What Are Some Best Alternative Mobile Ad Networks To Google AdMob For Android?

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Best alternatives to AdMob by GoogleAdvertising keeps free services afloat – but competition in the advertising space is necessary to keep one company from raising a monopoly. While Google might be the big advertising giant in the internet space, there are a lot of alternatives available. Today we are going to mention some of the best alternatives mobile ad networks to Google AdMob for Android.

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#1. Velti

Velti wasn’t that big of a name in the mobile ads space but then they went on an acquiring spree – they bought Media Cannon, AdInfuse and MobClix, some of the best alternatives to AdMob that were available at the time. Now clearly that makes Velti a good option to look at.


#2. MobFox

MobFox mostly specializes in high revenue targeted ads for Europe and US, they also allow you to set a minimum price for clicks on ads.


#3. MoPub

Isn’t exactly an experienced reputed player in this battle, but it is that kid who jumps in with the new shiny gadgets. MoPub gives you multiple types of ads (full screen, video ads, banners, etc), from multiple ad networks, and supports in-app transactions. It’s not even hard to implement in your apps!


#4. LeadBolt

LeadBolt provides some really high eCPM, and fill rate ads, they also have different types of ads you can choose from.


#5. AppBrain

It gives you some excellent analytics tools to plan out your monetization strategy. They give you options of different types of ads with high eCPM and an SDK to implement these ads in your apps easily.


#6. AdMarvel

This one is owned by Opera Software. The same company that makes Opera browser, just so you know. It might not be the most advanced player in the town but it’s an experienced one. AdMarvel gives you access to multiple ad networks.


#7. Smaato

Smaato gives you access to about 390 ad networks and access to some excellent tools that will help you optimize your monetization. Smaato also has an applet that lets you create native ads for Android very fast and easily.


#8. AdiQuity

It specializes in video ads. Now that might not be your thing but these ads provide some really good revenue if you can implement them without many revolts from your user base.


#9. BuzzCity

It is what you should use if you like getting paid via a service like PayPal.


#10. Mojiva

This is one of the more premium ad publishers, you will have to apply to get access to their network, this might be a good thing or a bad thing. You will have to find out yourself.


#11. MobileCore

MobileCore is again one of the new guys around, mobileCore has multiple ad types and a proper SDK to integrate with your apps. mobileCore also focuses on minimal data consumption – something your users might appreciate in the long run.


#12. inMobi

It is more about discoverable advertising than the usual advertising. If you are building an app that is also a store for something, you might want to give a look at inMobi.


#13. TapJoy

It claims to have an astonishing user monetization rate of 88%. Clearly, they are doing something right – maybe providing the right kind of ads at the right moment, but whatever it is, you are not going to be disappointed by it.


#14. Komli Mobile

It gives you real-time analytics and results. Komli also has a diverse range of ad formats for different experiences.


#15. Vdopia

It also focuses on video ads, but they have better tools and real-time analytics to help you with your monetization.


So these are some of the best alternatives for Google AdMob we could recommend. While Google AdMob is the best network in terms of integration and analytics, it’s not the best in terms of the revenue it generates for you. We hope these few recommendations help you decide your next monetization partner.

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