Ever heard of the terms ‘Content Syndication‘ or ‘Content Repurpose‘.

So, what does it mean? Do you aware of Syndication process?

Content Syndication is nothing but giving legs to your content to reach thousands of readers who perhaps don’t even know that you own a blog!

If you’re still unaware of Content Syndication, keep on reading…

Content Syndication is the process of republishing your content on third party sites. If done correctly, content syndication can be a very effective way to help develop your online reputation, & visibility.Content Syndication Guide - 15+ Places to Repurpose Your Content

The Main Aim of Content Syndication is to:

  • Showcase your blog to 1000s of audiences
  • Increase your chances of your blog posts included in SERPs
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Increase your brand exposure and online visibility

Now, the one and only question that strikes your mind are, “Where to repost/repurpose/syndicate my content and how to start syndicating?

Today, I am going to discuss the step-by-step guide to syndicate your content and the top content syndication networks on the market today!

Step-by-Step Process for Content Syndication

Step #1 – Determine Your Goals

Before you head start syndicating your blog post, the first thing you need to do is identify your goal. Decide whether you want to use your blog to drive more traffic or wish to simply keep your readers updated? 

Determining the goals before getting started gives you an idea on where and how you should share your posts.

Step #2 – Select Syndication Partners

While choosing syndication partners, make sure to choose the one with higher authority links. The bigger the blog, the higher quality standard!

Step #3 – Aware of SEO Mistakes

While thinking of content syndicating, many marketers fear that it will create SEO duplicate issues. You too think the same, no worries!

Now let us discuss how Google handles the syndicated duplicate versions and how to avoid it:

Check out this Video transcription by Moz

  • Method #1: rel=canonical tag

It’s the effective way to prevent duplicate content issues. If your content syndication partner adds the rel=canonical tag to your syndicated blog post, they tell Google where the original content is. This canonical tag not only benefits you from duplicated content issues but also lets you benefit from all links that the syndicated copy attracts.

  • Method #2: NoIndex

When your blog post is tagged with NoIndex, Google’s search engine robots simply don’t crawl the page and won’t index it. So when you contact the syndication partners, ask them if they’d be willing to use NoIndex tag in their blog page. By doing this, you won’t lose any organic traffic and also you can stay away from getting penalized for duplicated content.

Step #4 – Start Syndicating

To enjoy the full benefits of syndication, you need to become a syndication partner with the higher authority blog publishers on an ongoing basis and also utilizing a syndication network effectively.

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Now, Let Us Discuss on the Top Most Sites Where You Can Syndicate Your Content

Medium – Stories That Move with You!

Medium acts an interesting place to syndicate your content without breaking your budget! Without too much brainstorming processes, you can easily repurpose your content 24x7x365 i.e. at any time.

All you need to do is start up a new Medium Account and copy & paste your own content to the Medium blog and then take the full advantage of “Network Effect” by publishing the content on various blogging sites.

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StumbleUpon  – Discover More New Things!

To get started with StumbleUpon, you need to Sign Up and then select your interests.

Keep in mind, that StumbleUpon does not host content, rather it directs users to the websites. Many bloggers drive huge traffic using StumbleUpon to their content using marketing strategies.

Articles that receive more “Thumbs Up” will be served on StumbleUpon more time, so make sure to post the blog in the right category!

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GrowthHackers – Connect and Get Inspired!

Create an account with Growthhackers.com and start promoting your blog post by submitting a link to the post you’re looking to promote. Here you can post your blog if your blog fits the mantra, “Growth Obsessed to Connect and Get Inspired

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SocialMediaToday – Insights into the world of social media marketing

It feeds on your RSS feeds, means you can submit your content via your blogs RSS feed.

Unlike other syndication sites, SMT has limited topics to cover and mostly all are related to social media only. If you have a blog which covers mostly social media topics this would the perfect syndication site for your blog.

A blog with limited numbers of social media topics you could end up getting rejected by SMT. But it comes under the top most authority syndication websites all over the world. So getting featured on a site like SMT is a pretty good deal for your blog.

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Alltop – High Authority Content Syndication Site!

