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How To Create Custom Email Address For Your Domain Using Gmail

Earlier it was really difficult for people who own a company, organization or personal domain name to manage email in a neat way as the email provided by web host is not really up to the mark. So the easy way for them was to use Gmail (as it is neat and easy to manage) but they had to use [email protected], which doesn’t look professional and in addition, it also looks like they are promoting Gmail instead of their own domain.

But now Google has come up with G Suite, which is easy to use and allow you to use your custom email address with your domain name to access Gmail and doesn’t charge much for it.

How To Create Custom Email Address For Your Domain Using Gmail

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So, Why G Suite?

  1. Because it allows you to use a custom email address with your domain name.
  2. It is more organized and easy to use than the email which is provided by the web host.
  3. If you are thinking of forwarding all the emails from custom domain to your Gmail then remember it is better to have one email for all the works, it saves time and is more organized then to use multiple emails for single use.


Here’s how you can create a custom email address using Gmail for your domain:

  1. You should own a domain name, be it a personal domain name or domain name for an organization from the domain registrar sites like GoDaddy, NameCheap, CanSpace etc.
  2. Then visit the official page of G Suite Free Trial.
  3. Click on the “start free trial” to use G Suite for free for 14 days without even filling any card information. Now fill up all the basic information that they ask about you and like name, password, email etc.
  4. You can also choose between two options that are Express and Custom to fill up the basic information. Express is a short way and require minimal information and if you are a beginner then it is best for you. In Custom you have to fill all the information for better security and it is recommended only when you are not a beginner.
  5. After that G Suite will ask you to verify your domain name because it is the necessary to confirm, that particular domain name belongs to you or not. Some people try to access a domain name that doesn’t belong to them so this step helps Google to keep them out.
  6. You can easily verify your domain name by inserting an HTML tag in your header file. All you need to do is copy the given code and go to Appearance » Editor » header.php and paste that code anywhere before </head> tag. You can also use WP plugin ‘Insert Headers and Footers‘ for this task.
  7. Then click on verify to clear the last step of setting up.
  8. Now as you are done with all the steps go to the G Suite page and log in. Now your page has got set up, from here you can go to “Users” to add new users with custom email addresses as if it is a Gmail for any organization more than one user will access it and that too at a minimal charge.
  9. Log out when your work is done and that’s it you don’t have to do anything more than this.


If you are still in any doubts about using Gmail custom email address for your own domain. You can ask your question below at comment section.

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Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2X Faster (Like A Pro)

Speed is an integral part of an online business’s development. There is no place for any delay and procrastination. Especially, when you deal with creating a writing content. If you let yourself reduce the tempo of your online activity, your competitors will devour you. In other words, keep on working round-the-clock, buddy!

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2X Faster (Like A Pro)

However, you shouldn’t take these words literally. First of all, it is impossible to work day after day and night after night – your nervous system will crash. Secondly, an endless work (with no rest) won’t bring you positive results due to your inability to produce new ideas, noticing your own mistakes and, what is most important, to get off the dime with your next article.

But you still want to be ahead of your competitors!

Then how is it possible to write high-quality content as fast as hell?

No worries, my friend, there are a few simple but yet effective tips that I am going to present in this article for you.

Let’s begin.

SIDENOTE: if you are interested in how to rank in Google and bring new visitors to your web resource, thus you should check out this useful guide on blogger outreach.

#1. Start with Your Writing Environment

Likely, both of us are not Robinson Crusoe who was spending his time on the island where was no comfort for doing any kind of work. When we talk about writing a piece of content, it goes without saying that every writer needs comfort. Nevertheless, every individual has its own preferences in everything…in comfort as well.

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2x Faster (Like A Pro)

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Here I am going to share my own preferences and you, perhaps, will agree with me in some point of concerns.

