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Ways To Drive Enormous Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

Are you already using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website?

If you’re not, you are missing on a lot of potential customers and if you are already using this image-sharing platform but not getting good results, you must not be doing it the right way.

In this article, we are going to share some awesome tips to help you drive traffic from Pinterest. We will also try to break the myth that Pinterest is only for women to share fashion, recipes and DIY project images.

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How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog Using StumbleUpon

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog Using StumbleUpon

All of us want massive traffic to our blog. When it comes to driving the same, most of us fail.

Do you know why it happens?

There are tons of guides on traffic generation available. The problem really is you try to focus on all of them. Let me tell you one thing. If you keep on concentrating on a few methods to drive traffic, it will eventually work out for you.

Do you utilize social media websites? If you do, you must focus on a few of them. Every popular blog has two main kinds of traffic Organic and Social Media traffic.

Organic traffic is always better to have but it takes a lot of time and works to attract, while social media drive traffic that comes in instantly if your social media promotion is done effectively.

In this article, I am going to help you drive a decent number of visitors from StumbleUpon, which of course, is a social media site to share web pages.

How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog Using StumbleUpon

Why Use Stumbleupon For Your Blog?

As I already told you social media can drive insane traffic to your blog if the promotion is done perfectly. Stumbleupon is been counted as one of the best social media sites for bloggers for content marketing and luring new visitors.

Other Traffic Generating Methods:

Why do Bloggers like to Get Stumbled a lot?

In Stumbleupon when your content get stumbled by any user it will be visible to other users with the same interest in Stumbleupon. Which makes it, even more, chances to get more stumbled.

The best part about Stumbleupon traffic is that it lands visitors directly on your site page. And this makes it very helpful to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Stumbleupon for your Blog

I hope you know what StumbleUpon is. So, I am not going into the introductory part. I just explain the process of stumbling and then, you will read some thumb rules to make the maximum out of it.

Step 1: Start with Signing in:

The very first step is signing up for the service itself. If you haven’t signed up for StumbleUpon, do it right now.

Step 2: Add a Page To StumbleUpon:

How to Submit Your Website to StumbleUpon

As for any social media network, you have to fill a few forms. Once you are done with it, you can start stumbling web pages using the Add a page button on your profile or StumbleUpon button on websites.

While adding a page it asks for required details about the page you want to add, i.e: page URL, page interest and tags for the page. For more details check out above shared screenshot.

There are few ways available to submit your site page to StumbleUpon:

# You can use social media sharing plugins to add a page to StumbleUpon.

How to Drive Massive Traffic to your Blog Using StumbleUpon

# You can also use StumbleUpon browsers extensions to share your content more quickly on StumbleUpon. By adding StumbleUpon toolbar into your browser, you only have to visit a site page and like it using like button given in toolbar.

How to Drive Massive Traffic to your Blog Using StumbleUpon

Here are StumbleUpon browser extensions links for Firefox and Google Chrome:

# One more easy way to share your content on StumbleUpon, go to your profile and “Add a Page“. You will find this option on the very top right of your profile.

How to Add Your Website to StumbleUpon

Step 3: Stay Active Keep Stumbling

You can also like web pages people already stumbled. In order to make your SU profile engaging, you have to like and stumble others’ content. Also, follow some like-minded users for better interaction.

When you share a web page, you will have to fill a form with some basic information about it.

There are browser extensions and mobile applications available. You can use them in your leisure time to create engagements on your profile.

That’s all about stumbling web pages.

And, you need to bear some rules in mind.

Thumb Rules to Follow in Stumbling:

  • You should share the content of others more often than you share yours. And, you must recommend already shared posts as well.
  • Make sure you stumble the post soon after you hit the publish button in your admin panel of your blog.
  • When you share a web page, it will ask you to select categories. The selection here determines the type of your audience. So, you must be extra vigilant while choosing categories.
  • You can join bloggers’ groups (you can find many on FB) including people, who reciprocate shares to increase stumbling count.
  • Create compelling featured images to increase CTR.
  • You can send a shout out to your followers to increase the stumbling count.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to drive massive traffic from StumbleUpon now. If you have any doubts, you can comment down below. I will reach out to you with a solution at the earliest.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers on social media. Happy blogging, happy earning.

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

Thank you!

Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face?

It generally does.

What importance does it have in terms of this article?

Well, it’s better to experience it, rather than explain it.

So go ahead, follow a company on Twitter and get back to this article.

