Important Ingredients To Boost Reader Engagement On Your Blog

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Can you determine whether a blog is good or not?

No worry I will make it simple for you.

A good blog doesn’t involve just the content quality but also the audience engagement. Without that reader engagement, the blog won’t last.

Are you in the same situation?

All your hard work in creating great content leads to no readers engagement.

You must be blaming your luck for this but it could be your blogging techniques which result in poor audience engagement.


So, what does the reader engagement means?

It refers to any user interaction with you or the blog in any way possible.

Successful Reader engagement is different for every writer according to the goals and purpose, but it’s important to have goals for reader engagement.

The blogger must keep in mind to track those metrics to make sure that the things are going smoothly.

If you are still not pleased with the results of the tracking, then following are some details that are very useful in increasing reader engagement on your blog:

#1- Attention-Grabbing Titles

Suppose your content is exactly what the target audience is looking for but if the title of the blog is boring and non-descriptive, then that won’t be fruitful.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

Hence, it is the title that attracts the reader towards your blog.

So, by using a few poor ones, you may lose the traffic that you could possibly have.

The elements that aid in improving the title includes diagrams, statistics, questions, curiosity and buzzwords.

  • Statistics and figures: - Among the ocean of words, the figures stand out. They are surely a great way of creating a sense of urgency or showing how common some issue is. Thus, if you are lucky enough to have them, please use them. For example, “70% of working women follow this diet- Here’s why”
  • Ask Question: - They increase the curiosity of the customers. There is nothing like a well-written question that makes them read your post and find the answer.
  • Buzzwords: - The words like ultimate, perfect yield conversations. So, if you can use a number or ask a question, then consider making the user think that they are missing out by not reading the post.

Check out 8 most effective headline tricks you can apply for your next blog post title to attract user attention.

But make sure that they are short and sweet so that they can catch the readers in your net.

#2- An Irresistible Introduction

Fine! they have opened your post and they are going through your content.

But how far will you keep them interested?

Nothing upsets the users more than finding out that what follows a catchy title is poorly written.

To have a perfect introduction to your blog learn to capture the user’s attention from the beginning.

Add some humor to it.

For a longer Audience Engagement, a great Introduction is the main ingredient.

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Yes, although your post is meant to solve the issue, turning the problem into a joke might lighten things up and lead to poor customer engagement.

For me, storytelling works great. I like to start with a self-experience based story conveying that I feel the situation of my readers and been through that same problem.

The first impression is the last impression.

So never miss that opportunity. Avoid discussing something that the readers find it hard to understand.

Learn more about the different ways by Mary Jaksch to make an irresistible introduction to your blog post.

Make sure not to spill the beans so soon. Just explain why the post is helpful for them which will entice them to read the body.

#3- Strategies To Boost Subscriber List

In most of the blogs around three-fourth of the users will never return.

So, what should one do?

You need to start experimenting different ways to get more subscribers on your blog.

Best practices to build your subscriber list are:

  • The best thing you can do is to offer a free eBook, cheat sheet, templates or discount code, etc in return for subscribing to your email list.
  • Make a good use of List builder tools like SumoMe, OptinMonster, LeadPages, Thrive Leads and more.?
  • Call to action for subscribers you can also use heat map and place your subscriber box accordingly. Another one is placing subscriber box within your article for maximum chances to get seen.
  • check-square-o
    The Trigger action is also very effective in my case. You can set a trigger action like pop-up subscriber box while exiting, scrolling, after a specific time span.

All these practices will be helpful in sending them updates that couldn’t have been possible otherwise!

A subscriber hungry blog will always win the game whether it's for user engagement or making money.

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You can also use advanced tools like Crazy Egg and Hello Bar to convert your visitors into subscribers.

#4- Respond To Comments

In order to have a serious customer engagement, it’s necessary to respond to the comments.

Along with getting some feedback, you will get to know your readers better.

Management of all of the comments might be an issue if your blog is flooded with them. You might not be able to respond to all of them but can reply to as much as you can.

Ingredients To Boost Readers Engagement on your blog

I learn this from Neil Patel, you probably may know about him. He is the best in marketing. No matter how huge blog he has, he always spares a time to respond to his blog comments.

#5- Grow Your Audience by Contributing to Other Blogs

You may be thinking about how contributing to other blogs is related to boosting up your blog audience.

Guest posting contribution is can be done for many reasons.

Some do it for backlinks, some do it for profile expansion, some do it for growing online audience.

How Guest Posting will Grow your Blog Audience:

  • Guest posting builds relationships with other bloggers.
  • Guest posting will get you quality backlinks which will result in better search engine ranking.?
  • Guest posting introduces you to new people. The visitors from another blog will get to know more about you and your business.

I hope now its clear to you why guest posting matters.

Now the question is how to start doing guest posting?

For this, you can start with small blogs and go all the way up to the larger ones.

All you need to do is google the high authority blogs in a various niche that are related to your blog.

With every guest post that you publish, you are creating another way that people can get to your blog and follow along. You can connect via social networks too.

Here is a list of 1500+ quality blogs that accept guest post contribution by izideo.

Note: You must follow the ethics of doing guest posting. Otherwise, you may end up getting penalized by Google.