Apparel: There is a strong belief that the way you dress before your work, it will affect your productivity. Well, I must admit I have never ever paid attention to this circumstance. It doesn’t matter for me what clothes I get dressed every morning before I start writing a post. Sure, it is important that you shouldn’t feel yourself uncomfortable being dressed in some tight jeans or in a snow-white T-shirt you might be afraid to blot. But your apparel has nothing in common with your brain activity. Remember this proverb “a bad workman blames his tools”? Yeah, I think you got the idea:)

Music or Silence: Choosing from these two perspectives I would rather say “mood”. I believe you will agree with me that the mood you have decides whether it is gonna be better for you to work listening to the music or stay in a complete silence. When I write an article I use both ways – silence is my alley at the beginning of the article and music starting from the middle of my post. Otherwise, you will have to choose one of these options.

Room Conditions: Sure, it is unacceptable to work in a place where rats with roaches are running around…I am just joking:) Yet, don’t forget to regulate a room’s light and the temperature. When you write an article, the only limbs that make some movements are your fingers and head (sometimes). Thus, it is important for your body to feel warm in the room. Your eyes must never suffer from the pale glow around. Try to write your post In a well-lit accommodation.

Comfortable Chair: Please, don’t wonder because a chair you’re using during your work plays a crucial role in your health! Every profession has its own industrial diseases. Thus, content creators have specific diseases as well. I have mentioned above the proper lighting in the room because it has a direct impact on your sense of vision (if you still work in the dim room). The same I can say about using a comfortable chair. If you sit in an armchair that hurts your spine, thus you might end up with a bad back! Please, use only those chairs you feel yourself convenient sitting in it.

#2. Manage Your Time

I guess time is the biggest problem that writers have. I meant to say, writers don’t have enough time to finish a particular article as the rule. Nevertheless, if you follow the next pieces of advice, you will see that time will give a pass.

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2x Faster (Like A Pro)

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Find a place where you can hide: And I’m not kidding! Remember that any movement is able to distract your attention and you can simply lose your train of thoughts. Thus, choose the room you like, close the door and lock yourself in it. No relatives, no friends, no pets. Just you and your article!

Distractions…avoid them: Forget about your cell phone, social media, PC games, whatever. Any external irritant shouldn’t catch your eye!

Focus on content: Follow the idea that you are pushed for time and you must finish the article by the end of the day!

#3. Early Birds and Night Owls

You might think “how does it connect with writing?”. Very simple – I don’t like wake up early in the morning + my working activity leaves much to be desired during the first part of the day. My brain starts to work insanely in the evening. It is caused by the small nuance – I am a “night person”.

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2x Faster (Like A Pro)

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I am sure there are lots of people who do their job well only at night. Of course, there is an opposite side called “early risers” – people who love to work in the morning. If you are still uncertain about yourself, I recommend you to write articles in the morning and, consequently, in the evening. You will see what daypart is yours.

#4. Trigger Zone

I am sure everyone has ever visited some temple or church. Do you remember the emotions you feel when you reside in some sacred place? Yes, you feel tranquility and nothing can disturb you. The same must happen with you when you enter your trigger zone.

But before you enter your trigger zone, you will have to prepare the basis first.

The basis I’m talking about is the idea you’re going to dedicate your future article. Yes, sometimes ideas come to mind from nowhere and it is a great advantage for a writer. However, writers are used to jotting the small ideas down during the days. Afterward, when you have a list of ideas, you start to exclude the worst ones or combine all of them into one awesome idea.

Now, when you came up with the idea it is time to listen to your subconscious mind. It is able to help you a lot.

First thing first, a subconscious mind helps you organize your thoughts, thus you will never “make leeway” in writing an article. Secondly, it will help you to motivate yourself to actually, write a piece of content.

Once your mental preparation has been done, it is time to enter a trigger zone.

#5. A Few More Mental Preparation Tricks

When do we start to work faster and efficiently? Yes, when our deadline comes to end…

If you don’t have a deadline then you will have to create it for yourself. Imagine that you have to write a post for The Wall Street Journal. I am sure pretending you have such a huge responsibility, your writing speed will increase!

