How To Find The Tracking Code From Your Old Analytic Account

If you’re a Blogger or running any business website then you may know about Google Analytics and why is it best tool to track your Website traffic stats. Google Analytics has pretty simple user interface to track your website’s daily performances, though there are already ample of great traffic analytic tools in market like and But Google Analytic is still stands at the top of them due to many reasons.

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I’m already using Google Analytics on all of my personal websites/blogs but few weeks ago I was working on one of my client’s website, I was doing some design renovation work on that site and after finishing it, I had to put traffic tracking code again into the website, so I thought it’d be pretty easy to get analytic code again for my client site, I login to my client’s analytic account and you won’t believe it was very annoying to find out the tracking code again for that site, almost took 30 minutes to finally find out tracking code. I know it sounds pretty easy to find out tracking code again from old analytic account but for some people or newbies its pretty annoying stuff to do.

So today I’m going to guide you step by step process to get Google Analytics tracking code from your old Analytic account.

1. Login to your Analytic account.

2. After login, you’ll see this page – list of your all website associated with your analytic account.

How To Find The Tracking Code From Your Old Analytic Account


3. Click on “Admin” – Showing up in menu barHow to get Tracking Code From Your Old Analytic Account


4. There will be a drop-down option below the menu to select website and after selecting correct website click on “Tracking Info” and then click on “Tracking Code

How To Find The Tracking Code From Your Old Analytic Account


5. After clicking on “Tracking Code” you’ll redirected to new page and you can access your tracking code and put it on your website pages to activate Google Analytics on your website again.

How To Find The Tracking Code From Your Old Analytic Account

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Just follow these easy steps and you’ll get your analytic code easily, I hope this posts works well for everyone.



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