Did you automatically get a message along these lines?

Thank you for the follow! Together, let’s create some awareness about so and so….”

Now, do you think that there is one man, specifically assigned with the job of typing this monotonous message out, time and time again, as and when the company gets a new follower?

Of course not. The clue lies in the word itself. Automated Direct Messages.

Digital marketers are in no way short of options when it comes to deciding upon a tool, through which one can send an automated direct message. You might think that Hootsuite, allows you to do this, but surprisingly it doesn’t, mainly because of spam concerns.

So where to go?

Here are five free Twitter tools to send automated direct messages to new followers:

#1. Crowdfire:

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

Social media marketing has its benefits, no doubt.

But there is one thing that a lot of marketers choose to overlook in the name of convenience, Personalization.

Personalization is important in digital marketing as a whole, it doesn’t matter if it’s e-mail marketing or social media marketing.

Now that’s not entirely possible when dealing with automated messages and that’s understandable. But instead of going with one standard direct message, if a company choose to craft three or four different direct messages, catering to the same action, the probability of your company’s messages being branded as a ‘robot message’ is much lesser.

It’s true. Not all tools let you do this.

But thank the heavens, because Crowdfire does. Don’t worry, if you are looking to keep it simple, Crowdfire supports that, too!

#2. App Unfollowers:

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

When compared to all the other tools in this article, perhaps this is the least popular one.

Maybe that’s its secret.

Automatic direct messages may be one of the main things it has to offer but it’s not all that it has to offer.

It gives access to information like your recent followers, unfollowers, fans and so on and so forth. That’s more than what you are asking for, so why complain?

#3. TweetManager:

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

Sending automated direct messages to new followers is not the only way the automated direct message function works.

You can use such messages to craft a reply to whenever your company’s name has been tagged somewhere or mentioned. Sometimes simplicity steals the show.

TweetManager is just such a tool, that’s not too flashy, completely free (no terms and conditions) and really easy to use.

#4. SocialOomph:

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

Word on the street is that Hootsuite is the best social media management tool.

Well, there’s competition.

There are quite a few tools out there, available that can compete toe-toe with Hootsuite.

SocialOomph is just one, which offers the automated direct messaging feature, unlike Hootsuite. Plus one for SocialOomph.

#5. Unfollowspy:

5 Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages To New Followers

Unfollowspy is a useful Twitter tool, as a whole.Like SocialOomph, it has a lot to offer. Automated direct messages. Friend Checked. Mobile friendly version. It has a lot of things going on for it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that

Like SocialOomph, it has a lot to offer automated direct messages, a friend checked, mobile friendly version.

It has a lot of things going on for it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Unfollowspy is not only a decent tool for direct messages but as a whole, it’s a very well balanced and useful tool to have.

Other Social Media Management Tools You May Like:

Wrapping Up

When you go on the Internet, you will come across a lot of articles that say that Welcome direct messages are equivalent to spam.

Well, that may or may not be true.Every company has their own customer base and every company treats their customers differently.

Every company has their own customer base and every company treats their customers differently. Automatic direct messages may work for some, may not work for some.

The best way to find out, however, is to try it!

If you find this article interesting or helpful do share it with your friends and on your social networks. Also if you have any tools in mind which you think should be on this list do let us know about it via the comment section below.

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Twitter draws 320 million monthly active users.

A survey reported about 42% of Twitter followers seek Twitter to learn about products and services, 40% give their suggestions on Twitter.

This makes it among the top most social platform to try out for traffic and engagement.

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Being an avid social media marketer, I have many active accounts on different social media platforms.

Twitter works best for me!

You may have read our previously shared article on tools to get more followers on Instagram.

A personal social media account is easy to manage but managing a business social media account is a difficult task.

Therefore managing tools for social media accounts are essential to staying in the competition.

I use to work a lot on twitter, tweeting 15-20 blogging related posts a day manually that consumed 2-3 hours every day.

I had to get away with it. This made me research web-wide for twitter assistance tools.

At last I carved my way through.

Would you believe now I only spend 15 minutes daily on Twitter and my followers doubled in a short time!!!

These tools help me mark my presence on social media and encourage user engagement.

Scroll down to find free 10 Tools to Increase Twitter Followers insanely. Just keep in mind you need to create ENGAGEMENT with the audience to increase FOLLOWERS.

#1. Twitter Analytics

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

When you are in business analyzing is compulsory for your business strategies and tracking out your performance in business.