Another one method that will force you to write faster is to convince yourself that you have to write “X” number of posts for the short period of time. You can choose the amount of “imaginary” articles (for instance, 5 article per week) and try to write all of them in time. It will help you become more responsible and capable to gain your ends.

Lastly, don’t worry about anything else except writing!

#6. Some ‘Technical’ Aspects You Need to Get Prepared To

Despite the fact you already have a topic for the future article, you have already found a place where to write and you have entered a trigger zone, yet you still need to make a decision about the type of content to write.

Tips And Tricks That Will Make You Write Articles 2x Faster (Like A Pro)

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There are a few general types of content:

# Lists Articles: Basically, here you have to introduce a list of tools, products or services according to a particular niche. Your primary goal is to write a few lines about a specific tool, introduce its pros/cons and end up with a short conclusion. This type of article is always in-demand because lots of people prefer to get a “crude” list of services instead of reading a lengthy piece of content

# “How-to” Articles: Here you can cover up any idea you want. Why? Because this type of content takes aim to reveal your own experience you want to share with the audience. Also, it would be great if you could add some images, infographics, schemes along the text. It covers tutorial articles too and you may know how demanding tutorials are.

# Review Articles: This type of content resonates well with the audience because it gives answers to the questions people are concerned about. You introduce a review of some service or tool with all small details about it. In contrast to “lists” articles, “how-to” ones incline to review some concrete service (or a few of them) but not a solid set of tools.

# Case Study ArticlesIf you want to introduce your service, thus a case study is the best option for that. Your purpose must be not to promote the service but to explain the benefits it has (and don’t forget to show obstacles the users might face during taking advantage of it). This kind of articles generally takes more time than above mentioned. But sharing a case study is always the best thing any writer can do.

By the way, Gini Dietrich has introduced some other interesting types of content in her article. You can read it here.

Finally, when you decided for yourself what type of content you are going to create, there is one nuance left.

Grab your laptop and start writing!:)

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To sum up, I must say that to write articles fast is a real thing. Yeah, I remember the time when one article took a week to get it done. Nevertheless, only practice and following “writing skills” pieces of advice will bring you on top of this art.

Don’t hesitate of using these tips! I am sure they will help you a lot:)

….yeah, maybe you have something to add? If you have, I would love to see your tips in comments:)

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

It is hard!

Yes, choosing a perfect domain is a tough row to hoe if you don’t know the art of doing it.

Recently, I have published one of my article on how to start a blog. And if you get inspired by that article and thinking about starting your own blog. Before starting a new blog you must consider tips mentioned in this article about “how to choose a perfect domain name“.

Sometimes, we come up with great domain names and find it unavailable when trying to buy them. Has it ever happened to you?

Don’t worry! I am going to help you select the best domain for you. The article you are reading is specially crafted for people like you.

So, shall we start?

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

I have divided this article into different segments in order to ease the reading experience. First up, we are going to check out what a domain name is. Later on, we will look into 7 Tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

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What is Domain Name?

Simply, put domain name is the online address of your website. Every domain follows some basic principles of domain name system aka DNS.

Your website has a unique IP address. And, it is possible to visit your site by entering those digits into the address bar of the browser. Nonetheless, it really is a headache to remember unique 10+ digits for every site.

What a domain does is connecting your browser to the IP address and fetching the site content.

I hope you now know what a domain name is. Let me give you an overview of the domain extensions then.

Domain Name Extensions

A typical domain name has four parts, of which two we commonly use.

Let’s take the example of this site. The domain is

Http  The prefix of the domain. Some sites use https.

www It is called the sub-domain. Not every site uses this. You can reach the target without using it.

Loudtechie This is the unique part of the domain name.

Com The domain extension. It can be com, org, net etc. One should have a unique domain+ extension. In my case, it is

Do you know what a domain extension is, right?

