WordPress Plugins That Helped LoudTechie To Be More Powerful Blog

Congratulation! You have made it to Phase 4 on my "how to start a blog" series.

I hope everything is going perfectly fine with your blog and all of our previously discussed phases are clear to you.

My recently discussed phase 3 was on "Important things to do right after installing WordPress". If you somehow missed it, go through it for better optimization.

In our Phase 4, I'm going to share my secret list of essential WordPress plugins which are personally tested and active since a long time on my blog. It's been years since I'm into blogging. I have used many plugins time to time, some of them were helpful and some were not.

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Get Enroll For Your Udemy Online Course Offer At 95% Discount

The internet has eliminated the boundaries of nations, people, and almost everything. You had to physically go to an institution to learn anything lately. But now, you only need an internet connection as many courses are available online.

Simply put, an online course is a resource available on the web on a specific topic. You can find both free and paid courses online. In comparison, you will find the later to carry much more information than the former.

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Triberr Guide: How To Increase Your Social Media Reach With Triberr

Until few months before, I hadn’t even heard about Triberr, and now this is one of my regular blogging tool in my task scheduling calendar.

I am using it regularly to increase my social media engagement. And it works, really does.

At the time of writing this article, I got 7 Million reach on Triberr in less than 2 months. Here is my Triberr profile have a look.

Currently, I am a member of only 13 tribes which connects me with the network of my 560 tribemates as you can see on my profile page.

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How To Share Old Blog Posts Automatically On Social Media Networks

Almost every blogger is now using social media networks to maximize the popularity and reach of their blog posts.

But there are only a few people who fully understand and utilize the power of social media.

If you think that the use of social sites is limited to sharing the content when it is first published, then you’re wrong.

A good practice is that you need to keep sharing your old blog posts on regular intervals to provide them maximum exposure and ensure continuous traffic from your social networks.

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Setting Up Your WordPress Blog: 11 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

This is our Phase 3 on "how to start a blog". In our previous phase, I discussed 4 important decisions you need to make when starting a successful blog.

In this phase, we are going to talk about things you need to do while setting up your new blog the perfect way. This will cover everything starting from your very first interaction with WordPress to better search engine indexing setting of your blog posts.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Make Money through Your Entire Life

Affiliate marketing is literally an example of ‘make money while you sleep’ technique. If you are from the Indian subcontinent and you target US audience, the saying becomes reality (only when you work hard when you are awake).

Most of you know affiliate marketing as a one-time commission method. But there’s obviously more to it that you can utilize to make endless money oozing out.

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