How To Record Skype Calls On iPad & iPhone

Twenty years ago, could you imagine of talking to your loved one from another country free of cost? It is quite possible these days with the help of Skype. An ample of users talk to their friends/ close ones through Skype. Skype supports both VoIP and Video calls. You can make calls to other Skype users or may also make calls to mobile numbers. With my personal experiences Skype is the best App/software to make voice and video calls. It is interesting to note that these calls can be recorded by the users too.

This feature can prove to be extremely useful for people who undergo Skype for business related calls. Using the recording feature, you can keep a track and backup of the calls you make. In this article, I will teach you how to record Skype calls on iPad & iPhone.

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1. Recording Skype Calls with SkyRecorder: SkyRecorder record Skype calls on iPad & iPhone

Skyrecorder is one of the best Skype recording apps in the market. It works well for iOS users and lets you record the Skype calls that you make on your iPhone or iPad. It supports VoIP recording only which means it won’t record your video calls.

Download: SkyRecorder for iOS

Here are some of the steps involved in recording with SkyRecorder:
  1. Tap on the ‘record’ button of the app and then start by placing a Skype call.
  2. Speakerphone needs to be selected in order to record your conversation on the Skype call.
Features of SkyRecorder:
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • It there is any interruption made by an incoming call on your iPhone, you can resume the recording later on with the help of Skyrecorder app.
  • It supports external stereo microphone.
  • Supported by all the operating systems in the industry.
  • The user interface of the app is simple and engaging.


2. Recording with QuickVoice: Recording with Quick Voice

QuickVoice is another useful app for recording your Skype conversations. It can be downloaded for free. QuickVoice records audio calls of unlimited duration. This is one of the best features of the QuickVoice app. However, if the audio file goes over the limit of 5MB, then the recording cannot be transferred from your iPad.

Download: QuickVoice for iOS

Features of Quick Voice:
  • One Touch Recording
  • One Touch Stop & File Saved
  • Compressed Mp4 recording file
  • Records for Seconds or Hours
  • Pause Record and Resume with adjustable recording qualities available.
  • Also with Ringtone Recording Feature.


3. Recording with Call Recorder for Skype: Call Recorder for Skype App

Skype calls are recorded as an audio file using Call Recorder for Skype by ecamm. It works on the same footsteps created by SkyRecorder and QuickVoice app. One of the best features with Call Recorder for Skype is you can turn the recording option on or off according to your own convenience. Once the recording is set on, conversations are automatically recorded. In order to check the recordings, you simply need to visit the Audio recordings tab in settings.

Download: Ecamm Recorder

Features of Call Recorder by ecamm:
  • It can record Skype audio and video calls both directly into your Mac.
  • You can set recording to automatically.
  • HD video recording.
  • You can convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting/internet-ready movies for YouTube & Vimeo.

Top 90 Best Free Proxy Sites Servers 2015 Updated

Proxy websites come into play when the server blocks certain websites from the area. When the necessity of opening that certain website in the area becomes high, you need to employ proxy websites to solve the purpose. Proxy sites help to open the websites that are restricted in colleges, schools, government officers, etc.

Using proxy sites is an easy affair. These sites redirect your network traffic through their servers so that you can access those websites since their servers are not blocked to access the website. Hence, the best way to access websites that are blocked is via proxy sites.

Most of the users know about the concept of using proxy sites but only a few know about the best free proxy sites servers. So here I’m trying to share few good shortlisted Proxy websites servers which can be useful for everyone.

My favorite Proxy sites so far:

1. Hide My Ass VPN :-Hide My Ass VPN Proxy website server

One of the best available in the industry with both free and premium versions. I myself use it occasionally. Never let you disappoint and let you surf the entire web.


2. TOR :-TOR Proxy site server

TOR stands at the top in the list due to its many great features for some it is just a proxy site server, but for many others it is one cool website to surf internet without your IP getting tracked by anyone. Beside this, it allows you to search some unexpected results like all Unindexed websites which is hidden in general search engine results like in Google, Bing, etc.

