9 Best Ways To Find And Hire Quality Freelance Writers

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Best Ways To Find And Hire Quality Freelance Writers

Lots of traffic, high CTRs, more ad clicks, and more income…..

That’s the dream, right?

To achieve this, there is a KEY; without which you can’t accomplish anything.

Yeah….Content Creation – You guessed it right!

Do you have a blog or a business website?

If yes! Content is everything you can ask for and should be asking for. Informative rich content helps shape your company’s reputation and online presence.

Never hired a freelance content writer yet? Thinking to get the one but don’t know where to get started?

Keep on reading this article to find the best ways to hire a quality freelance writer….

As my personal experience in this internet world, content is my evergreen requirement. I keep on searching and approaching more talented freelance content writers to be in my content writing team.

Let me ask you one question. Where do you search for your content writing needs?

If your answer is online content writing firms and bidding websites then you will find my list of places conducive to find quality freelance content writers for your business.

There are several online websites which make it easier for businesses to connect with writers and helps us to make an informed decision on whether they’d like to work with us or not.

Trust me I’ve been gone through and tried all these methods and I know you always want the best approach to hiring a freelance content writer.

You may have noticed several times I keep on repeating as “Freelance content writers” and not a content writing firm. Because I never approach any content writing firms for my content writing needs.

I have this personal thought that they never do it as a passion because they are money-minded. But the freelance content writer is the one who does his work as a passion and not as a job requirement.

Every passionate writer can write 1000-10,000 words, but my question is - how can you differentiate them as a professional, skilled, strategist or a copywriter.

The types of a content writer you choose matters when it comes to hiring a freelance content writer. And believe me, every new face has a new skill, creativity and writing techniques.

How can you differentiate a type of a content writer?

Professional Content Writer:

A professional content writer is the one who is bold and confident with his/her tone of writing. He/she knows better how to spread words of curiosity via his/her writing to get all the reader’s attention. He/she is always ready with the content strategies. He/she knows which content format to use for better reader engagement. He is good with content formatting, spelling and grammar usage. He/she always delivers the quality content works that is optimized for search engines and never miss deadlines. And at last, he has the copywriting skills. In short, he/she has a solution to all the writing requirements.


Copywriting is the most in-demand content writing job and the highest-paid writing job in the world. They are what online marketing is all about. They are the strategist in delivering the words with a highly compelling call to action that gets readers to take action instantly. Copywriters are used for writing contents for business promotion and branding. Their writing style is used for product descriptions, TV and radio ads, case studies, brochures, business websites, email marketing campaigns, advertisements, and more.

Technical Content Writer:

The technical content writer turns a complex subject easier to understand via his/her tone of writing. This job is not that easy, it always requires a deep insight and study of the particular subject. They are the best in creating contents for e-Guides, How-to’s, FAQs, Documentations, manuals and instructions for product or equipment.

The list goes on when it comes to discussing the role of the different types of content writers. I’ll be writing the remaining later, but for now, let’s jump back to our primary purpose of this article, i.e. where and how to find content writers to hire for a job.

#1. LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is the best network to search and hire professionals in any job category. These days you may find almost everyone on LinkedIn including brands, companies, experts, entrepreneur, marketers, etc. You just name it and you will get it.

Many employers are now hiring experts for their businesses based on candidate’s LinkedIn profile. In short, LinkedIn profiles serves as an online resume.

So the thing is you can get hired or can hire someone if you are on LinkedIn.

But, how do you search a content writer on LinkedIn?

Approach 1: Sign in on LinkedIn and complete your LinkedIn profile information.

How to Find Freelance Writers using LinkedIn Network

Search and join groups related to your business or interest. For example: if your business is related to traveling, you can join groups related to travel and tourism industry.

How to Find Freelance Writers using LinkedIn Network

Select the group and ask the permission to join. After getting approved by group admin, you can post your job requirement for content writers.

There are more ways you can use LinkedIn to find and hire professional content writers.

Approach 2: The same way you can also use LinkedIn search to find and hire freelance writers.

Go to search bar and enter the keyword “content writer” or anything related to your query. Select the option “people” and you will get a long list of profiles that matched your keyword.

Analyze the profile, get connected with the one who matches your requirement and hire the best one.

How to Find Freelance Writers using LinkedIn Network

You can also use the advanced search option to filter your search results like keywords, connection, location, working experience, current and past companies, language and more.

Or else, you can activate LinkedIn Premium to unlock additional search filters.

LinkedIn search can also help you find related jobs, companies, etc. for your desired search term. I hope you’ll find it easy to use.

