Top Tinder Alternatives : 7 Best Apps Like Tinder

7 Best Apps Like Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app at the moment. While Tinder is an excellent app, it does have a few disadvantages. It isn’t a bad idea to continue using Tinder; however, it is always great to have alternatives.

Here are few most popular Dating Apps :–

1. Bumble


Bumble is strikingly similar to Tinder except that it has a separate colour scheme and that it only allows the woman to initiate a chat and not the man.

iOS Android


2. Down


Again, this app is also strikingly similar to Tinder except that it lets you stay anonymous.

iOS Android

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3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app was kicked off by 3 sisters and has a large number of women on it. This app sends you a match every single day based on your profile and interests.

iOS Android


4. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

This one, often nicknamed as POF is one of the most popular dating site for those who are serious about finding a match. It is advisable that you get a premium membership on this one.

iOS Android


5. Hinge


This is also alike Tinder except that it doesn’t randomly match your profile. The accuracy of matches on Hinge is much higher than that on Tinder. It also allows you to chat with a person continuously.

iOS Android

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6. OK Cupid

OK Cupid

Often nicknamed as OKC, the website has more than enough unique visitors and its features are similar to that of Tinder except for the fact that it allows you to chat with people who haven’t liked your profile.

iOS Android


7. Happn


This one comes from the land of romance – France. It is an interesting concept. If two people are using happn and are often crossing paths, then happn will let you know of the same. It is available across all platforms.

iOS Android
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