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InMotion Hosting Review: Is It Good Enough For Your Hosting Needs

InMotion Hosting Review: Is It Good Enough For Your Hosting Needs

Review of: InMotion

Type: Web Hosting


Good Performance even in Launch Plan


99.97% Uptime


Expensive for Starters


Excellent Support (live chat support)

In this digital world everyone want to go online to get a good hold of their business connections, customers attraction, brand awareness and many more reasons. For which they invest lots of money and hard work on their site optimization, layout, etc.

But one important thing which they ignored or misunderstood is web hosting performance. There is nothing more important than a good web hosting for your site. That should be the very first concern of any website owner.

So here I am reviewing InMotion web hosting is an international Hosting company. It provides a wide range of Hosting services. These services are offered in plenty of different packages with different features and resources.

We Like

  • Easy Control Panel
  • E-commerce Support
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Fastest Support (Live chat)
  • Free Site Migration

We Don't Like

  • Low Advertised Pricing
  • Delayed Verification Process
  • Shared SSL certificate
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InterServer Review: What Makes It A Perfect Web Hosting Over Others

Looking For the Best Web Hosting for Your Site? Find out here

Review of: InterServer

Type: Web Hosting


Performance is Amazing even in starter plans


Actually 99% Uptime


Price is average not so high


Excellent support (Fast live chat support)

We Like

  • Easy Control Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Fastest Support
  • Free Site Migration
  • Price Lock Guarantee

We Don't Like

  • More of a Business Host
  • Primarily a VPS Host

Managing a web business is always considered easy compared to a shop. Why then, you should actually set up an online shop. That’s when uptimes and server downtimes, customer feedback and query emails, slow data transfers, next-to-impossible scripts call out: No, not at all!

Buying a reliable web hosting service has always been a gamble. I too have burnt my fingers at it with quite a many promises of reliable hosting before finally ending up at InterServer. So today I decided to do InterServer review post for you. 

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8 Tools To Lookup Perfect Domain Name Suggestion For Your New Domain

Domain names are used to identify your brand or business. Choosing a domain name isn’t easy when you know how dependable it is for your business. It is not only a name, it is the identity of your company, only through this name people will remember you.

8 Tools To Lookup Perfect Domain Name Suggestion For Your New Domain

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Starting a new website?

You need to make sure that your domain name should be memorable and meaningful. It should perfectly communicate about your business, products, and services. My suggestion while picking any domain name, it should be a keyword-rich domain name.

If you add your seed keyword into your domain name, it will ignite your SEO recommendation. As your seed keyword will always appear on your blog’s update. This tip is always essential for micro niche sites.

Choosing a domain name for your business can be challenging. Sometimes, it gets too tough to decide which domain name you should pick or all desired names are already taken, but with the evolution of technology, helping tools have also evolved. Same is the scenario with tools to choose domain names. There are various tools available in the market that can help you in choosing and creating the desired domain.

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List of 8 Free Domain Name Generator Tools:

#1. BustAName

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It is a great tool for domain name selection as it simplifies mapping and gives you lots of suggestions and words. It gives you facility of adding prefix and suffix also, you can also give input of various keywords which will be analyzed by this tool and after combination and permutation of the keywords, it will show you the available domain name that derived from the keywords. It is based on the database retrieval technique.

#2. Wordoid

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Wordoid make-up words by its own, which are strikingly unique and sound great too, it also give you the flexibility of choosing between five languages, this makes easier for the user to jump from one language to another with always getting the satisfying results.

The made-up words by wordoid are no longer than 10 letters, so it also simplifies naming experience as now you don’t have to remember meter long names. Wordoid allows you to change the quality level from low to high — the higher the quality, the more the word resembles the natural words of the selected languages.

#3. NameStall

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameStall features various options like similar domain name suggestions tools, brandable domain name list, high paying keyword search tool and instant domain search tool. NameStall helps you search domain name with the help of keywords, Industry categories, Popular Keywords, Parts of speech and Basic English words.

You also have the facility of choosing hyphen in your domain name and you can also determine whether your keyword will come in beginning or end of your domain name. NameStall will show you the list of taken domain names along with the unregistered domain names.

#4. NameMesh

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameMesh is a one of the most popular domains searching tools, main reason behind its success can be considered a fact that this tool is present without any cost. NameMesh also gives you the opportunity of selecting a domain name for new domain extension and here you can also define what should be the character limit in your new domain. Apart from all these functionalities, it provides the wholesome search option for domain names.