You can use Twitter Analytics to measure and improve your presence on Twitter.

It is a great platform to know your visitors, success, failures and activities you do on Twitter.

Once you are aware of the visitor's’ activity, you know the areas to be worked upon.

Benefits of Twitter Analytics

  • It is an easy-to-navigate platform that offers you guidance about your top followers, their interests, demographics, and locations.
  • It also let you know your top tweets and mentions. You can thus measure engagement and carve ways to make your tweets more compelling. You can even promote individual tweets.
  • You can trace your Twitter cards, clicks, Retweets, and app installs. With twitter cards, you can embed rich media to your content. Eye-catching content increases retweets and followers drastically.
  • You can export reports for offline perusal.

#2. HootSuite

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

HootSuite is invaluable tool widely used by social media experts to widen their social presence.

It incurs approx 10M users worldwide.

It allows you to auto-schedule your tweets and upload the tweet which is likely to get you more followers.

Isn’t this going to increase your followers insanely?

Benefits of HootSuite

  • You can reply to mentions and IMs in one click.
  • It creates, import and shares potential audience list. This list includes the people who are likely to be your top followers.
  • Schedule and update your tweets thus marking your presence and boosting engagement.
  • It allows you to retweet across multiple Twitter account. If you are a professional you can handle up to 10 social profiles in one go.
  • It offers real-time analytics for better data insights.

#3. Crowdfire

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Crowdfire allows Twitter users to efficiently manage their accounts.

It gives you the complete idea of who follow and unfollow you and who is currently inactive on Twitter.

It lets to peep in other’s tweets and followers.

So, you have a list of your influences followers. You need not create your own list.

I am currently using this tool to increase my twitter engagement on my blog and I would love to suggest it to you also.

Benefits of Crowdfire

  • Provide you the list of the ones who unfollowed you or who are not active. You may unfollow them back and get rid of the unnecessary mess on your twitter timeline.
  • Offer “Copy Followers” and “Keyword Follow” features. This way you can have exposure to the list of the people who are likely to be your Twitter followers in future.
  • It provides you with “The Blacklist Button” to ignore spammy accounts. You can keep bay who you don’t like.
  • Provide you insight information how your Twitter activities affect your follower list.


10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight assists in driving traffic on your Twitter Page and increase your Followers.

It helps you discover valuable Twitter members and followers.

It carves out important relationships on Twitter thus, blowing the game of messy long twitter followers list. One million Twitter user uses

Benefits of

  • It filters valuable people from your following list. This removes clutter from your stream.
  • It tracks your engagement and retweets to sub-categorize your followers into Influences, supporters and engaged members to give you a better control over your account. You can deal them separately.
  • It schedules your posts and helps you manage multiple profiles.
  • Provide Analytics to study your twitter relationships better.

#5. Socialoomph

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

SocialOomph is another easy way to grow Twitter followers.

It filters quality followers for you, keeps an eye over your social activities and schedule tweets to be uploaded.

Benefits of SocialOomph

  • It schedules your tweets and allows you to post even when you are offline.
  • It tracks keywords and emails you the list. You can filter tweets of your importance.
  • Provides you with OAuth method for password-free login. Of Course, it is secure!!!
  • You can manage up to 5 Twitter accounts simultaneously.
  • It offers you auto-DM features and so many others on pay.

#6. Tweepi

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Tweepi gives you a complete overview of your followers and who you are following.

It Is highly popular among top brands. They use it to follow relevant users and improve their presence on Twitter.

It is used by more than 15M users.

Benefits of Tweepi

  • It helps you in finding the most relevant users in just one click. You can search them by name, social circles, an area of interest, location etc.
  • It helps in boosting up engagement, relationship with the visitors and interaction activities by Following them, mentioning them or by adding them to list.
  • Twitter send triggers on registered mobile or email about “to-be-followed” person. This assists you in getting discovered Twitter-wide.

#7. RiteTag

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

I find RiteTag as one of the best Twitter tools.

It has the ability to make your content go viral in short span and that too with negligible efforts.

It helps us to create rich Tweet content that comes directly from followers and influencers. It picks tweets tweeted by link minded people and work upon them.

Benefits of RiteTag

  • It offers reaction on the hashtag strength as you type by changing colors as an indication. This allows you to better choose the hashtags.
  • You can set a Trend Alert to be notified for emerging hashtags suited for your keywords.
  • You can group hashtags in various sets and add them to post instantly from those sets.
  • Paid versions allow you to add images, tweet automation and call-to-action feature.

