5 Best Podcast Tools To Create Your Own Podcast From Scratch

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First and foremost, I wish to share few of the podcast statistics that will blow your mind,

  • Over 30 million active blogs on the Internet, but there are only 200,000 active podcasts.
  • 88% of podcast listeners that subscribe to your podcast will listen to every episode.
  • Podcasts reach an equal number of men as women and are most popular with the 18-54 age groups.

Podcasts are the best way to reach the nonreader customers, whether they’re not reading due to their personal preference or because of the nature of their hectic lifestyle. By podcasting the content – your customers can listen in the car, at the gym, at the desk.


5 Best Podcast Tools To Create Your Own Podcast From Scratch

In today’s world, Podcasting continues to be an effective yet affordable way to generate rich content for your website. With so many inexpensive and simple tools available online to capture and edit audio and video, even a podcasting novice can produce high-quality content with very little expense.

Tools to Convert Web Content into Podcasts

Tired of trying to come up with interestingly written content for your company blog daily? Are you considering a new podcast? So, where do you start?

There are a number of easy-to-use podcasting tools you can utilize to bring an impact into the world of spoken content.

#1 Spreaker.com - We're Your Solution for Creating, Distributing, Listening, and More!

Spreaker.com is the best online platform where you can create your own podcasts and discover new content. It allows users to create podcasts up to 30 minutes in length at free of cost, which is typically more than enough time for the average web content with more than 1000 words. At Spreaker.com, the users can embed widgets directly onto their website or share the podcasted content on social media sites like Facebook.

#2. Voicebunny.com - Listen to thousands of voice-overs by professional voice actors and create your own podcasts!

If you do not wish to create your podcasts using your own voice, you can make use of Voicebunny.com! Users upload the content they wanted to be voiced, so that voice artists can submit demonstration voiceovers. Once a user chooses the apt voice over for their content, a full voice over is completed. For as little as $9.95 per article, a business can turn their written prospects into an innovative podcast. Now, the created podcasts can be shared social media channels or embedded directly onto the company website.

#3. Podbean.com – Get Ready to Create Your Own Podcasts Now at FREE of Cost!

Podbean.com is your one-stop solution to create interesting podcasts in minutes. At Podbean.com, you can find everything you need to create, manage and promote your podcast. It comprises of features that include: easy uploading and publishing tools, exquisite templates, domains, social media & promotional tools, embeddable podcast player, and more.

#4. Blubrry.com - Convert your podcasts instantly to reach millions of online listeners!

Whether podcasting is your job or a hobby, Blubrry is here to help you create & share your podcast. Getting involved with Blubrry is simple and risk-free. At Blubrry, you can instantly turn your podcasts into an audio stream for broad distribution. Your podcast can be heard on a variety of channels including iTunes, iHeart Radio, Bose and more!

#5. PodOmatic.com – Media for You, Created By You!

PodOmatic is an online podcast creator which offers free hosting, detailed listener statistics which allows you to design your own customized podcast page with all your latest broadcasts. PodOmatic help you create an interesting yet engaging podcast that you can share all over the world.

These are few of the important tools used for converting web content into podcasts. Never and ever underestimate the rise of podcasts. I assure that in a few years later, you hop into your car and you switch on the podcast instead of switching on the radio.

That is certainly going to happen! So, stand ahead of your competitors from now on by podcasting your blogs and articles and reach millions of audience even in their hectic schedule.

Are you thinking about creating a podcast for your business?

Make use of the tools mentioned above to get started today! If you find this article helpful in any way then please share your experience with us.

Thanks for Reading!

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April 17, 2017

First and foremost, I wish to share few

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