2.  Approach Authors using Author Bio

Another easy way to find professional content writers is via their author bio box. The next time you read an inspiring article on any multi-author blog or websites such as Huffingtonpost.com or Entrepreneur.com, you can check out author bio section of that article. By reading the author-bio, you will get to know about the professional experience and writing skills of that particular writer.

Or if you want to search professional freelance writers working with top websites of the industry.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

You will always find pages like contributing writers, our top contributors, etc. You can use this simple way to find the desired freelance content writer’s portfolio.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

Go to Google. Search for “https://www.websitename.com/author/ + freelance writer”.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

In their author bio portfolio, you’ll find their social media profile links where you can contact them for your content writing requirements.

Be sure to contact them one and only if you are willing to pay a high price per word as all these writers will be working for the top websites.

Note: Never blindly trust all the writers you find on top authority websites, just do proper research and background check before hiring anyone.

3. Write for us Page:

This is another method you can use to find a skilled content writer for your website/blog. Be sure to add a “write for us” page for contributors with all the guidelines you like to be followed.

Create a Write for us Page

With contributed content, you can provide a link to the contributor within the content. You can also mention in your guidelines that you’ll only provide author’s social media handles and not a link within your content this will for sure cut out many contribution requests.

But there are chances that you can find a professional freelance blog writer who is writing on high-quality websites just for his job profile exposure.

4. Reverse Image Search with Author’s Profile Photo

Suppose you found an interesting article for which you want to contact its author to hire. But in his author bio, there is only his profile picture and no website link, contact details or social profile links.

How can you find him with his profile image only?

There are many websites who don’t allow their contributors to place any links or social media handles in their author bio.

How to Find content author using Reverse Image Search

But luckily, there is a simple way to track down all those authors having a profile image in their author bio. Yeah, it is Google Images.

I use Google Images for it or can say Google reverse image search for it.

First, you have to download the author profile image on your system.

Next, go to Google Images and drag & drop, the author profile picture into the search bar.

How to Find content author using Reverse Image Search

You will get a list of search results where that the same author is contributed. And many of the websites in search results will have website link and social media handles of that particular author.

How to Find content author using Reverse Image Search

By this way, you can approach your desired content writer for any kind of content related requirements.

5. Go Social about It

Yeah! I’m talking about using your own social media network to hire a freelance content writer.

Asking around within your social media network is always helpful and will have better trust response than other approaches.

Do you know everyone on your social network? Do you know everything about their job, qualification, and expertise?

The answer would be NO. And you would never get an idea until you ask. So, you need to always ask around on your social media networks like Facebook, Facebook groups, and Twitter.

You can share a public post regarding your content related requirements so that your friends who are interested can reach you directly.

Some of my personally experienced Facebook groups are Content writers, content writers and webmastersworld.

6. Job boards & freelance Marketplaces

Now that you have decided to invest in your website content and want to hire a writer. Here are some places where you can find them easily. These places are always high value but most of them are paid versions only.

These sites are designed only for this purpose; you can hire freelancers or can get freelance jobs. This list of sites includes private job boards, freelance marketplaces, and more.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

Here at ProBlogger job board, you’ll find all blogging related jobs. This is one of the most active job boards for any bloggers and other content related jobs. It is one of the most in-demand job board because of its high-quality blogger applicants and job posting by the top brands and companies. The job posting is paid here at ProBlogger job board.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

This is the one everyone is hunting for FREE a job board with freelancers profile directory like developers, marketers, designers, writers, consultants, etc. This means you can post jobs for free and can search for the most talented and deserving freelance writer to hire for your projects. There is no hidden cost for posting a job but you just have to pay for the writers.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

In your applicants profile you can find everything about him/her like availability, location, experience, social profiles, personal website, resume in pdf, about, skills and languages.

What else can you expect for FREE?



Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

This medium has grown tremendously from the past 2 years. It is the most famous Indian content marketplace and you will find thousands of freelance writers and copywriters here. They are also offering multilingual content writing services.

I've personally used it for hiring freelance content writers for some of my articles. I really liked this platform and definitely recommend other bloggers to try out ContentMart once.

ContentMart also offers you 10% discount on your wallet recharge of $100 and above.

100% refund commitment if you are not satisfied with the content requirements. Your money will be safe with ContentMart until you approve the content quality.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

This is one of the most famous freelance marketplaces all around the world. It is paid for both freelancers and person posting jobs. With over billion dollars of business every year, you’ll find more than 12 million freelancers here on Upwork. On Upwork, you can find or post all kind of internet-based jobs no matter what it was.