#6- Add Images to Power Up your Content!

To make the blog post interactive, add captivating images!

Studies have revealed that most of the information that enters the brain is visual and that image can be processed much faster than text.

Important Things Need to Know Before Writing a Blog Post

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Reasons why Adding Images are Important:

  • Adding images makes your content more SEO optimized.
  • Images make your content more visually appealing.
  • An optimized image can drive traffic to your blog through search engine images.
  • Adding images into your post can also trigger more social media shares.
  • Adding Infographics or vertical images in your posts can drive insane traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

So, infographics, graphs and charts, screenshots and product images can be used to improve your content and that will encourage your user to linger long enough to understand the value of what you want to convey.

You can Speed up your WordPress blog with these Best Image Optimization Plugins.

#7- Share Compelling Story with Audience

Still no success with your blog's reader engagement?

Your blog content could be lame, boring or not so interesting to your readers.

I have already told you in #2, storytelling works great for me.

You need to share a compelling story with your audience. Make them believe that you have been through that same problem they are facing now.

Important Ingredients To Boost Reader Engagement On Your Blog

Tell them you know the right way to fix this issue.

The stronger your story telling connection with your audience, the better your result will be.

The only reason why the readers are not interested in your blog might be the content. Probably, the written content may not be interesting to your users or maybe you would not be able to notice the absence of potentially attractive stories.

#8- Multimedia Inclusive Content

Just in case you are worried about the time that has been spent on the page.

Then multimedia is the best option to engage the customers.

Especially videos can make a big difference.

It has been observed that pages with videos receive more engagement than the ones without it.

They are easy to understand and if they are watched from beginning to the end then that means more potential users can call to action at the end.

Videos are always a better way to engage your blog audience. But only 10% of bloggers are doing videos on their blog.

There could be many reasons one cannot do it. Let's not get into it for now.

What do you think about Podcasting your content?

Videos used to be trending and they still are. But the podcast is also doing great when it comes to blog engagement.

Many studies show that podcasts are slowly taking over text content on the internet.

You should know there are many free tools available to create your own podcast. Yes, these tools will auto convert your text content into audio podcasts.

Amazing, right?

#9- Post on Social Media with Planning

Although you might be already sharing your content on social media, but you might not be doing it in the right way.

What matters the most when it comes to social media marketing?

My answer is best time to post on social media.

To know more about it you may need to visit this detailed study and guide on best time to post on Social Media

Post on Social Media with Planning

Best practices for better Social Media Marketing:

  • The Frequency of your Social Media Updates - It is always a question how often one should update his social account? Updating more often is never a bad thing but do not flood your audience walls with your feeds.
  • Engagement with Customers - Social engagement is must when it comes to social media marketing. Respond to your user's questions, mentions, comments, doubts, etc.
  • Scheduling Social Media Posts - The most organized social media marketing technique is scheduling your posts on social media. There are tools to do this job. You can even integrate with your Google Analytics within scheduling tools and schedule your posts on hours when your audience is live.

Currently, the best social media platforms for bloggers are Facebook and Instagram with Twitter and Pinterest next to it.

For Pinterest, you should read my review about ViralTag Tool.

Make sure to maintain an active account and post something on a daily basis to keep the followers engaged.

To make things more interesting tell a short story, post motivational quotes, post a picture or create a video that goes with the blog post and it's more likely to make users engaged.

Social media can also be used to enhance the exposure to the blog and its content.

Holding a sweepstakes or contest can promote the users to share the blog posts and increment your total follower.

#10. Identify your Target Audience

This is the best in-depth practice to boost readers engagement on your blog.

Important Ingredients To Boost Reader Engagement On Your Blog

Many top marketers failed to improve their reader engagement because they were not targeting their actual audience.

We are learning this from our childhood, "You have to make an aim to get succeeded in life."

That same formula applies here also. You have to aim for your target audience which leads to better engagement and more sales.

But without identifying who your audience is, one cannot make aim for them.

How to identify and interact with your Target Audience:

  • You can start with surveys and polls within your content or on your sidebar widget.
  • You can get help from Analytics tools like Google Analytics or Clicky. It is the only best way to get more information about your target audience by getting data on which keywords and URLs are getting more traffic. (create more content related to traffic generating keywords)
  • Dive into Q&A sites. There you may find more keywords related questions which need to be answered and you may also find some hot topics on which you can create content like tutorials, guides or solution.
  • You can also find Forums and communities of like-minded users where you can build a relationship with your target audience.

Do not forget to use Google webmaster tool to identify your target audience.


In a nutshell, blogging needs fluidity and changes so that you can keep up with the taste of the readers.

When you promote your articles and fix some errors you might be amazed by the improvement in your reader engagement!

For sure it would be a long term job and the results will be slow but stable. Blogging is time-consuming and having a strategy for the long run will always be fruitful for you and your blog.

"As building, a Castle is not a single day job."

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Be more focused towards better environment for readers engagement and user interface.

Have any tips to share with us?

Important Ingredients To Boost Reader Engagement

I would love to hear more tips on increasing your reader engagement.

If you like reading this article do share it on your social networks.

Share your views in the comment box below.

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