Translate Text Within Apps Like WhatsApp and Other Android Apps

The World is full of different languages. In your busy working life, there were many occasions when you have to deal with foreign clients or business partners. When a different land’s language is mixed up in your conversations, then language translation is required. And this switching back and forth from one app to another app in the middle of an important conversation is always time-consuming. But from now on you will be having a hassle free conversations. As with new Google Translate App feature, you will be able to translate text within your chat window while having a conversation. You will only need to select and translate.

This feature will be available in the starting week of this October, as announced by Google team in google translate blog. It will amaze you with 90 different languages translations. This translation feature will be available in your many daily use apps such as TripAdvisor, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

Translating text within WhatsApp

Translating a TripAdvisor review from Portuguese to English

How to translate text within Apps:

Now you don’t need to switch apps while translating the text. No copy and paste needed;

  • Your device must be updated with latest Android version Marshmallow.
  • You need to install Google Translate App in your device.
  • Make text selection and then by long pressing selected text you will get translate options just above your text.
  • Make language selection out of 90 available languages and done.

In starting this translation feature will only be available in devices having latest Android Update that will be Android 6.0, Marshmallow. Google translating team is working great on its translation product as this text translation within apps is the second most effective and amazing update after the recent update when Google’s translate app receives instant camera translation for real-time conversations and guidance. If your device is compatible and features to have latest Android Marshmallow then soon you will be using this feature in your daily life tasks.

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