Top 10 Niches For Profitable Affiliate Marketing

If put in layman’s term, Affiliate marketing is a way by which, a company sells its products, through individuals or companies, who in turn charge a commission for the sale or marketing done.

These days we see a lot of customers turn into videos. Hence, the next level of affiliate marketing would focus on video searches.

There is a common myth that affiliate marketing is all about traffic. However, it is not so. It is about providing what the customer is looking for, personalizing. Providing mobile friendly websites, payment gateways, focusing on the customer experience will be the next thing in affiliate marketing. So, as long as you provide value to the customer, they will come to you.

Most people don’t know how to make money with affiliate marketing. Here are some tips, that might help you.

Top 10 Niches For Profitable Affiliate Marketing

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How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Isn’t it cool that you can earn $50 – $100 every day if you do a good affiliate marketing.

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All you need is a good blog with unique content. And you will need a minimum of 100 unique visitors to your site. If you are able to do this you through the first hurdle. Now, you will also need to increase your affiliate sales you can do this in the following ways:

  • Guest Posting: You can either open your page for guest posting or insert affiliate links for the visitors to read. You see site owners might not appreciate or allow your link, however, negotiation is worth a try. Talk about a win-win, how is it beneficial for both.
  • Write Reviews: In case you have good writing skills you can write reviews. If you write a good review your post can appear first in the search results.
  • Social Media: Social Media can be your best friend when you know the right way to use it. Social media can multiply your sales with the use of affiliate links.
  • Free Service: People love the word FREE. Induce them to use it. Later, once they are hooked to your offering, you can charge them.

Here are Top 10 Affiliate Niche in Affiliate Marketing.

#Niche 1: Make Easy Money Online:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

How often you come across this and you think it is just a rip-off. So, don’t be outright in saying ‘ Make Money Online”, also if you ask people to spend money now to make more money, that is not going to help.

It sounds like a scam.

Hence, be specific and you can mention “Learn how to make money”.

This Niche is listed at the top of all other niches because money attracts everyone. There is a huge number of people surfing the internet to find some ways to make money online.

If you can provide them some genuine and secure ways to earn money online, that will attract 100% profitable users towards your blog. Share tutorials, videos, some proof results of your earning with your visitors and they will surely give it a try.

And that try will make your blog a worth visiting and this will make you money by your affiliates programs.

#Niche 2: Lose weight:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Most commonly seen niche. Nobody loses 50 pounds in 10 days.

Be realistic and address the problem that people take seriously. Women are very likely to follow a good page which offers great ideas to lose weight.

This Niche is also very famous because people are more concerned about their health these days. Everyone want to be fit and healthy.

In social media and video streaming websites, many fitness trainers sharing their fitness training tutorials, tips, healthy dietary, etc. You can share information like this in your blogs too.

This niche is one of the most searchable niches in a smartphone these days. Instagram is famous for Fitness and Weight Lose related pages.

Some most searchable topics under this niche:
  • How to lose weight
  • Weight loss diet
  • How to get slim
  • Best weight Lose Plans
  • How to get abs

#Niche 3: Dating:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers use Dating platforms as people don’t find dates easily. Have a catchy name to your page, this will get a lot of traffic without much effort. Write on topics like top ten first date ideas, ideal places to take your date out, or how to get a girlfriend and wollah! You will have the traffic you were waiting for. These days many

Write on topics like top ten first date ideas, ideal places to take your date out, or how to get a girlfriend and wollah! You will have the traffic you were waiting for. These days many dating websites, smartphone apps has started and they are doing well for them.

This niche is a money making theme. Under this niche blogging, everything is good advice for your visitors.

Good advice = good visitors = good money.

In this niche you can share many advice related topics like:
  • How to get a girlfriend
  • How to get a boyfriend
  • How to get back your cheating wife
  • How to mend a broken heart
  • How to ask girls
  • How to pick up girls at colleges

#Niche 4: Gaming:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

One of the popular affiliate marketing platforms is gaming. People make some serious money writing reviews and videos on games and talking about the new gaming experiences. Selling games with affiliate marketing become easy as after reading reviews people buy the games without even realizing that it is an affiliate website.

#Niche 5: Self-development:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

This is a huge market as everyone is under pressure to constantly improve themselves. This is very popular in developed countries as well. Hence, if you can put up videos to motivate, or write well on self-improvement your page will be a total hit.

#Niche 6: Information Technology:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Not everyone is technologically updated. But everyone likes to know more about technology. It is the big thing today and will be in the future. So, if you are someone who is into technology, you must go for this niche.

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Under this niche, you can cover topics like:
  • Which Laptops & PCs to buy
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Latest Smartphones
  • iPhone and Android

#Niche 7: Food and Cooking:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Everyone on the planet is connected with food. These days people love to learn to cook various cuisines and satisfy their taste buds. The cooking blog is a great attractor of traffic.

You could also write reviews of restaurants, what to order where and pop up in high ranked review.

#Niche 8: Travel:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Everyone loves to travel these days. You can become a one stop solution to people’s guide for travel needs. You can write offbeat things to do, feel like a local, nearby areas of major cities across the globe, one day, two-day trips, weekend getaways etc. All these people drive to stay on your page.

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#Niche 9: Entrepreneurship:

Top 10 Niches for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

The thing to do. It is a great niche to explore if you are the entrepreneur kind, you must try this. You could be someone like your story, or give ideas to entrepreneurs what should they do to reach the goal, how to get funded, best V.C’s. top ten reasons why business fail e.t.c.