#8. TwitterFav

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

TwitterFav is another twitter companion tool.

It requires you to create a keyword list which it can use for twitter automation activities.

It uses its intelligence to distinguish important and favorable tweets for you and respond to them.

It connects you with people of similar interest.

Benefits of TwitterFav

  • It allows you to pre-select your ‘favorites’ and let the automation broadcast your message to million users on Twitter.
  • It auto retweets your product and services to the niche when required.
  • It erases unwanted tweet that is not likely to benefit you.
  • You can set tweet scheduler via CSV uploads. It entertains both single and bulk uploads.
  • It introduces useful links to your DMs and send them across the platform without fail or being spammed.

#9. ManageFlitter

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

ManageFlitter is an absolutely incredible tool that allows you manage more than one twitter profile simultaneously.

It lets you track who unfollowed you and see who all belongs to your niche.

You can further filter your followers based on interests and find new people of your circle. It discovers a better audience who may be your potential followers.

Benefits of ManageFlitter

  • You can sort and manage multiple accounts at ease.
  • It provides you with functionally great engagement tools to grow your fan following on twitter.
  • It tracks when your followers are online and tweets and retweets on time. I love this feature. It gives you maximum!!

#10. Twibble

10 Amazing Tools To Increase Twitter Followers Overnight

Twibble is a wonderful RSS-to-Twitter scheduling platform.

It is simply designed yet a robust tool.

It lets you add RSS feed from any source on the web. You can thus keep your wall active and informative.

This will attract a lot of followers to your page.

With Twibble you can share content, media, insights and news. It carves a professional tweet and auto-upload your post to all Twitter followers

Benefits of Twibble

  • It automatically shares your posts to followers and builds ‘engagement’.
  • RSS feed added to your Twitter page help you in twin way i.e. increasing Twitter followers and exposing you content to accrue traffic on your web page. Make sure to insert useful links.
  • You can decide when to tweet. It offers you a schedule planner for ease.
  • It provides you with analytics insights to better understand your audience.

Wrapping Up

These tools can help you sow revolution just by using 140-word Tweet.

Just binge on 2-3 of the best suited for you. Experiment to go with the best of all.

You now have tools to increase your followers on Twitter. All this is surely going to happen. What is needed is CONSISTENCY.

Be persistent to take the time to log into your apps and schedule tweets for the day.

Also, never underestimate personal interaction. Tools help you in engaging with ease but personally interacting is warm.

If you find this article interesting. You may like to share it with your friends and social networks too. You can also share your experience about these ?Twitter tools via comment section.

10 Essential Tools To Get More Followers on Instagram

Ever wondered what Instagram can do for your business or if you are currently using Instagram and unsure which Instagram tools can help you design marketing strategies effectively?

10 Essential Tools To Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram hasn’t been embraced by many marketers because it does not offer the right tools to help them to use efficiently.

We can’t deny the fact of marketing power behind the platform of Instagram. I am a witness to the power of committed followers with different business accounts.

Amongst the major challenges with Instagram marketing for your business is the ability to deal with your account as a team. Similarly, it is difficult to manage your account away from a phone.

Other helpful articles you may like:

Thanks to many people who have crafted a handful of revolutionary Instagram tools to directly address to one of the several purposes.

If you’re an active marketer and wondering which tools can help you get noticed on Instagram, you have come to the right place.

I will show you the list that will actually help you handle your Instagram marketing. Here are 10 Must-have tools to grow your Instagram followers and optimize your advertising.

#1. ScheduGram

It is one of the most user-friendly tools designed for social media on the marketplace.

ScheduGram allows you to schedule Instagram posts well ahead of time. It is not difficult to schedule just one post or posts that are uploaded in volume, which certainly saves you a lot of time.

ScheduGram is advantageous for both scheduling and management, as it enables you to upload multiple images simultaneously, either to post them instantly or schedule them for a future date.

Digital marketers enjoy its irresistible feature of uploading posts in the form of the web as uploading posts through mobile is more time-consuming.

ScheduGram also offers the option to the marketers to send an email notification when each post is ready to be sent.

#2. Buffer

Buffer competing with Hootsuite once again in the battle to win of the entire social media management platforms, Buffer very recently announced the integration of Instagram to its social networks.

This tool will help you with Instagram posting, send you a reminder when it is time to publish your content and its evaluation of your account intends to indicate the most effective scheduling times to your posts.

