One of the most commonly used web email service is This tutorial is to get new emails and chat alerts pop-up directly to your desktop while you are doing some other work.

Yes! You don’t need to keep your account open for all day long when you can get alerts to your desktop. This can be done by few clicks only.

This service is currently active for Chrome browser only, but you can use third-party browser extensions to activate this service in other browsers as well like in Mozilla Firefox and others.

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In this article, you will go through a detailed process of “How to get Gmail desktop notifications in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox“.

Steps for Chrome Browser:

#1. Login to your Gmail account.


#2. Click on the gear button and go to “setting” option.

Get Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Chrome


#3. Go to “General” tab and find “Desktop Notifications“. Then select “New mail notifications on“.

Get Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Chrome


#4. Don’t forget to “Save Changes” at last.


And that’s it. You will get desktop notification alert for every new email arrives in your account.

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Steps for Mozilla Firefox Browser:

Firefox browser doesn’t support this feature. But still, you can activate desktop notifications feature for Firefox. But third-party extensions are always helpful.

To activate desktop notification for Firefox browser. You need to install a web browser extension into your Firefox browser.

This extension goes by the name of “Gmail Notifier“. There is no security issue regarding this extension, as with this you can add Multiple accounts (or label) in it, without even storing your password in Gmail notifier.

You will be notified by a small icon in taskbar notification area.

taskbar notification areaFor detailed instruction regarding Gmail notifier, you can visit here for more info. You will find all features, know about and FAQ.

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