#Niche 10: Online shopping:

Every second ad that you see on television today is on online shopping. You see how Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal have affiliates and they make money on sales of affiliates. You could be providing some online shopping platform to your target customers.

Remember adding blogs on shopping websites add more traffic to your page.

Niches do help you but, after all, what matters most is your efforts to make the page a success. As long as, you are focused and keep updating your blog, your page, write reviews, you will hit that ton of money you have been working for!


Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He covers how to blog, SEO and marketing.

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Akmol Hussain

Absolutely great post I loved the last point. You have to do something different rather than promoting affiliate products in the traditional matter.

Cody Meredith

Thank you for the great tips. I think affiliate marketing does depend on the relevant and quality content ,traffic volume and appearance of the site.


Nice informative article, i think weight loss is a really great niche for affiliate marketing, as it is a common problem for most of the people in the world and widely searched offline and online.


    Yes, Sud. These days people around the world are getting more concerned about their health. And therefore more health products are arising giving uplift to large health affiliate marketing.


I have learned one thing. Don’t run after free sources, they will soak up your time and keep you in a lose forever. You won’t learn anything for a really long period of time. Just invest some money and start a real-time course. You can search the course online. Find the best course possible, by the way, here is the course that I took. Highly recommended…


    Well said, Shan. Same goes with affiliate marketing sales. Free tools attract good traffic but no conversion, but premium tools with good offer attract visitors to buy it and get you a good conversion which is an essential part of blogging.


Excellent article, it’s simple and easy to understand. Alok what do you think about WordPress niche ( theme, plugin, and hosting ), is profitable?


    Hey Falendo, WordPress niche is one of my favorite niches as it has huge blogging scope and growing time-to-time. WP themes, plugins and hosting could be the best niche you could pick for faster growth. WP theme affiliate is always good to monetize your blog, plugins review and how-to are helpful to attract new visitors and hosting are one of the best affiliate niches in market.


I have been looking for the profitable niches since long. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Is there a way to get a list of most profitable products and services for each niche?


    It depends on which niche you pick not all niches have affiliate marketplace for you. In some niche, you can directly register with an affiliate marketplace such as CommissionJunction and ShareASale for blogging, internet marketing niche. But in many niches, you have to read other blogs for better profitable products for your blog.

Graham Lee

I do hope I will get sales from my blog using the tips you gave. My affiliate blogs been running for months but products just sit there and it’s so frustrating getting no sales at all.


Health niche is always very profitable any day any time but one has to have a vast knowledge as you cant just write crappy health advice for people to read. Make money online what I love the most. I am now looking at other possible niche mentioned here.

Bob Byrne

Very help to my newly launch affiliate career. I been in so much struggle how to have sale and how to promote to make people buy. Thank you so much!


Hi Alok,

While exploring ideas for top niches, came across your page. Thanks a lot for sharing niche ideas. I found myself 3 interesting topics out of 10, however I have to deep dive into them to come up with micro-niche with low competition but adequate traffic.



    Hey Angad,

    I must say it will be a perfect idea for you to research on. Micro-niche sites always do good with affiliate earning. I hope you will do something good out of it. I am always happy to help if you may need any suggestion or anything.

    All the best!

John Reese

Interesting ideas. I am new doing affiliate marketing and hope I can see a difference after trying out some of your ideas. Many Thanks!

Mike Quinn

I was glad I stumbled on your blog as I am so anxious to find help in order to gain sales on my affiliate niche. I been doing this for years but my site is dead. I hope it would boost my affiliate site. Thanks to you! Hope to read more affiliate tips from you.


    Thanks Mike for sharing your feedback here. I hope you will work out something good out of this article. Keep visiting for more updates on affiliate marketing.


Ideas.suggestions,tips are wonderfully presented to the online aspiring marketers who are struggling to step into
this domain.It is awesome. thank you a lot.


    Hey Vikas,
    Thanks for letting me know that you find it helpful. 🙂
    Keep visiting and share if possible.



You need to update about sports. Best in Online with in short time it can creates buzz…Nice Informtion

ese Emmanuel

I got all am looking for in this your blog post please keep it up, especially for new bloggers like us to read
You can check out my blog, I will like to guest blog here.

Ese Emmanuel

Lovely and very interesting article, I would love to guest blog here.


    Hey Ese,

    Thanks for appreciating my work. I would love to accept guest posting but as of now we are not accepting guest posting. Better luck in near future.


Paul Smith

I am a newbie online marketer and got many ideas when reading your article. Those tips you just gave was a life saver. You just helped me boost my network. Thanks for sharing!


    Always welcome Paul. Will keep on trying to provide you the best tips regarding online marketing. I hope to inspire you again in future.



A nice detailed article. In my opinion, health and food niches will remain at the top. With new-new inventions in electronics, this niche cannot be underestimated. But it has a lot of competition.

I recommend you should also include sports and outdoor accessories niche in your list too. I have a niche site on this and it is doing very well.

Great post man. Thanks a ton.


    Hey Navdeep,

    Yes! health and food niches always do well. And yes tech niche is getting too much competition these days. Sports and outdoor accessories will come under our last niche “online shopping”.

    But money making niche always rocks. If one can provide genuine ways to make money online, he can win the game.


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