Yeah, the last three- four characters after the dot are called a domain name extension. You are free to choose anyone. Still, .com is the popular choice.

Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

We all know a domain name should be unique. So, I am not going to include that in this list of tips.

#1. Make it Short

Shorter is always better.

You heard it, don’t you? People find it easy to remember a short domain name than a longer one. I once stumbled upon a site with domain See, how cool is that?

The site owner has made the domain shorter even in the case of extension as well. I know it isn’t always easy to get a short domain name provided almost all of them are taken. Still, I swear you can find some.

All you have to do is keep on searching for it until you find the best one.

#2. Brainstorm in the Smart Way

Aimless brainstorming doesn’t help in choosing a domain name. Then, how can you do it?

At first, you should keep the niche of your blog in mind. And, try to gather all the words that come to your mind when you think about the niche. You can seek the help of a friend to collect the words or you can go with available online tools for domain name suggestions.

Can you recollect the domain I said in the tip above? It is See, the owner has changed tech to teck and, it is pretty cool. You can adapt this trick to select the best domain.

Clubbing two words is always a good idea. If you want to start a tech blog, what about as a domain? Here I mixed geek and monster together.

#3. Avoid Hyphens, Symbols and Numbers

It is not easy to remember hyphens, symbols and numbers in a domain name. I have seen many blogs with the same, though.

Most probably, a large percent of your direct visitors confuse with the domain name and, they visit another website. I know how you feel when you find a cool domain as unavailable.

Once you figure it out, don’t try to insert symbols, numbers or other symbols in between.

Still, there are some instances you can use numbers in a domain. Take the example of It is easy to recall there’s a number, isn’t it?

#4. Don’t Use Trademark Copyright Infringement

You must not use any company’s trademark brand name in your domain name. I know you may be excited about using WhatsApp or Facebook in your domain.

Cut the thoughts right NOW.

You can register the domain without any issues. Once they know about it, you will have to face legal actions and most probably, they will ask for compensation as well.

So stay safe!

#5. Check Social Media Accounts

If you want to make your blog a brand, you must check the availability of social media accounts on the chosen name.

In my case, LoudTechie is the name for all the social network accounts associated with this blog. And, I was pretty fortunate to avail them.

#6. Include Keyword:

The reason why it is asked you to decide first what business or services you want to offer. Then go for a domain name for your business or services.

When you include your keyword in your domain name, it gives your domain name a priority to get better visibility on search engines ranking. Suppose your business is taxi services, you then may want to register or

#7. Location Based Domain:

Many businesses are meant to be local only. For that kind of business and services, you may want to register a domain name including the name of your city or state. It will be helpful for local customers to remember or find it easily.

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Tools to check Domain Name Availability

I recommend you shouldn’t use any domain registrar’s websites to check the availability. The following are the best tools I found apt for this purpose.

How to Use Whois.Net to Check the Availability?

Just open the website from the link given above. You can see a field there.

Simply, enter the domain name, of which you want to check the availability. There you go! The best thing about it is you can get the owner details of domains (only if they don’t hide it).

How to Use Whois.Net to Check the Availability?

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to choose the perfect domain name for your business.

In case you have any doubt, don’t forget to reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

I appreciate if you share this article with your social media friends and followers.

How To Find Song’s Name Used In A YouTube Video

Have you ever wondered about the song name used in a YouTube video?

If you are a person who uses YouTube, I know I am not talking to a wrong person. Finding a song name in a YouTube video can be hectic given that the music is instrumental.

That’s why you are here reading the article on how to find song’s name used in a YouTube video. Truth be told, it’s not as hard as it seems. And, I am going to walk you through different methods through which you can find the song.

How To Find Song's Name Used In A YouTube Video

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Are you ready to explore? Here you go!

How to Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

I have collected different methods and presented all of them here under different subheadings.

