDF submission directories.
  • By offering your readers to print it on the whitepaper.
  • By simply create and send it your subscribers via email marketing campaigns.
  • By giving it as a resource link on your Lead magnet Page.

There are so many ways to do it. You need to start with the easiest one for you.

There are so many valuable old blog post content on your blog, don’t just sit there take an action and use it AGAIN.

Here are some good to go PDF submission websites you can use to promote your content:

#5- Turn Your Content into A Webinar

Webinars are not directly related to content repurposing purposes. It is mostly used by businesses and B2B companies for product launching or to show an insight of their products & services.

But there are marketing tactics involved which you can use to market your content also.

Many of you not really get involved in any live webinar. But it is a different kind of approach by marketers.

How to promote your blog content by using Webinars?

It is kind of a slideshow presentation on a live web stream. There are both versions available; video and audio.

Create a slideshow by creating partitions of your blog post content with background images. And write a script to follow for your live webinar from your blog content.

Many businesses and marketers usually do interviews with someone famous in their space who has a huge fan following.

And promote that live webinar by sending emails and social media promotion for events.

Here are some of my favorite guides on Content Repurposing:

#6- Modifying Infographic into A Videographic

This one is new and I learned it from QuickSprout by Neil Patel. In this, you can make a good use of your previously designed infographics data.

Videographics are also known as Video Infographics, animated videos and motion graphics. And they do perform 10X better than Infographics.

But what you need to turn Infographic into a Videographic?

You just need to simply break your long infographic data and story into pieces. Other things will be done by using tools like Animaker.

All you need is infographic data and story for it to create your animated videos.

Data + Story = Success

But why it is not so popular in the marketing world?

That is because this type of marketing is not so budget friendly. Creating videographics are expensive and time-consuming.

And you may need to hire a professional videographer to do all the video editing work which is not that easy.

But on the other side marketing through videographics has better performance than Infographics.

And you can upload your videos to platforms like:

#7- Turn Your Content into An Online Course

Online courses are on trend these days. I have seen all expert have started their own online courses and promoting it on their own blogs and social media network.

Me too have plans to start my own online courses in future.

Why are Online Courses on Boom?

Creating Online Courses has two benefits;

But in both cases you have to follow different concept:

For Monetization through Online courses: The information that you offer to your paying customers should be different and more insightful compared to any free content that you offer on your blog.

For Content repurposing through Online courses: In this, you don’t have to make any changes in your blog content you can use your blog content as it is in your online courses and offer them as FREE courses for learners.

There are websites you can use to create & sell your online courses:

#8- Repurpose Your Content As A Slide & Upload to SlideShare

SlideShare is a community where you can share your slide presentations and more. This community has lots of organic traffic which is nowhere else to be found for your slide presentations.

How to create slides for SlideShare?

I learned this marketing strategy from trafficgenerationcafe by Ana Hoffman. You can go through her case study article on SlideShare where she generated 0 to 200k+ views for a single slide.

You can create your slides using Google Slides, MS PowerPoint or Keynote whichever suits you the best.

Your slides should include your main points and headers. Each slide should have some points or information from your blog content.

Keep it short and simple.

If you have a blog post with 20 tips for marketers, you can create 22 slides for it which will include Introduction, 20 tips and the conclusion part.

After creating your slide deck you can upload it to SlideShare.

Other websites to upload your slide deck:

Outreach Fellow Bloggers

There is one exclusive phase included for this topic on my “how to start a blog” series.

This is one of the important things which is ignored by many bloggers, they don’t connect much with their fellow bloggers.

You should credit your fellow bloggers in your roundup posts or social media mentions.

It's not about getting reciprocate, it's about getting involved and connected with fellow bloggers in your space.

But how to outreach other bloggers?

It has to be done manually. By sending emails, mention them via social media, or by using their contact us page.

Let them know that you have mentioned their name or blog post link as a resourceful link for readers in your blog post, ask them to read, comment or share it within their social media networks.

Create a list of bloggers to outreach based on relevant niche and content quality.

But just by mentioning others within your content won’t help you, your content needs to be up to the quality they can respect and appreciate.

Nobody wants to get mentioned within a poor quality content.

You can outreach bloggers and marketers using mediums such as:

Do check out these resourceful & informative articles on blogger outreach:

Tools to Boost Your Social Sharing

Content promotion is difficult and time-consuming even with the help of scheduling tools. But what if your content gets promoted by others without any effort?

Yes! There are free & paid tools available which can 10x your social media sharing.

Tools to get your content shared by top Influencers.

Tools I personally experienced and recommend to promote your content:

Quuu Promote - I have personally experienced this tool and it bounced my blog post social share counts by placing it in front of 100s influencers and this doesn’t end so soon.

Triberr – It is my second most favorite tool for social media marketing. It also comes with content syndication tools, you can easily amplify your social share reach with Triberr. At the time of writing this article, I have achieved a total reach of 23 Million users on my Triberr account. A big number right? (It has both free and paid membership)

Here is my detailed guide on TriberrTriberr Guide: How To Increase Your Social Media Reach

ViralContentBee – It is a FREE tool to help you with your social media marketing on platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. It is well known for organic social media buzz for your quality content by putting it right in front of other members and influencers.

Revive Old Post – This is a perfect tool to keep your Twitter timeline stuffed with your own blog posts. You can enable it to share your old posts automatically on your different social media networks.

Few other WordPress plugins to manage your Twitter handles; Evergreen Post Tweeter, Tweet Wheel and Microblog Poster.

