Tips To Find Your Phone With These Tracking Apps & Services

Losing a phone can be cruel to your life cycle as everything is being managed with the help of a phone these days. No one wants it to get lost, so it’s better to take some promising precautions before it happens with any of us. Tracking a phone has become way easier with the advancement in technology. There is an ample of dedicated apps/ services that make sure you find your lost phone. Beside this it can be used for many other tasks, you can track cell phone locations of your cheating partners; you can use it for some secret Intel on any of your competitors and many more. Good thing about these services is that they support your older phones too and not only the Smartphones. So you should give it a try.

Tips To Find Your Phone With These Tracking Apps & Services

If you lost your phone, here are the Apps & Online Services that you can consider while tracking your device:

Tracking your phone before you lose it. In this article, I’m directing you toward the services and Apps available to make you prepared for the day you would lost your phone. Yes! people do avoid adding these apps into their smartphones for reasons like memory usage and others. But believe me it could be the best thing to get your smartphone insured without any efforts.

For Smartphone Users:

1. Prey:

For tracking up to three devices, this service is absolutely free. However, if you plan to track more than three devices, there are paid plans within the service that can help you out. Both computer users as well as phone users can avail the services of Prey. The day your phone goes missing, all you need to do is log into your account and start tracking. There is simply no need to worry about privacy as well since the app doesn’t track the phone location until you tell it to. Prey is a recommended app for any Android smartphone or iOS device.

Download: iOS Anroid

2. Lookout:

Lookout is another useful app that helps you track both iOS as well as the Android devices. You can combine tracking, security and anti-virus protection using Lookout. There are a substantial number of interesting features in the app including the one in which the system records phone’s last location right before the battery dies. This gives you a chance to gather your data before being completely erased. This app would also take a picture of the alleged thief and mail it to you. Lookout is a handy app when it comes to tracking your smartphone. You can avail the two week free trial and after that period, it costs $3 per month.

Download: Anroid iOS

3. Avast:

A similar security/virus protection app combo is offered by Avast for $2 per month. It lets you remotely lock or wipe your smartphone without any hassles. Audio or pictures of the thief can be recorded using this service as well. Avast also sends your device into the stealth mode which makes sure the thief doesn’t know your device is being protected by Avast. It can be downloaded on iOS or Android device.

Download: Anroid iOS

For non-smartphone users:

1. Accu-Tracking:

Priced at $6 per month, Accu-Tracking employs GPS tracking in order to find the location of your phone. You need to keep the GPS enabled on your device and then the app works the best. The day your phone gets lost, you can simply log into Accu-Tracking’s web account and check the location of your phone, provided that the device isn’t dead yet.

Download: Accu-Tracking

2. Mologogo:

Mologogo is a web based GPS phone tracking software that fits into most of the current phone models. Mologogo is known for offering partially free services, but it also puts conditions on the tracking. The cell phone carrier provider must allow GPS cell phone tracking. Such conditions are not present with Accu-Tracking. However, Mologogo has various users that have already tracked their device using this app. So you can try this one too I suggest.

Download: Mologogo

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