#5. DomainsBot

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

DomainsBot is one of the oldest domain searching tool presents, it is active since 2004 and the idea behind working of DomainsBot is that it takes ideas from and by going through its algorithm it shows the available names, expired names, expiring names and also on sale names. The distinctive feature of this tool is that it allow to access whois search and also offer twitter and facebook suggestions.

#6. Domainr

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It searches and tracks over 1700 top level domains and over 1300 generic TLDs, registrable at one of 219 accredited registrars, one of the unique characteristics of Domainr is that it do all the work anonymously without revealing its own identity. It uses two different APIs, one for web service and another for client-side implementations.

Domainr also doesn’t restrict you in conventional domains like. Com or .net or .org, it helps you in exploring different and creative domains and due to these properties, it is amongst top three domain tools for people.

#7. Lean Domain Search

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Specialization of this tool is that it provide you unique and quirky domain names by the use of prefixes and suffixes. Many people love it because it searches for the availability of exact domain name that you enter. You can also favorite any domain and monitor their availability.

#8. NameBoy

8 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

NameBoy is simple to use tool, in NameBoy you just have to enter the words that best describe the domain name you are looking for and rest of the work will be handled by NameBoy, it will show the list of potential names available and which of the displayed names are available for the purchase.

NameBoy is a domain name generator and database allowing you to perform a keyword search with either one or two words, allowing for hyphens and rhyming words.

Choose the desired domain name, You can buy it from different domain registrars on the web like Godaddy, Hostgator, BigRock etc.

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

It is hard!

Yes, choosing a perfect domain is a tough row to hoe if you don’t know the art of doing it.

Recently, I have published one of my article on how to start a blog. And if you get inspired by that article and thinking about starting your own blog. Before starting a new blog you must consider tips mentioned in this article about “how to choose a perfect domain name“.

Sometimes, we come up with great domain names and find it unavailable when trying to buy them. Has it ever happened to you?

Don’t worry! I am going to help you select the best domain for you. The article you are reading is specially crafted for people like you.

So, shall we start?

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

I have divided this article into different segments in order to ease the reading experience. First up, we are going to check out what a domain name is. Later on, we will look into 7 Tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

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What is Domain Name?

Simply, put domain name is the online address of your website. Every domain follows some basic principles of domain name system aka DNS.

Your website has a unique IP address. And, it is possible to visit your site by entering those digits into the address bar of the browser. Nonetheless, it really is a headache to remember unique 10+ digits for every site.

What a domain does is connecting your browser to the IP address and fetching the site content.

I hope you now know what a domain name is. Let me give you an overview of the domain extensions then.

Domain Name Extensions

A typical domain name has four parts, of which two we commonly use.

Let’s take the example of this site. The domain is

Http  The prefix of the domain. Some sites use https.

www It is called the sub-domain. Not every site uses this. You can reach the target without using it.

Loudtechie This is the unique part of the domain name.

Com The domain extension. It can be com, org, net etc. One should have a unique domain+ extension. In my case, it is

Do you know what a domain extension is, right?

Yeah, the last three- four characters after the dot are called a domain name extension. You are free to choose anyone. Still, .com is the popular choice.

Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

We all know a domain name should be unique. So, I am not going to include that in this list of tips.

#1. Make it Short

Shorter is always better.

You heard it, don’t you? People find it easy to remember a short domain name than a longer one. I once stumbled upon a site with domain See, how cool is that?

The site owner has made the domain shorter even in the case of extension as well. I know it isn’t always easy to get a short domain name provided almost all of them are taken. Still, I swear you can find some.

All you have to do is keep on searching for it until you find the best one.

#2. Brainstorm in the Smart Way

Aimless brainstorming doesn’t help in choosing a domain name. Then, how can you do it?

At first, you should keep the niche of your blog in mind. And, try to gather all the words that come to your mind when you think about the niche. You can seek the help of a friend to collect the words or you can go with available online tools for domain name suggestions.

Can you recollect the domain I said in the tip above? It is See, the owner has changed tech to teck and, it is pretty cool. You can adapt this trick to select the best domain.

Clubbing two words is always a good idea. If you want to start a tech blog, what about as a domain? Here I mixed geek and monster together.