Method 1: Check the Video Carefully

Observing the video carefully can fetch you what you want. Most of the times, uploaders mention the audio used in the video on the description section itself.

Check the Video Carefully

All you need to do is open the video, explore the description and read the text. That’s it. Chances are you can solve the song in video chaos here itself.

Method 2: Listen to the Audio

Another method that doesn’t confuse you is to bring some job to your ears. Yeah, listen to the audio if you can understand the lyrics. Then, memorize or scribble down the first one or two lines.

Finally, open a browser tab and, google search for the same line. Boom! You will get the song before you right away.

Method 3: Look Down to the Video


Do you know what is available down the video?


How to Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

YouTube has a helpful commenting system that can be a lifesaver in many situations. What I mean here is you can check out the comment section of the video, you want to find the song of. You can just press “Ctrl+F” key and search “song name”.

Chances are you can find a bunch of comments that mention the name of the song.

Method 4: Use Shazam

Have you heard of Shazam?

Shazam is a music identification lyrics discovering app service you can use for free. The 100 million downloads and 4.4 rating on the Play Store speak for the app itself.

We all have a smartphone today. Finding a person without a smartphone has become a tough task now. So, I hope anyone can use this app to identify the music.

First, you have to go to Play Store on your Android device. Enter Shazam into the search bar you see on top of the screen.

The topmost one you get, Shazam- Discover music is what we want. You can either tap on the install button right away or do it later from the app page after reading more about it.

Being a lightweight app, Shazam won’t take much time for the installation. Once it gets installed, open the app. Now, play the video, bring your phone near to the speaker of your computer and tap on the blue Shazam logo. That’s it. There you will have the details.

Method 5: Use

The previous one I shared was using your Android smartphone. Here is a way to find the song used in a YouTube video directly from your computer using online tool.

Open your browser and enter into the address bar. You will get a new website now. In case you are lazy to type the text, click here.

You need to register for an account there, which will not take more than a couple of minutes. They won’t allow you to track the song unless you become a registered user.

When you finish with the registration, copy the video URL and paste into the given field. You will get the name of the song used in that particular video.

If you want to download the song, use Google to search for an appropriate phrase.

Method 6: Use MusicID

Are you an iOS user? Then I know you didn’t pay heed to my fourth method, did you?

That’s why I have researched a lot to find a service similar to Shazam for iPhone. Guess what? I have got one “MusicID“.

You can download their app from iTunes app store. But you have to pay about $3 to get your hands on the app. Though they have an Android app, Shazam is much better according to me.

After the app installation, you can play the video near your iPhone to identify it.

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In all the cases, you will find a solution using any of the six methods given above. Still, I have two bonus methods for you that include no installations.

Method 7: Unleash the Power of Social Media

I hope you have a Twitter account. Did you notice the search button on top of the Twitter web page, didn’t you?

Just copy the YouTube video ID (not the YouTube video URL) from your browser’s address bar and, paste the same into the Twitter Search field. You will get at least a few tweets mentioning the video. Sometimes, these tweets contain the name of the song used in the video.

How to Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

As you can see the video ID in above screenshot, that last random alphabets and numeric is call video ID on YouTube. The main reason behind picking only the YouTube video ID and not the whole YouTube video URL is that same video can have many different links as you may know YouTube has many publishers for the same video. But the video ID is always the same except in few shortURL services.

Method 8: Ask Your Friend

Sometimes, seeking help does the magic.

You have friends, right? Who doesn’t!

Just send the link to him/her over any social media channel and, ask for a help to identify the song used in the video.

Even if the person whom you asked doesn’t know the answer, he/she will seek help from their friends. Finally, you will get the correct song even if it takes a while.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got eight different methods to find the song used in a YouTube video.

If you have any unique way to do the same, you are free to use the comment section to share the same with us.

Don’t forget to help us spread the words by tapping on any of the social media buttons here.

Also, jot down your experiences with the methods I have mentioned here, in the comment field. I will be more than glad to read it.

