Top 8 Classroom Management Apps Designed for Tech Savvy Teachers

Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the recent past and gone are the days when teachers used age old techniques to impart knowledge to the students. Developers have come out with some interesting management apps for tech savvy teachers. These apps not only help the teachers to lower the workload burden but also deliver a strong impact of their knowledge on students.


Here are the Top 8 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers:

1) Class DOJO:Class DOJO App

Class DOJO is one of the most helpful apps for tech savvy teachers. It helps the tutors to collect and generate data purely based on the behavior of their students. The info is then shared in real time with the administration and parents in order to aware them about the progress of the student. The teachers are given categories of positive and negative behaviors in the app. A new behavior option can also be defined by the teacher. Class DOJO is certainly one of the best classroom management apps for tech savvy teachers.

Download:  Android iOS


2) Google Classroom:Google Classroom App

With the help of Google Classroom, it becomes easier for the teachers to add participants and manage the setup of the same. Google Classroom allows your students to receive their assignments irrespective of where they are located. All they need to have is their phone and the assignments are delivered to them. Paperless assignments can be created by teachers using Google Classroom. It is quite a handy app for the tech savvy teachers.

Download: Android iOS


3) Socrative:Socrative Teacher App

Socrative is also known as the instant response system for students. It helps the teacher design a quiz and release it to the student. Students can thus employ their phones in order to give answers. The answers are shown to the teacher in real time and it allows them to understand whether the students are grasping the concept tested or not. Socrative can be downloaded on platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Download: Android iOS Windows


4) Plickers:Plickers App

Plickers is a great option when you are teaching a class of students who do not possess their own mobile phones. The teachers are allowed to undertake formative assessments with the help of coded cards using Plickers. In such cases, the only device that is needed for the purpose is the smartphones or tablets of the teachers. Teachers can generate multiple choice questions before the start of the class. The app also showcases the performance of each student for the teacher to understand their grasping prowess over the topic.

Download: Android iOS


5) Engrade:Engrade App

Engrade has been powered by McGrawHill Education and it is one of the best apps for tech savvy teachers. It helps the teachers to not only plan and teach but also conduct assessments for the class. One of the best features of the Engrade app is the gradation of students based on their score. The gradebook is efficiently maintained in Engrade. It can be downloaded either on iOS or an Android platform. Beside this it has a free Engrade web version available.

Download: Android iOS


6) Moodle:Moodle App

Moodle is majorly used for producing the Internet based online courses that can be viewed by teachers or students anywhere. There are several modes of learning studded with this app namely Instructor-led mode, self-paced mode and a mixture of both. Moodle collects assignments and learning material from the other websites too. Grading option is also provided in Moodle which makes it easy for the teacher to grade students according to their performance in the class.

Download: Android iOS


7) LearnBoost:LearnBoost App

LearnBoost is a very impactful tool with the help of which you can manage a classroom without any hassles. In LearnBoost, the teachers are given a license to create their own multimedia lesson plans. The attendance of students can also be viewed by teachers in either a traditional list view or the visual seating chart view. For now it do not have app available on play store, but it can be added to your Google Apps service.


8) Stick Pick:Stick Pick App

Stick Pick is a high end app that takes teaching to the next level. It allows teachers to create a class within the app and add students names in it. Each of the students in the list is categorized according to their proficiency level. Stick Pick is definitely one of the best classroom management apps for tech savvy teachers. This app is available everywhere but paid, for Android ($2.99), iOS ($3.99) and Amazon ($2.99).

Download: Android iOS

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