#3. Avoid Hyphens, Symbols and Numbers

It is not easy to remember hyphens, symbols and numbers in a domain name. I have seen many blogs with the same, though.

Most probably, a large percent of your direct visitors confuse with the domain name and, they visit another website. I know how you feel when you find a cool domain as unavailable.

Once you figure it out, don’t try to insert symbols, numbers or other symbols in between.

Still, there are some instances you can use numbers in a domain. Take the example of It is easy to recall there’s a number, isn’t it?

#4. Don’t Use Trademark Copyright Infringement

You must not use any company’s trademark brand name in your domain name. I know you may be excited about using WhatsApp or Facebook in your domain.

Cut the thoughts right NOW.

You can register the domain without any issues. Once they know about it, you will have to face legal actions and most probably, they will ask for compensation as well.

So stay safe!

#5. Check Social Media Accounts

If you want to make your blog a brand, you must check the availability of social media accounts on the chosen name.

In my case, LoudTechie is the name for all the social network accounts associated with this blog. And, I was pretty fortunate to avail them.

#6. Include Keyword:

The reason why it is asked you to decide first what business or services you want to offer. Then go for a domain name for your business or services.

When you include your keyword in your domain name, it gives your domain name a priority to get better visibility on search engines ranking. Suppose your business is taxi services, you then may want to register or

#7. Location Based Domain:

Many businesses are meant to be local only. For that kind of business and services, you may want to register a domain name including the name of your city or state. It will be helpful for local customers to remember or find it easily.

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Tools to check Domain Name Availability

I recommend you shouldn’t use any domain registrar’s websites to check the availability. The following are the best tools I found apt for this purpose.

How to Use Whois.Net to Check the Availability?

Just open the website from the link given above. You can see a field there.

Simply, enter the domain name, of which you want to check the availability. There you go! The best thing about it is you can get the owner details of domains (only if they don’t hide it).

How to Use Whois.Net to Check the Availability?

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to choose the perfect domain name for your business.

In case you have any doubt, don’t forget to reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

I appreciate if you share this article with your social media friends and followers.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

Admit it!

Choosing a web hosting provider isn’t easy, especially if you are a newbie blogger. There are hundreds of them with many marketing terms and features.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

For a new blogger, who is thinking to start a blog it’s always a headache in how to pick the best web hosting service for their fresh blog because almost all new bloggers don’t want to pay the big amount of cash for some high end hosting plans. But there are always ample of hosting options for new bloggers when it comes to picking a cheap web hosting services.

Most of the bloggers end up choosing the wrong web hosting provider for the first time provided their knowledge in the subject is less. That’s exactly why I have crafted this post to help you choose the best web hosting service both in terms of performance and price as well.

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Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

The following are the list of best web hosting for newbie bloggers, which you will find cost effective.

#1. iPage

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

If you are looking for a real cheap web hosting service, you should buy the shared plan from iPage. They only charge you as low as $1.99 per month.

The perks of buying their plan are you will get a free domain worth $15, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free site building tools. They also provide you with free ad credits, security suit, cPanel and a 30 days money back guarantee.

In case you won’t like their service, they will give your money back within a month. But this isn’t applicable after the one month period.

Apart from shared hosting, you can purchase VPS, dedicated and WordPress plans from iPage. As far as cheapness is concerned, shared hosting should be your pick.

The customer support team is responsive enough that you can reach both via chat and phone. Both the modes of contact offer a real-time response.

They have a lot of features with each plan, which you can unveil on their website.

#2. FatCow

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

Next up in my list of best cheap web hosting is FatCow. Normally you have to spend $49 per year to buy the shared plan. But they also offer a secret link page to buy web hosting at very cheap rate which will cost you $12.00 for 12 months* (Only $1.00/month)

They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. So, it won’t create any issue even if your site gets an unusual outburst in traffic. Just like the previous one in this article, FatCow also offers a free domain for one year. After the period ends, you will have to spend the renewal fee.

The plan also includes unlimited email accounts along with free website builder and one-click script installer. As Google takes https as one of the ranking factors, getting one for free doesn’t hurt, does it? Yeah, FatCow gives free SSL certificates.

The customer support is available 24×7 that guides you to the right way in case anything goes wrong. You will also get free 1 GB cloud storage to save your important files.

They have all other types of hosting like VPS, dedicated, and WordPress as well.