Tips to Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

If you have monetized your blog, then you are definitely using Google AdSense. However, as easy as it is to monetize your blog, it is difficult to maintain the monetization in such manner that it never gets banned.

Yes, there are AdSense alternatives but AdSense is definitely the best bet out there. AdSense is so far the best paying network for all sorts of bloggers. Though it is hard, there are ways to safeguard your AdSense account.

If your AdSense account is already banned do not lose hope. You can still make money without AdSense.

Here are a few of tips to prevent Google Adsense Account from getting banned:–

Tips to Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

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Do Not Buy Traffic

Equality goes a long way in any case and it applies to Google AdSense as well. Thus, if you are buying traffic, you are violating its norms and hence, it might lead to a ban. Also, take a look into how Google expects your landing page to be. For all you know, your landing page might be violating the norms.

Uniqueness is the New Antiquity

Ensure few things before reapplying for Google AdSense, like the name and address you are using is something that hasn’t been used before. If you ever created an account with AdSense and it gets banned for any reason, you should not use that account’s details like Name & Address with your next AdSense account. Otherwise, there are good chances that your submission shall be rejected. Check FAQs and Support forums properly for more details regarding this.

It isn’t difficult to resubmit. Google shall highlight everything that is wrong with your account and all you have to do is correct it and resubmit it.

Linking to illegal or Infringed Websites

This is a major concern of a lot of bloggers. Do not backlink with torrents, porn sites that sell sex toys, etc. as it will very much lead to a ban.

Also, do not support extreme violence, racism, hacking and gambling. In short, don’t do anything that will showcase support for unethical or illegal things. Do not put such content on your blog or interlink with it.

Invalid Clicks to Getting Traffic

The most common reason for a disabled account is that publishers trying to be smart and ask their friends to shot some clicks on their ads from different systems to get different IPs. But this trick always tracked by AdSense team and lead to a permanent ban of your Adsense account.

Bloggers or publishers also should not ask their readers for clicks on ads as this could also ban your account.

No Competitive Advertising

AdSense doesn’t allow other competitive ads networks to be displayed along with it. So if you try to use other competitive contextual advertisements on the same blog you are using Adsense with, you will get instantly ban.

Single Page Ads Limit

There should always be a limit to ads unit placing on a single page. Many users try to put maximum numbers of ads in a single page to get most of the impressions out of their traffic. But as per Google Adsense rules, the proper ad placement limit is;

  • Up to three AdSense for content units
  • Up to three link units
  • Up to two search boxes

Note: Large ad units should not be more than one in a single page. Ad size 300×600 is considered large ad unit. Find more about “ad limit per page“.

Sharing Ads on Emails and Chats

Publishers should not try to share/send Adsense ads via emails or chats. As a list of banned victims using this trick is damn big.

Don’t Infringe on Copyrights

AdSense will ban you if you are running copyrighted content on your website. It will also ban you if you are providing download links to movies and song. You cannot then utilize AdSense to monetize your blog. Adsense is against the distribution of copyright content or stuff.

(Note: Having copied content in your website will also get you banned.)

Actually, Read the Terms and Conditions

Even though this is very obvious, most of us ignore it and move on. However, reading the terms and conditions will take you a long way and will make you much clearer on what you have to do and what you don’t have to do.

Playing with the Codes

You cannot change your AdSense code even if you know how to. Do not do anything to the ad’s image and content and you shall be good to go. If not, you are inviting the ban at your doorstep.

Money Making Scams – Don’t get into them

A lot of websites will lure you into a quick money making schemes through AdSense. Fall for it only if you want to face a complete AdSense ban forever and more.

Using Unsupported Languages with Adsense

As we all know Google AdSesne is one of the biggest contextual advertisement programs. And this contextual ad system is very concerned about content languages used on your blog if you are using AdSesne ads. Google AdSesne supports a large number of languages, but if you are going to use your approved Adsense account on a site whose language is not supported by Adsense TOC. Then it is going to be ban soon.

