Setting Up Your WordPress Blog: 11 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

This is our Phase 3 on "how to start a blog". In our previous phase, I discussed 4 important decisions you need to make when starting a successful blog.

In this phase, we are going to talk about things you need to do while setting up your new blog the perfect way. This will cover everything starting from your very first interaction with WordPress to better search engine indexing setting of your blog posts.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Make Money through Your Entire Life

Affiliate marketing is literally an example of ‘make money while you sleep’ technique. If you are from the Indian subcontinent and you target US audience, the saying becomes reality (only when you work hard when you are awake).

Most of you know affiliate marketing as a one-time commission method. But there’s obviously more to it that you can utilize to make endless money oozing out.

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