Blog Commenting on Relevant Blogs

Blog commenting is one of the easiest tasks you can do to promote your blog link or to get a backlink, but 99% of the blogs provide Nofollow backlinks.

I don’t recommend you to comment for the sack of backlinks. Instead, use blog comments to get engaged with the author or to add values to your comment with your brand name.

But you must follow the ethics of blog commenting to get your comment approved by quality blogs.

There is one tool I recommend to search blog commenting opportunities. DropMyLink is a free service which is useful for many other backlink purposes.

Other benefits of blog commenting are that you'll get traffic, reader engagement, comments back and social shares on your blog.

Get subscribed to your favorite relevant blogs and place a comment whenever a new blog post gets published.

Or you can do Google search for relevant articles to place a comment.

Marketing on your Own Blog using Internal link Structure

Internal links are those hyperlinked texts that target other pages on the same domain. They are helpful for:

  • Better user navigation
  • Indicates a good SEO factor
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • To Improve reader engagement
  • Let the search engine bots to crawl through all related links in your domain, and
  • Perfect strategy to spread link juice to your website. (It helps you to get ranked)

Wikipedia is a good example of structural internal linking. And that’s what makes it rank at page #1 in Google for almost all high competition keywords.

Here are some recommended WordPress interlinking plugins; Yoast SEO Premium, Mentionable and SEO Smart Link.

Many case studies on internal linking show that by giving an internal link to your cornerstone articles in your blog sidebar. They get better chances to get ranked well on the search engines.

Now start marketing your content on your own blog by using the internal linking method.

Participate in Link RoundUps

Getting involved in link roundups is a great thing you can ever ask for.

Link roundups are not the type of pitch many marketers follow because it is mostly used by backlink creators and not marketers.

But I find it very helpful and want you to include it in your content promotion checklist as well.

By this, you’ll get quality backlinks and good opportunity to market your content.

You can find many blogs where they do weekly or monthly link roundups on different topics by manually picking the best available articles on a specific topic.

But the question is how to get your link featured for the link roundup opportunity?

If you have a quality article written on your blog which is suppose to be a valuable content for readers too. Many bloggers pick it and mention it in their blog post content as a resourceful content for their readers.

This happens when you get rewarded by a backlink for your quality content without even asking for the mention or featuring your link to their blog post content. (This happens mostly in the case of resourceful or detailed guides)

But sometimes you need to manually inform bloggers that you have a quality content that could be helpful for their readers and ask them to include it in their link roundup.

Let me share few most famous methods you can try out to find the link roundup opportunities:

# Google Search: The easiest way to find out about link roundups is by using Google search. There are so many tricky but simple search syntax for specific keyword related search. Try these to search for link roundup posts.

intitle: Link roundup “YOUR KEYWORD”

Link roundup + “content marketing”

“content marketing” + Link roundup

You can replace word “link roundup” with so many other relevant meaning of it. Such as;

  • Daily link roundup
  • Weekly link roundup
  • Monthly link roundup

Here is one helpful video guide by Brian Dean on link roundup strategies and how you can pull this for your content marketing:

# Using HARO Subscription: HARO is basically used by HelpAReporter which is used by many reporters or content collectors for the big brands and new websites.

By getting subscribed to HARO's newsletters, you’ll get daily emails regarding different categorized niche content. Their emails will be full of details and requirements for your content to be featured on their website such as; deadline, category, Media outlet, Query, and Requirements.

Email newsletter from HARO

You can then reply to the most suitable query request related to your blog niche and get the opportunity to get featured on their website.

Here is how HARO helped me to get featured on Fundera DA-60 and few other high authority websites.

# Blogger Outreach: Approach bloggers and marketers who do weekly or monthly roundup posts. And propose them for them for the link roundup with your best suitable article piece.

# SubReddits for roundup contribution: This is another way to get involved for the link roundup opportunity. There are so many niche based subreddits, get involved in them and when you see any contribution request respond to them.

I recently got 1 quality backlink form this approach.

# Respond to expert roundup/contribution emails: When your blog is doing well it is common to have loads of emails regarding expert roundups or contribution request. I get them a lot and I never let that opportunity wasted.

Here is one good example of it, recently I got featured on Cloudinary’s Image optimization: expert roundup post (DA - 66) with some top developers, marketers, brands, and bloggers.

Advanced Twitter search: If you are ignoring Twitter you may regret it later. Using Twitter advanced search you’ll get better chances to reach the person who is running a link roundup on his/her blog.

# DropMyLink: This tool is a life saver for many search-related tasks, including link roundups also.

I hope by now its clear to you how easy to get featured in any link roundups. All you need is a quality content to propose for the link roundups.

Click here to get the list of blogs who do link roundups.

Wow… Completed….!!!!

Yes… You’ve completed reading the content promotion checklist. Now you know how to promote your blog to get social shares, likes, comments, traffic and backlinks.

This was Phase 9 of my "how to start a blog" series. In this, I tried to cover every possible content marketing strategy used by expert marketers.

And not all of these may required your money and time. Don't wait, charge for it. 

I know its lengthy. But as I wanted to cover all possible strategies within my Content Marketing Blueprint. 

?And I’ll keep adding more to it.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to share your witty content!

Do you have another series of content promotion checklists you follow when promoting your content? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the comment section.

If you like reading this article share it to show love. 🙂

My next Phase 10 will be on how to get involved in networking mediums, how to outreach or get attention of other fellow bloggers. 

Stay tuned for next Phase.

About the Author Alok

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

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