How To Transfer Data From Android To iOS Device

How To Transfer Data From Android To IOS Device

Gone are the days when changing smartphone meant losing the entire data. It is either synchronized with your email address or transfer is so easy, it is a breeze. If you are still transferring data manually, then you surely don’t know what your smartphone can do. As with iPhone, the cloud syncing facility ensures that you almost never lose your data. However, if you are switching from Android to iOS, it doesn’t mean that you shall have to lose all your data. There are still ways through which you can save your data.

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Before you begin, ensure that you are logged into your Android through a Google account.

Method 1

If your contacts are linked to your email account, then all you have to do is, synchronize your contacts with Google.

Once you are done synchronizing, add your Google Account to your iPhone and you are good to go.


Method 2

If you aren’t satisfied with the synchronization and wish to be doubly sure, then after you have added your Google account, go to your contacts and select ‘Add CardDav Account.’ 

With this method you can also edit, add, and remove contacts from your device. Fill in the details, select as your server.

Ensure that you enter your Gmail address under the Username tab. Goes without saying that you will be entering your Gmail password. Once this is done, choose next from the top right-hand corner of the iPhone screen to start synchronizing.

Step-by-Step for Method 2:
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Click Add Account.
  • Select Google.
  • Fill in all the account details required such asname, username, password, description.
  • Click Next.
  • And “Save“. Done!!

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Method 3

If the SIM card you are going to use on Apple is similar to the SIM card you used on Android, then you are in for a lot of luck.

Ensure that all your contacts are on your SIM card and once you have inserted the SIM in your iPhone, select Import SIM contacts only.


Method 4 – 

Copy My Data

This should be your last resort. You can use apps such as Copy My Data or Transfer my Data to get the needful done.

iOS Android

Lastly, you will also want all the music and apps from your Android on your iPhone. It is difficult to get the two.

However what you can do is, add your Android music folder to the iTunes library. After you have done that, sync the folder with your iTunes library and you are good to go.

Apps being the most difficult part as you will have to manually download everything from the App store. However, once you login using your email, you should be back to your old settings.

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Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone

Top hardest thing when you switch from android to iPhone. If you had bought an app on google play store you will have to buy it on iTunes too. This is the bad side of the story. The good thing of this story is you can find your customized setting on every app after login.

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