Best free Proxy Sites 2015:

  1. Unlock My Web –
  2. Proxy Site –
  3. Hide My Ass –
  4. Proxify – days trial)
  5. Free YouTube Proxy –
  6. Proxy –
  7. England Proxy –
  8. Unblocker –
  9. Fast USA Proxy –
  10. New IP Now –
  11. Anonymouse –
  12. Hidden Digital Info –
  13. Anony Mizer – days free trial)
  14. K Proxy –
  15. Don’t Filter –
  16. Working Proxy –
  17. Proxy 2014 –
  18. VTunnel –
  19. Rapid Proxy –
  20. Ninja Cloak –
  21. DeFilter –
  22. Quick Proxy –
  23. Free Proxy Server –
  24. Free You Proxy Tube –
  25. The Best Proxy –
  26. VPN Browse –
  27. Proxy 2014 –
  28. Just Proxy –
  29. Extreme Proxy –
  30. Fast School Proxy –
  31. Remove Filters –
  32. Monster Proxy –
  33. Hide Me Ass –
  34. UK – Proxy –
  35. Proxy One –
  36. Hide The Internet –
  37. Web Proxy Free –
  38. World Cup Proxy –
  39. View Youtube –
  40. Proxay –
  41. Greatest Free Proxy –
  42. Mega Proxy –
  43. Crazy Proxy –
  44. IP Switcher –
  45. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  46. Stardoll Proxy –
  47. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  48. Fish Proxy –
  49. See Proxy –
  50. Surf Proxy –
  51. Sporium –
  52. Saoudi Proxy –
  53. Proxy Browse –
  54. Proxy Internet –
  55. Proxy 2015 –
  56. FB Proxies –
  57. PK Proxy –
  58. America Proxy –
  59. Suede Proxy –
  60. Korea Proxy –
  61. Brazil Proxy –
  62. ECXS –
  63. Zalmos Web Proxy –
  64. Canada Proxy –
  65. King Surf Proxy –
  66. US Proxies –
  67. Zacebook –
  68. Your Proxy –
  69. Just Unblock It –
  70. Go Proxy –
  71. Network Bypass –
  72. Me Hide –
  73. Proxy This –
  74. PHP Proxy –
  75. Xite Now –
  76. 4Ever Proxy –
  77. KProxy Site –
  78. Surf for Free –
  79. Intern Cloud –
  80. Pro Intern –
  81. Travel VPN –
  82. Fast Time –
  83. Rexoss –
  84. Hide IP Proxy –
  85. Proxy Pirate –
  86. Pun Proxy –
  87. Hide N Seek –
  88. Orange Proxy –
  89. Free Publick Proxy –
  90. Change IP & Country –
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Let us know by commenting below if you dig up any other good and promising proxy website server other than available in this list. Would love to add few more to this list.

Best Apps To Watch Online Movies & TV Shows Streaming

Smartphone devices have made it easier for you to watch TV shows and Streaming Movies services. All you need to do is download an app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, dedicated to watching online movies and TV show streaming. There are a substantial number of apps that provide such services to the users but when there are plenty to choose from, a dedicated list always helps.

Here are the Best Android/iOS Apps to Watch Online Movies and TV Shows Streaming:

1. Google Play Movies and TV:Google Play Movies and TV Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

This app can be downloaded on play store of Google without any hassle. With the help of the app, you can not only watch your favorite TV show streaming but also download them on your device to check them later. It is certainly one of the best android apps to watch online movie and TV shows streaming.

Download: Android iOS


2. Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

For accessing the streaming of your favorite TV show or a movie on this app, you don’t need to pay for any subscription. This is one of the best features of the app and makes it stand out among the rest. It also offers various channels with different categories like sports, news, entertainment and more. can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Currently has removed its iOS and Android App from both stores. Will be updated when they are available again.


3. Netflix:Netflix Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

It is one of the highly rated apps to watch TV shows and movies on mobile devices. Originally, Netflix app was made available for the iOS users but its popularity made it available for the android users too. It can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store. You will find many good TV series created originally by Netflix. It is one of the most used App/service for online streaming in many countries like USA.