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#3. GoDaddy

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

GoDaddy needs no introduction in the field of web hosting. They have been serving the customers all over the world since long.

If you check their service range, you will see the price isn’t as expensive as the other competitors. You can buy a shared hosting plan for only $2.49 per month. But you can’t host more than one domain using the same plan.

As they provide free domain for one year (not for every plan, though), you will not find it expensive barring the cheapest cost of hosting. The storage is 30 GB, which is more than enough for a newbie (or even a person with a moderate website).

GoDaddy’s basic shared plan allows up to 10 email addresses. But for backups and restores, you will have to pay something extra.

They have three advanced shared plans up in their sleeves. If you don’t think the starter plan is not for you, then try others.

Yeah, GoDaddy offers complete web solution with every type of hosting and domain services.

#4. Bluehost

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

I am not talking about the global version (.com) of Bluehost but, Maybe you haven’t heard of them. But it’s one of the popular web hosting solutions among bloggers.

They don’t overcharge the customers. The shared plan starts from 239 INR per month, that’s about $3.61.

Unlike the GoDaddy shared hosting plan, you can host unlimited domains here (not in every plan). Though provides a free domain for one year, I haven’t found such information here on the Indian version.

Yeah, you will get both unlimited storage and bandwidth. The number of email accounts is also not limited.

In this hectic world, what everyone needs is speed. The same goes on with your website too. If your website is slow-loading, no one will ever give a damn about it. There are thousands of other websites on the web, with similar data. They will focus their attention on them.

That’s why Bluehost has a global CDN that will reduce the loading time.

#5. SiteGround

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

If you are looking for an authoritative and cheap web hosting service, you can go for SiteGround without any hesitation.

Their WordPress and shared hosting plans have similar pricing. Apparently, it will go higher once you choose advanced solutions like VPS and dedicated servers. The web space is limited, though.

The basic plan priced at $3.95 per month can only be used to create one website. You should go higher for hosting multiple websites.

They also offer a free website migration service along with the standard features. The SSD storage and free CDN ensure the loading time of the site is less. Moreover, their Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate helps you get an edge over others on SERPs.

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Wrapping Up

You have got five best cheap web hosting services now.

Which web host are you using right now? If you are just starting out, which provider do you want to use?

In case I missed to include any of your personal favorites, feel free to scribble down the same in the comment section down below.

And, don’t forget to jot down your doubts there as well if you have any. I will be more than glad to help you out.

I hope you will hit one of the share buttons given here to help your social media friends.

How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service For Your Website

As we discussed in our previous article about how to start a blog with free web hosting.

There are hundreds of free website building and hosting services available. So that one can easily create a free blog for the first time use/experience or self-blogging purposes. When you decided to start a blog or website the real question is to choose a perfect domain name and a best reliable web hosting for your blog.

A large number of companies are trying to sell their hosting services and each one claims to be better than the other. They all offer countless features and worry the consumer. It thus becomes difficult for the consumer to choose something reliable.

Here’s a step by step guide that will help you to choose a perfect web hosting service for your website

Identify your Budget

It is very important that you know your budget so that you can narrow down on your choices. Yes, there will be things other than the budget that trouble you but let first things come first. The budget will also depend on what you are hosting. If you are hosting something really simple, then do not spend a hefty sum of money on hosting. However, if you are selling something or are running a full-fledged blog, then you definitely need a lot of bandwidths.

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Narrow Down your Features

Each and every hosting service provides a different list of features and hence, you ought to decide which ones are the most important to you and choose the service accordingly.

What kind of Hard Drive do you want?

How much RAM, whether you want to use an SSD or an SATA are things that should bother you before you purchase a web hosting service. The answers to these shall rely heavily upon what you are hosting and what is it that you want to do with your website. You will have to have a fair estimation of traffic, load and user utilization. However, largely, how heavy your website is going to be is what will decide your Hard Drive type.

The Email Address Provision

A website server usually provides an email address to its consumers for utilization. Thus, ensure that you are being provided with one that can be used for all commercial purposes.

How convenient and user-friendly is the control panel?

The control panel allows you to control the look, the responsiveness etc. of the website and hence, is one of the most useful features. You ought to ensure that the control panel is user-friendly and easy to handle.

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Thus, these are the most important things that you should look into before choosing a web hosting service. After all, you have to ensure that your website runs and doesn’t keep crashing and a good server is a must for that. Go ahead and get the best server possible!