8 Tools To Lookup Perfect Domain Name Suggestion For Your New Domain

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Domain names are used to identify your brand or business.

Choosing a domain name isn’t easy when you know how dependable it is for your business. It is not only a name, it is the identity of your company, only through this name people will remember you.

8 Tools To Lookup Perfect Domain Name Suggestion For Your New Domain
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Starting a new website?

You need to make sure that your domain name should be memorable and meaningful. It should perfectly communicate about your business, products, and services. My suggestion while picking any domain name, it should be a keyword-rich domain name.

If you add your seed keyword into your domain name, it will ignite your SEO recommendation. As your seed keyword will always appear in your blog’s update. This tip is always essential for micro niche sites.

Choosing a domain name for your business can be challenging. Sometimes, it gets too tough to decide which domain name you should pick or all desired names are already taken, but with the evolution of technology, helping tools have also evolved. Same is the scenario with tools to choose domain names.

There are various tools available in the market that can help you in choosing and creating the desired domain.

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List of 8 Free Domain Name Generator Tools:

#1. BustAName

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It is a great tool for domain name selection as it simplifies mapping and gives you lots of suggestions and words. It gives you facility of adding prefix and suffix also, you can also give input of various keywords which will be analyzed by this tool and after combination and permutation of the keywords, it will show you the available domain name that derived from the keywords. It is based on the database retrieval technique.

#2. Wordoid

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Wordoid make-up words by its own, which are strikingly unique and sound great too, it also give you the flexibility of choosing between five languages, this makes easier for the user to jump from one language to another with always getting the satisfying results.

The made-up words by wordoid are no longer than 10 letters, so it also simplifies naming experience as now you don’t have to remember meter long names. Wordoid allows you to change the quality level from low to high — the higher the quality, the more the word resembles the natural words of the selected languages.

#3. NameStall

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameStall features various options like similar domain name suggestions tools, brandable domain name list, high paying keyword search tool and instant domain search tool. NameStall helps you search domain name with the help of keywords, Industry categories, Popular Keywords, Parts of speech and Basic English words.

You also have the facility of choosing hyphen in your domain name and you can also determine whether your keyword will come in beginning or end of your domain name. NameStall will show you the list of taken domain names along with the unregistered domain names.

#4. NameMesh

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameMesh is a one of the most popular domains searching tools, main reason behind its success can be considered a fact that this tool is present without any cost. NameMesh also gives you the opportunity of selecting a domain name for new domain extension and here you can also define what should be the character limit in your new domain. Apart from all these functionalities, it provides the wholesome search option for domain names.

#5. DomainsBot

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

DomainsBot is one of the oldest domain searching tool presents, it is active since 2004 and the idea behind working of DomainsBot is that it takes ideas from and by going through its algorithm it shows the available names, expired names, expiring names and also on sale names. The distinctive feature of this tool is that it allows to access whois search and also offer twitter and facebook suggestions.

#6. Domainr

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It searches and tracks over 1700 top-level domains and over 1300 generic TLDs, registrable at one of 219 accredited registrars, one of the unique characteristics of Domainr is that it does all the work anonymously without revealing its own identity. It uses two different APIs, one for web service and another for client-side implementations.

Domainr also doesn’t restrict you to conventional domains like. Com or .net or .org, it helps you in exploring different and creative domains and due to these properties, it is amongst top three domain tools for people.

#7. Lean Domain Search

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Specialization of this tool is that it provides you unique and quirky domain names by the use of prefixes and suffixes. Many people love it because it searches for the availability of exact domain name that you enter. You can also favorite any domain and monitor their availability.

#8. NameBoy

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameBoy is simple to use tool, in NameBoy you just have to enter the words that best describe the domain name you are looking for and rest of the work will be handled by NameBoy, it will show the list of potential names available and which of the displayed names are available for the purchase.

NameBoy is a domain name generator and database allowing you to perform a keyword search with either one or two words, allowing for hyphens and rhyming words.

Choose the desired domain name, You can buy it from different domain registrars on the web like GodaddyNameCheapetc.

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