Buffer promises to be the simplest means to plan and amplify your Instagram advertising and its business plan offers cooperation among team members, making Instagram campaign easier than ever before.

#3. Autogrammer

This is another popular Instagram tool that offers similar services to ScheduGram, but in addition, it enables marketers to add numerous social media sites on the platform, going beyond Instagram.

Autogrammer now additionally supports Twitter and Facebook, meaning you can upload, edit, and handle your complete social posts for all the 3 platforms and organize your social schedule accordingly.

#4. Tagboard

Tagboard is a powerful Instagram tool to experience content from all social networking sites. Each tagboard is an accumulation of latest social media posts that share a mutual hashtag.

Tagboards shown on displays, integrated into mobile applications and could be embedded on websites. Visitors can like, comment, reply, retweet, favorite right from your tagboard.

Cost: Basic is free. Contact on pricing.

#5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is one tool that helps you to manage your relationships on Twitter and Instagram, its 100% Free. You can discover unfollowers and inactive users, and find users that are important to follow.

Keep track of your followers or unfollowers changes and check the relationship between any two Instagram or Twitter accounts.

#6. INK361

INK361 is a website application to manage your Instagram account. Create albums, find new contacts, discover the followers and the sort who you falls into circles, and set alerts for new posts.

Get a transparent overview of your Instagram stats to keep an eye on your social impact over the period of time.

Embed an Instagram Gallery on your blog site or your website. Utilizing the INK361 Facebook Instagram App, view your Instagram pictures on Facebook or share them on your Facebook page.

Cost Price: Free

#7. Repost

Repost is the hottest app for content curation plus it readily enables you to find and share user-created content.

The constraints of Instagram doesn’t permit a direct reposting through the application, so it’s necessary to select the content you wish to curate, choose the Copy share URL after which carry on to Instagram again to finish credit and actions of the first owner.

Through this tool, you can repost videos as well as pictures on Instagram, while giving the credit to the original poster. The professional upgrade lets you handle multiple Instagram accounts.

Cost: Free. (Professional is $4.99)

#8. Yotpo

Yotpo combines the management of user-created content with advertisements, rendering it an incredibly appealing choice for Instagram promotion.

It is an excellent tool for getting reviews and more evaluations, helping your brand rise both the sales as well as the traffic.

It can become rather useful for Instagram with a temperance dashboard that enables you even turning it into powerful marketing which markets your merchandise directly through visitors to find and get permission for user-generated content.

#9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the Instagram tools that is most popular, also it will help you understand, organize and quantify your content.

It is a tool to manage and boost your Instagram account. Manage your community, and assess followers and task development. Market your account across other social networking sites with photo widgets and feed tabs.

It is both an analytics and marketing package and it might offer useful insights about your Instagram existence, your audience and the manner in which you can improve your performance efficacy.

You can improve performance by analyzing user’s participation, the most powerful followers and increase the growth of your account or even the frequently used hashtags.

Additionally, it may be ideal for UGC observation and monitoring, while it is also offering the direction and management of multiple accounts.

Engage and participate your community with photo competitions. Set up, boost, monitor, and publish metrics of an Instagram competition.

#10. Piqora

Another most important tool – Piqora is a visual marketing platform for Instagram and Pinterest.

Piqora empowers your whole team to collaborate on a calendar and provides recommendations for pictures to publish.

Initiate and launch a promotion and track results. Set the top user generated content on your website as a branded Gallery from Instagram.

Other Social Media Management Tools You May Like:

Deciding The Right Tools

Instagram marketing has become more intriguing with the debut of its own tools, but we might still feel the requirement to use additional systems tracking, for more in-depth penetrations, management and curation.

As you might have seen, a lot of the propositions offer comparable services, meaning that is up to you to examine them and find those that work best for you.

Instagram has become an important player in the Social Media world. With over a 42% penetration speed across millennial’s and 400 million users, it is no real surprise a growing number of companies are beginning to establish a reputation on the platform.

Which tools are working well for your business that did not make it on the list?

We’d love to hear from you. Share your favorite Instagram tools in the comments section below.

How To Get More Traffic to Your Blog: Proven Strategies

How To Get More Traffic to Your Blog: Proven Strategies

Are you looking to increase the traffic to your blog?

It is the most common question among the bloggers these days. You need to get into action if you want your blog to be flooded with the visitors.

Traffic can be of two types one is organic traffic and social media traffic.

