YouTube Alternatives: 8 Best Video Sharing Sites

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YouTube is a consistent part of everyone’s lives these days. There is nothing you cannot find on YouTube.

There are billions of videos till now on YouTube and millions new added every day. However, there are times when you can’t access YouTube or times when you want to reach out to those behind the scenes: geeks and nerds.

What then are you going to do? Of course, there are alternatives and here’s a list of them –

YouTube Alternatives: 8 Best Video Sharing Sites


This is only second to YouTube with around 112 million users. Yet, surprisingly a lot of people are completely unaware of it. The looks of it aren’t very different from YouTube. All you have to do is register an account and go ahead with it. It has a 60-minute limit but that should be more than enough for a single video. You can also have your videos removed if you possess a motion maker account. Yes, the motion-maker account is free and all you have to do is join the OpenVOD program. If you have a little business acumen, you can definitely make money out of it.

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Vimeo is actually the best alternative to YouTube and it is ad free! If you are looking for quality videos, then Vimeo is the place for you. Of course, it is free of cost but there are a few rules and regulations. You can only upload 500 MB videos for free. While you can upload countless 500 MB videos for free, in order to upload heavier videos, you will have to upgrade your account to a plan that may cost anywhere in the range of $10 to $200. It will let you upload 5 to 20 GBs per week depending on what plan you opt for.


This is an old platform that was conceived in 2004. It was purchased by yahoo in a short while and has been the in thing since then. It was originally a site meant for images but it also lets you store videos at the moment. Most of us might already have an account on this one, it is a good idea to go check out how to upload videos and start uploading them! It isn’t very different from uploading images. If you don’t have an account, signing up is a good idea. Once you have signed up, you can upload all kinds of videos and pictures. The free account comes with a memory of 1 TB! If you upgrade, you will have an ad-free account with enough space. Moreover, it is a heavily dependable website with excellent content.


Veoh was launched in 2007 and has a staggering database 17 million and it guarantees an excellent user experience. It lets you post videos of absolutely any size and you can share it in no time. It is definitely a great alternative to all the limited social media options that exist. It also lets you add friends, chat with others in groups and forums through comments and find people of common interest. It has amazing movies, music and AV collections. It has a lot of advertisements though and you may get irritated after a while but then that’s the price of popularity.

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A lot of us might think that this is a familiar name because it is one of the oldest websites that has been there for uploading videos. Yes, it is older than YouTube. No, it hasn’t died down in spite of YouTube which is a great point in their favour. It lets you view videos but not upload. Hence, if you are looking to upload content, then this may not be your best option.

Sounds familiar again? This site was launched in 2005 and has been renamed to as of now. There are millions and millions of videos over here. A large number of movie trailers can also be found over here. At the moment, it isn’t welcoming new registrations and hence, you obviously can’t upload anything but if you want to browse great views, this is your best bet. A lot of talk about the website shutting down had been going on but that obviously didn’t happen because the site is available with a very large number of new movie trailers to the user’s delight.


Vube is still new on a relative basis as it was launched only in 2013. However, it is trustworthy and is definitely one of the most visited sites. Thus, speaking volumes of its reliability! A lot of advertising companies depend on VUBE for uploading content. In order to better the quality of the content, VUBE is running contests and going all out. It is definitely working in their favour.

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This is a good one for those who are into running a business. Viddler is the LinkedIn of the vide world since 2005. It is highly professional and hence, lets you market your videos to the right audience. It also lets you analyse your audience through its ad tools and then, add comments to your videos straight away. It lets you send the video across to iTunes which obviously has a much larger audience. It isn’t free but it definitely is value for money. After all, professionalism never came free.

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