How To Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytic

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Google Analytics is commonly used to track visits to web pages and mobile apps but it is an unknown fact that Google Analytics service can also be used for tracking the outgoing email messages in your Gmail.

The Google Analytics tracking system lets you know if your email messages have been seen or opened by the recipient it was supposed to reach to. You can track emails on per message basis which will be completely free of course.

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The process is way simple than you think it will hardly take your 2-3 minutes. The tracking will be seen in your Analytics dashboard same as we track our website visitors. This could be helpful for many tasks.

Here in this Demo video a famous blogger Amit Agarwal demonstrated us the whole and simple procedure to attempt this Gmail message tracking using Analytics.

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Here is How To Add Analytics Tracking Code in your Gmail messages in order to check if they were read, seen or opened:

#1. For adding the Analytics tracking code to your Gmail messages, you need to visit your Gmail and compose a new message. Attachments and inline images can also be added to your message. Once the message gets ready, you can keep it into the Drafts folder and not hit the Send button.

Gmail tracking by Analytics



#2. The next step requires you to open this Google sheet and select the Initialize option located under the Email Tracker menu. It is a one-time requirement as you will need to authorize the sheet in order to send your messages with the tracking image inclusion.

Google sheet Initialize option



#3. After the script has been authorized, you can choose Email Tracker > Send Mail.

Email Tracker > Send Mail



#4. Then, a pop-up box will display named as Email Tracker, ask you to select a draft message and put your Analytics ID. You need to select your Gmail draft from the drop down menu, enter the Google Analytics Profile ID and click on the Send button. The mail will now be delivered to the recipient it is purposed for.

Google Analytics Profile ID to track Email


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Tracking Step: How to Track the Email Open Activity in the Analytics Report?

For tracking the email open activity in the Analytics report, you need to open Google Analytics and select Events under the Standard Reports group. New events can be seen there with the category Email Open as people open the Gmail messages you send them. You can thus click the category in order to check the email address of the recipients who have seen your email and also the subject that was installed in the mail.

You can thus click the category in order to check the email address of the recipients who have seen your email and also the subject that was installed in the mail.

Google Analytics Events to track Email Messages


The profile ID of Google Analytics looks like UA-XXXX-YY and you can check this ID in your Analytics Dashboard without any hassles. It is always a good idea to create a separate web property in Google Analytics for tracking Gmail messages, though.

You can also track multiple Emails at the same time. There is another method by Google which can let you know if your Email messages have been read, using URL shorteners, like You may be aware of this feature if you ever used URL shorteners into your social profiles.

Whenever you send an email through the Google Sheet, it sends the tracking image to your Gmail message using the Google Script. The tracking image is sized at 1*1 pixel gif that will never be visible in the body of the message.

If the recipient has disabled image downloading, the tracking method wouldn’t work. Analytics tracking has also been included in the premium edition of Mail Merge.

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