How To Add Google Custom Search Box In WordPress Site

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The search function provided by WordPress is only good if you know about the content and exact keywords but if you are looking forward to relevant content then the search function will for sure disappoint you. But now you can use the best search engine “Google” within WordPress only, that will help people to find any relevant content to their search term and also it makes the whole searching experience more professional.

Google Custom Search Engine is very helpful as it shows the data directly searching from Google. It will have more impact on the visitors as they can now access Google search engine to search for your content. It also gives the benefit of modifying the search results if you have Google account.

How To Add Google Custom Search Box In WordPress Site

Having Google custom search box in WordPress is so far the best search option you can get for your WordPress blog. And I cannot recommend anything better than this.

So, Why Should You Use Google Search Box in WordPress?

  1. The default search feature is not up to the mark and most of the times don’t give any relevant information to the user, forcing them to look for an alternative.
  2. There are various search plugins available for WordPress like Swiftype but the problem is you have to manage them and they also have an impact on your server resources.
  3. Google custom search box is reliable, it gives you wide range of relevant data and also you can access Google from your site only.
  4. Google search is also fast, you don’t have to think about maintaining it or updating it.

 So, here’s how you can easily add Google custom search box:

This is one of the two methods of adding Google custom search box in WordPress and it is recommended for beginners as it doesn’t change your theme file.

#1 Firstly, you have to install and activate the plugin named as WP Google Search.

#2 After activating, go to Settings » WP Google Search to setup the plugin.

How To Add Google Custom Search box in WordPress

#3 The plugin will ask you to provide a Google Search Engine id and you will get your id by visiting Google Custom Search Engine website. There you have to click on “New Search Engine” on the left then provide your site’s URL in “Sites to Search” field. Then choose the “language” of your website and click on the “create” button to continue.

How To Add Google Custom Search box in WordPress

#4 Now Google will create your custom search engine and will display a success message. To continue editing you have to click on the “control panel” button.

How To Add Google Custom Search box in WordPress

#5 This will redirect you to control panel for your custom search engine. Now firstly, you have to click on the “Search engine ID” and copy your search engine ID.

How To Add Google Custom Search box in WordPress

#6 Then move on to the “Look and Feel” section and under the layout tab, choose results only.

How To Add Google Custom Search box in WordPress

After completing all the steps, click on the save button to save all the changes that you have made.

Now go back to your WordPress site and paste the Search Engine ID that you have copied earlier from the WP Google Search’s setting page and then click on the save changes button to store the changes made.

After that go to Appearance » Widgets page, there you will find WP Google Search Widget in the list of available widgets, click on it and drag and drop the widget to the place where you want to display the search form.

Then click on the save button to store your settings of the widget.

Go to your website and you will find all the setting has got saved and your Google Search Box is in the place where you want it to be and you can search from your website only.

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