Another high authority content syndication site is Alltop. In this, you only have to submit your blog once and it will feed on your RSS feed and fetch every update you make on your blog.

Once you submitted your site to Alltop, it will take 7-10 days to get your submission verified. Select most related topic for your site to avoid any rejection.

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Scoop.itBest Place to Find Many Bloggers

Scoop.it is a place where you may find many top bloggers curating their old blog posts. Repurposing your old curated content with scoop.it is very easy.

Sign up for scoop.it, pick one popular or high-quality blog post from your blog. Paste your blog post link to create a new scoop, select destination for your curated scoop, add tags to it and ‘Publish’.

A destination you select for your scoop can be your created topics or topics you are following.

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BlogCatalog – Get Quality Backlinks!

Here in Blog Catalog, you can repurpose your curated content either by creating a new post or submit RSS feed.

You can also make a guest post in Blog Catalog to get a backlink in high authority website. But before that, you need to sign up for Blog Catalog.

Creating a new post is easy just the way you do it on your WordPress dashboard. While submitting your RSS feed, select the category carefully for your blog to avoid any rejection.

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Slashdot – Spread Your Story Faster!

This is one of the largest content syndication community which runs only on stories we submit on Slashdot. It let you submit your story freely, you don’t need to select any category or any topic.

All you need to add a topic title, short description to your story and a source URL to your story.

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Inbound – Pick What Interests You Most!

Your inbound.org profile is the right place to showcase your marketing achievements, contributions to the community and your social network – without the effort of owning an up-to-date website.

They use channels to bring the content together under topics like SEO, Content, Analytics and much more.

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Bizsugar – Share Small Business Tips &Tricks!

At BizSugar, articles can be submitted manually using published URL and you need to fill categories like marketing, finance, management and startups. It’s the right place to share tips and tricks focusing on small startup businesses.

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Reddit – Be the Front Page of the Internet!

Till the date, Reddit has about 36 million users that span across 853,824 subreddits (basically forums based on a particular interest or topic). This makes Reddit as one of the most popular content syndication sites on the web.

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Hacker News – Folks from The Tech and Online Marketing World!

Alias called as Hacker News, which acts as a similar community as ‘Inbound.org’ but tilts a little more toward tech and development. If your blog mainly focuses on technology, there is a chance of having more exposure for your blog post on this site.

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Business2Community – Follow Business 2 Business Community!

Once your blog starts getting syndicated on Business2Community almost all of your posts will be picked up as you publish them. Even this site features a multitude of topics but mainly focuses on Internet marketing as a whole.

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Blogarama – The Oldest Yet The Best Blog Directory Amongst All!

It is one highly reputed blog directory to submit your blog. But it is not just usual directory submission website we found on the web.

It is more like a content syndication site where you can share your all blog posts separately and not just a homepage like in normal directory websites. It comes useful for bloggers to submit their content in its huge variety of categories available in it.

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NewsvinePlace to Discuss News 

Frankly, it’s not my cup of tea. As it does not have the kind of category I needed for my blog.

But yes there are many different blogging niches are available there which can be very helpful for other bloggers to repurpose their content such as travel, health, fashion, business and much more. This site carries very high authority among content syndication websites.

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Digg – Find Whats Hot on the Internet

Digg can also be a good content syndication site for you but before submitting to Digg you must read its community guidelines. Here you can submit your blog to Digg. I suggest submitting only your quality blog posts here.

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There are many more content syndication partners out there and some deserving might be missed out for the sake of keeping this post at a readable length. A lot of bloggers had been started syndicating contents and they have been very successful with it by reaching more than millions of users per month.

Are you ready to syndicate your content?  If your answer is Yes, you just made an awesome move. So why wait? Start today and reach more audience!

Find out other Places to Repurpose your Content:

I would love to hear about more content syndication sites. So if you like to share any other deserving site to repurpose your content. Do let us know using below comment section.

About the Author Alok

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

  • I am new to SEO and online marketing and have been hearing about the concept of syndication. This post has been so helpful to me! I need to learn how to do this effectively for my own projects. thank you for all the helpful info!

    • Hey Kate,

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. It will surely boost your site’s engagement and traffic. Just follow the proper process to start syndicating your content.

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