I personally prefer organic traffic over social media traffic. Organic traffic is better with sales and it results in better bounce rate. If you want instant traffic to your blog than social media traffic is your answer. It is normally used for events or news type of blog posts mostly.

Besides the type of traffic, both are welcome when it comes. Everything depends on traffic, many of us having a hard time to get enough traffic to our blog. When there is no increase in traffic many bloggers lose hope and quit blogging.

Here under this article, I would like to share some proven strategies to boost your blog’s readership and increase traffic to your blog.

The increased traffic will directly lead to a rise in the potential customers, readership and sales. But traffic won’t get a good funnel to anything you purpose, your content should be a quality content and one more thing which really matters is that the way you write your blog post.

For writing a better and engaging content you may need to check this out things that make your content more engaging and quality content.


# Posts Regularly on Social Media

You should share your posts across all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+ etc. Doing it once wouldn’t be enough as it will not complete all the work. You should try to share it several times. The main reason behind this is that all your followers will not be online whenever you release a new post. You should post it several times to make sure that all your followers notice it.

The main reason behind this is that all your followers will not be online whenever you release a new post. You should post it several times to make sure that all your followers notice it.

One of the most famous social media community is Reddit but it is way more strict for any spammer or newbie. So read carefully about it before sharing otherwise, you will get an instant ban.

You can even use the social media platforms to drive referral traffic to your blogs.

Other Traffic Generating Methods:

# Try to Target Long Tail Keywords

One of the most promising and effective technique in SEO is using long tails keywords. Always add some long tail keywords consisting 3 or more words in your post. It generally leads to low competition and ranks your page easily around the long tail keywords. Always keep one thing in mind that the rankings are directly proportional to the traffic.

You can see that keywords matter a lot in search engine optimization.

Also Read: Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

# Blog Commenting Matters

The blog commenting help you gain lots of new visitors.

It is a common form of link building, which can greatly benefit your blog. Always make sure that the comments you post are helpful and innovative. You should aware of the fact that the owner of the blog may delete your comment and ban you further for posting any comment in the future if you try to use their comment section as the main source to attract the visitors.

You can try out some dofollow blog commenting, but getting no-follow blog comments will also be beneficial for your blog as it will drive traffic to your blog and you will get a backlink.

# Wear White Hat Only – SEO Techniques

The SEO techniques greatly affect the traffic in a blog and you need to make sure that you are using the right one (white-hat SEO).

Keep in mind that the way of writing is not the only way to improve your blog’s ranking. Never go for traffic shortcuts, but you are free to fetch any traffic hacks.

Always avoid black hat SEO tools, tips, and techniques. This will surely destroy your blog at the end.

You should make some time to ensure that you are using best search engine optimization tactics. After making a focus keyword, you need to make sure that it is used properly. On-page and Off-page are both equally important.

# Post-Quality Content

You should strongly focus on the quality of your content.

“Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.”

It should be such that the readers find it useful. You have to write the informative articles and it will increase the chances of your followers to share your post on the social media websites.

You can expect to have new readers if you regularly post high-quality posts on your blog.

# Video Marketing

You may also know video marketing is better for product/services awareness. Now video tutorials,

Nowadays video tutorials, tips and products reviews are getting more famous than contextual information. Content cannot be replaced but still, video is getting quite famous for marketing.

# Hot Q&A Topics

Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers are also could be helpful to get traffic.

You can search Q&A sites to find hot topics related to your blog niche by browsing your blog related categories. Later on, write an article related to that hot topic with a solution to that problem. Something like an alternative to it. Share your article on Q&A sites as a reply to that question.

Later on, write an article related to that hot topic with a solution to that problem. Something like an alternative to it. Share your article on Q&A sites as a reply to that question.

This hack will also increase your blog’s traffic.

# Promote Social Page

Facebook promote option is quite effective while promoting any events, posts or websites. The Facebook ad offers you regional promotion which can help your business grow. You can also target particular audiences like you can find famous Facebook pages in your niche and target their fans.

One other trick marketers are using these days, they promote them with an attractive big image with CTA and redirect visitors to their newsletter page which will generate lots of subscribers instantly.

Same promotion feature is now available on Twitter. Social Media promotion is always better for instant traffic to your posts or blogs.

You need to follow these tips and it will surely increase traffic to your blog. You need to have patience and stick with these tips. By following this, you will get more organic and referral traffic which will result in an increase in your readership.

Having a good traffic on your blog is all about the proper blogging and proper marketing.

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