Contena is another job board where you’ll find 1000’s of freelance writers. It is one of the powerful tools specially designed for freelance writers. But, it’s not yet available in many countries.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

Here at bloggingPro job board, you will find thousands of freelance writers and bloggers waiting for their next assignment. It is very much like ProBlogger job board, here you need to place an ad and bloggers or writers will response back instantly.


Jooble is a globally recognized job portal where you can find all kinds of job posts around the world. You can also place your job requirement for the writer and you will get tons of offers from freelance writers. You can even categorized your jobs based on location, remote job, full-time, part-time and temporary job. The job filtration works amazing at this platform. Try it out and you may end up finding your best writer for all your writing needs.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

It is yet another largest outsourcing marketplace with millions of freelancers. Here at Freelancer, the fees are bit higher as compared to other marketplaces. But here you’ll find a huge variety of skilled and talented writers to satisfy all your content related needs.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

It is a marketplace which is all about writing-related jobs and requirements. It is quite similar to ContentMart; here you will get high-quality content without any tricks as their software will go through all delivered content before it reaches you. So you don’t have to worry about duplicate content and any missing content requirements as described in your order. You only have to pay for the content you approve. The best part about this site is that all writers here on this site are US based writers.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

It is not any marketplace or job board but also it is still pretty much effective for your freelance writer searching. It provides local classified and forums for jobs and much more. It is one of the most widely used websites by freelancers in which they can search for job and projects. So posting a job here on craigslist can get your ads seen by many professional writers.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

The name says it all “people-per-hour” find people based on hourly job prices. In this website, you can use 4 different ways to hire a writer. There is a new “Hourly” option where you can find a long list of fixed price of writers who are ready to start anytime and also without the need of further conversation required. Second, you can also post a job so that interested ones can find you. Third, you can search profiles and contact freelancers directly for your jobs. Fourth, you can also post a contest for freelancers and let them present their best for you.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

It is another amazing marketplace for only writers. Get teamed up with experienced freelance writers. Scripted gives you the power to collaborate with real people, and get your content done by professional freelance writers. Pay only once you were satisfied with the content quality. It is highly recommended for your marketing needs.

Job boards & freelance Marketplaces to Find a Freelance writer to Hire

It is a job board for freelance writing work only. You can post a job here with job title, category and pay range. And can provide a direct way to contact you or can share a link where interested writers can apply. This could also be helpful for your freelance writer searching.

7. Twitter Advanced Search Tricks

Do you know, you can use Twitter advanced search to find freelance writers from all around the world or in any specific area? It is quite a simple way to find anyone on Twitter but not much people know about it.

Mostly every expert or professional in any IT industry are using this Twitter medium nowadays. So it would be a better way to find the right one for your content requirements.

Let’s find out how to use Twitter advanced search option to find a freelance writer for you.

#1. Go to Twitter advanced search option. And fill out the fields you want to search for. In my case, I’m searching for “freelance writer” with location disabled.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

#2. You’ll get the top search results with those keywords. Now select “people” from the top menu bar.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

#3. Now you can see that in the never-ending list of users who have mentioned “freelance writer” in their profile description.

Now all you need to do is follow them and talk to them using Twitter PM. Here learn more about Twitter advanced search.

There is this one more interesting tool you can use to get more out of Twitter. With Followerwonk by Moz, you can find and connect with new influencers and writers in your niche. It will dig deep into your Twitter analytics to find, analyze and optimize your social growth. 

8. Freelance Writers Directory

Here I found this amazing web directory with hundreds of freelance writers listed and ready to work. You can search for writers by name or by specialty.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

You can also browse through their profiles with all the information such as location, avg price for an article, personal website, profile description, experience, education, qualifications and contact details.

9. Reddit

If you are looking for freelance writers don’t forget to include Reddit in your search list. It could be one of your best options when you are looking for a writer, especially the one who is professionally talented.

Reddit is a social community where you need to follow certain rules and regulation otherwise; your account will get banned by subreddit moderators.

How to Approach Authors using Author Bio

You can simply post a message marked as “Hiring” that you need a freelance writer for a job with other related details and interested members will approach you via comments. Or else you can also go through pre-published “Hire Me” posts by writers for the job requirement.

Here are few active subreddits where you can hire a freelance writer:

Go and get subscribed to the best subreddits for you.

Wrapping Up

So here I’m done sharing my different ways to find a freelance writer. Now it's your turn to take action and start your search with methods mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified and reasonably charged freelance writer for your website, then you need to choose a platform that is 100% solely dedicated to freelance writing.

So, what are you waiting for? Try some of the methods I’ve shared in this post and share your thoughts in the comments.

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