How to Set a Default Google Account For Multiple Gmail Account Users
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Google’s “Multiple Sign-in” accounts feature is very helpful for us in many ways.

As these days every person is having multiple Gmail accounts for different tasks to attempt.

If your job is related to internet stuff then you must be having multiple Gmail accounts and at that time handling all that accounts at once is quite difficult. While doing multiple accounts things got mixed up time-to-time and account

While doing multiple accounts things got mixed up time-to-time and account got juggle.

Every time you close Google instant page or Gmail account page current account will switch to default Gmail account and set in the browser itself.

Then again you have to select again your required account from the multiple accounts list.

But there is a simple way to set your most required Gmail account as a Default account for your browser.

Today here I am going to show you step-wise instructions to set a Default Google Account for Multiple Gmail Accounts.

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Setting or Changing the Default Google Account for Multiple Sign In Users

1. Open Google in your browser ( or

2. Then Log out of all the Gmail accounts you are already signed-in to, this can be done by clicking on your avatar icon on the top right-side corner on the Google/Gmail page and choose to Sign-out.

3. Now open Gmail login page and login with the account you want to set as your default account. The very first account you will log into will become your default Gmail account till you stay sign-in.

4. Now that you have sign-in to your primary Gmail account. Go to the avatar icon again and click on it, a drop box will be displayed click on the “Add Account”.

5. Now you can add multiple Gmail accounts which will work only in that particular browser.

How to switch multiple gmail accounts

Note: Your first log in should be with the account you wish to set as your primary account, this will be set as your default account in your multiple Gmail accounts list.

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Benefits of having Multiple Accounts:

Save Time: – There was a time when people used to login into one account then logout from that account to access another account. But not now, as Google provided us this feature to access all your Gmail accounts at once in the same browser without any confusion and it also does save our lot of time while handling so many accounts in our job.

Instant Switch Accounts: – You can switch easily from one account to another account just by clicking on your avatar icon. This same feature follows same steps in both the browsers FireFox Mozilla & Chrome.

Now try it once and you will get used to it in no time. I am using this feature for so long and this really saves a lot of times in my line of work. Hope it will be a useful article for you.

Let me know your experience after trying this feature.

If you are still facing any kind of difficulty while setting your default Gmail account. Feel free to share with me via the comment box below.

Found solution to your problem?

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  • Colleen Chapman says:

    Thank you so much for this advice. It was driving me crazy and I looked everywhere to switch my default account. Happy teacher here today.

    • “Happy teacher here today” lols… Thanks Colleen for this sweet feedback. Happy visiting here, keep visiting and keep sharing.

  • No, seriously.
    There’s needs to be an easier way to switch the default account. How about a button in settings? Would that be too easy?

    • It is an easy one. In short you just have to make your first login with that account which you want to set as your default account.

      • OMG!
        In this way, it was indeed so easy to change the default! thank you so much, Alok

        • Sure it is an easy way. Hope it fixed your issue. 🙂

  • is there a way to remove a default account that doesn’t belong to you? my sister used my laptop and some how set her account as default for it and i want to remove it from my computer but i cant seem to find a way to

    • Yes it is very simple. Firstly, Switch to that account (your sister’s account) and then signout. It will be removed from your list. And if there is still more ids remaining and you still don’t get your preferred account to be as default account. You need to signout all accounts first and then the very first sign-in you do it will be set as your default gmail account on your browser.

      • I am having the same problem. My wife’s email is stuck as my firefox default google account. Doing as you suggest above fixes it for 5 minutes, but even after removing the wifey account, it keeps coming back, usually after about 5 minutes. Something more drastic must be required.

        Any ideas?

        Chrome is working as expected with my own google account. It is only a firefox issue.

        • If you are facing some unexpected issues then I suggest you to clear all caches, cookies and active logins of your firefox browser. It will definitely solve your this issue.

          • >> Unexpected issues…
            Still no luck. I am using Firefox SYNC to sync my settings to multiple machines. I just created a new Win10 laptop with a fresh install of Win10 and installed Firefox. On the new fresh laptop, I logged into the preferred google account on Firefox first to get it set up correctly. Then I let it Firefox sync with my account that I use on multiple machines including the one with the wifey account problem. Once sync is complete, it immediately switches to the incorrect wifey google account.

            It seems to be more complex in my case, and maybe Firefox sync is the culprit… I’ll turn off firefox sync on that new laptop and see if I can make your suggestions work.

            (I am using X-Notifier to make switching between multiple webmails painless on Firefox)

          • Hello again Tim, normally this type issue don’t occur. But its better you go with firefox extensions then trying its own sync option. Or just switch to chrome browser.

          • SOLVED….
            You are correct after all…..
            I am using X-Notifier plugin to Firefox to manage my 20 or so different email addresses. Somehow the offending wifey gmail account got bumped up to the top of the list and was logging in before my account. Fixing that fixed my issue.

  • scott holmberg says:

    My question is What is the difference between ‘From’ and ‘Sent by’? And why does an email have both? Thanks

  • This step is the one that does not work. 3. Now you just have to go to the Gmail log in page and log in with the account you want to set as your default account. The account you logged into at the very first will become your default account till you stay sign-in. *** When you do this step, GMail automatically fill in the account you DO NOT WANT. A big, big phukyou to Google for making this so complicated for so many people, just make a button that says, “SET AS DEFAULT ACCOUNT”.

  • I was really puzzled and got mad in searching for an option to change my gmail account as default account instead of sister’s..Thank god.I have done it 🙂

  • I have logged out of all 3 of my Gmail accounts, and then logged back into the one account I wish to be the default. But when I then go to Settings, before logging into my other accounts, it says I’m logged in under one of the other accounts. Though the other view says that account is not logged in. I’m losing my mind. What am I missing? I’m on a MAC, by the way.

    • I have not much idea about MAC but I can suggest you try to clear cache and cookies of your browser. And then again try login your Gmail accounts. It can solve your issue.

  • Hi. A bit late to this one but I found your instruction extremely useful, thank you! I’d tried so much to change my default address and couldn’t find anything on Google’s own help section. Then I came across your page. Thank you so much – hours of frustration is finally ended!

    • Hey Emma,

      It’s never been too late. Really appreciate your feedback and happy that it helped you out.

  • Finally a solution! Thanks so much!

  • Doesnotmatter says:

    Excellent, easy to follow advice on how to get my preferred Gmail account to load automatically. Such recommendations solved my problem in less than 10 seconds — Thank you!

  • I have a Gmail account and so does my wife. My account is the default.

    My wife opens her Gmail account and later finds a website she wants to email. She clicks on the “send this link with Gmail” icon but the email is then sent from my account even tho she’s signed into hers.

    How can I change this?

    • Hello Peter,

      You just need to follow this simple guide I have explained in this article. First, log out from all your logged in accounts and then first you need to sign-in with your wife Gmail account and it will be your default Gmail account after that you are free to add as many as you want.

  • Leo Galopin says:

    I have just tried this but I am still being defaulted back to my original default email.

    • These steps are working fine with everyone you must be missing something kindly review your steps again. Thanks

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