List of Languages supported by Adsense.

Google AdSense not working well for you check out these articles:

If you find this article helpful kindly share it with your friends and others on your social profiles. I would love to hear your experience and comments about this article.

YouTube Alternatives: 8 Best Video Sharing Sites

YouTube is a consistent part of everyone’s lives these days. There is nothing you cannot find on YouTube.

There are billions of videos till now on YouTube and millions new added every day. However, there are times when you can’t access YouTube or times when you want to reach out to those behind the scenes: geeks and nerds.

What then are you going to do? Of course, there are alternatives and here’s a list of them –

YouTube Alternatives: 8 Best Video Sharing Sites


This is only second to YouTube with around 112 million users. Yet, surprisingly a lot of people are completely unaware of it. The looks of it aren’t very different from YouTube. All you have to do is register an account and go ahead with it. It has a 60-minute limit but that should be more than enough for a single video. You can also have your videos removed if you possess a motion maker account. Yes, the motion-maker account is free and all you have to do is join the OpenVOD program. If you have a little business acumen, you can definitely make money out of it.

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Vimeo is actually the best alternative to YouTube and it is ad free! If you are looking for quality videos, then Vimeo is the place for you. Of course, it is free of cost but there are a few rules and regulations. You can only upload 500 MB videos for free. While you can upload countless 500 MB videos for free, in order to upload heavier videos, you will have to upgrade your account to a plan that may cost anywhere in the range of $10 to $200. It will let you upload 5 to 20 GBs per week depending on what plan you opt for.


This is an old platform that was conceived in 2004. It was purchased by yahoo in a short while and has been the in thing since then. It was originally a site meant for images but it also lets you store videos at the moment. Most of us might already have an account on this one, it is a good idea to go check out how to upload videos and start uploading them! It isn’t very different from uploading images. If you don’t have an account, signing up is a good idea. Once you have signed up, you can upload all kinds of videos and pictures. The free account comes with a memory of 1 TB! If you upgrade, you will have an ad-free account with enough space. Moreover, it is a heavily dependable website with excellent content.


Veoh was launched in 2007 and has a staggering database 17 million and it guarantees an excellent user experience. It lets you post videos of absolutely any size and you can share it in no time. It is definitely a great alternative to all the limited social media options that exist. It also lets you add friends, chat with others in groups and forums through comments and find people of common interest. It has amazing movies, music and AV collections. It has a lot of advertisements though and you may get irritated after a while but then that’s the price of popularity.

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A lot of us might think that this is a familiar name because it is one of the oldest websites that has been there for uploading videos. Yes, it is older than YouTube. No, it hasn’t died down in spite of YouTube which is a great point in their favour. It lets you view videos but not upload. Hence, if you are looking to upload content, then this may not be your best option.

Sounds familiar again? This site was launched in 2005 and has been renamed to as of now. There are millions and millions of videos over here. A large number of movie trailers can also be found over here. At the moment, it isn’t welcoming new registrations and hence, you obviously can’t upload anything but if you want to browse great views, this is your best bet. A lot of talk about the website shutting down had been going on but that obviously didn’t happen because the site is available with a very large number of new movie trailers to the user’s delight.


Vube is still new on a relative basis as it was launched only in 2013. However, it is trustworthy and is definitely one of the most visited sites. Thus, speaking volumes of its reliability! A lot of advertising companies depend on VUBE for uploading content. In order to better the quality of the content, VUBE is running contests and going all out. It is definitely working in their favour.

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This is a good one for those who are into running a business. Viddler is the LinkedIn of the vide world since 2005. It is highly professional and hence, lets you market your videos to the right audience. It also lets you analyse your audience through its ad tools and then, add comments to your videos straight away. It lets you send the video across to iTunes which obviously has a much larger audience. It isn’t free but it definitely is value for money. After all, professionalism never came free.

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