Download: Android iOS


4. Dailymotion:Dailymotion Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

Your entertainment needs are fully served by the Dailymotion app. With the help of Dailymotion, you can navigate through your favorite music, TV shows and movies on your device. The app also lets you keep a track of your favorite channels. It is also considered as the largest source of videos just like YouTube. It has many videos that you won’t find in YouTube because it is not banned in many countries.

Download: Android iOS


5. IMDb movies and TV:IMDb movies and TV Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

IMDb is the world’s largest collection of TV shows, Movies and celebrity Bio content. The IMDb app enables you to follow the latest updates on any show, new movie trailer or story. It also lets you receive updates related to your favorite celebrity and other gossips.

Download: Android iOS


6. YouTube:YouTube Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

YouTube has been acquired by Google for a whopping amount of $1.65 billion. The reason is simple; YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching endless number of videos on your screen. The wide range of videos you can choose from is incredible to say the least. You can create your own channels in it and can add your own recorded videos to share it with the world.

Download: Android iOS


7. Crackle:Crackle Online Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

This app has many language options and hence, it becomes easier for the people who understand only their local language. Crackle lets you stream TV shows, movie trailers or even a full movie without any sign-up. Crackle is undoubtedly one of the best android apps to watch online movie and TV shows streaming.

Download: Android iOS

5 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Your Android Device

The new versions of Android allow screen recording. Moreover, with Lollipop, the process of screen recording has become way easier KitKat may get something new to this feature. Now it just feels like recording screencasts on your desktop. It won’t even require rooting your device. It could be helpful to guide someone how to do any task setting; it can also let you to guide someone how to solve setting issues by simply send recorded video to that person. A video guidance is the best way to help. You simply need to launch the app, click on the record button and everything on your screen will thus be recorded and captured as a MPEG-4 video format.


Here are the 5 best screen recorder apps for your Android device:

1. Mirror:Mirror Best Screen Recorder for Android

Mirror is definitely one of the best screen recording apps available in the market. It works simply like a mirror for your phone and reflects it to your desktop using AllCast Receiver, which is basically a free app for Chrome. The settings of Mirror are not too complicated and a novice user can easily enjoy its services.

2. Telicine:Telicine Best Screen Recorder for Android

It is an open source Android screen recorder that comes with a user-friendly interface. A 3 second countdown is displayed in the app and hence, you can find enough time to hide the actual recorder app from the screencast. The recording can also be stopped by simply tapping an invisible zone on your screen. This is way more convenient than tapping the app in notification bar.


3. Shou.TV:Shou.TV Best Screen Recorder for Android

It is another recording app that live casts your phone screen to the desktop without displaying any watermark. It saves videos in a substantial number of formats namely MKV, AVI, MOV and so on. The credibility of this recording app cannot be questioned in the market.


4. Rivulus:Rivulus Best Screen Recorder for Android

Rivulus is another popular video recording app that enables you to record the Android screen in multiple resolution including 1280*720 and 1920*1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. There are simply no ads in this app that makes it even more special. You can record unlimited length of videos in it. It only asks to put its logo icon watermark on the recording video.


5. Rec.:Rec. Best Screen Recorder for Android

Rec. is another incredible video recording app that carries a minimal interface and enables you to save your settings as separate presets. The recording session can be stopped by simply turning off the screen. Recording a video using Rec. is very simple and hassle-free.

Tips To Find Your Phone With These Tracking Apps & Services

Losing a phone can be cruel to your life cycle as everything is being managed with the help of a phone these days. No one wants it to get lost, so it’s better to take some promising precautions before it happens with any of us. Tracking a phone has become way easier with the advancement in technology. There is an ample of dedicated apps/ services that make sure you find your lost phone. Beside this it can be used for many other tasks, you can track cell phone locations of your cheating partners; you can use it for some secret Intel on any of your competitors and many more. Good thing about these services is that they support your older phones too and not only the Smartphones. So you should give it a try.

Tips To Find Your Phone With These Tracking Apps & Services

If you lost your phone, here are the Apps & Online Services that you can consider while tracking your device:

Tracking your phone before you lose it. In this article, I’m directing you toward the services and Apps available to make you prepared for the day you would lost your phone. Yes! people do avoid adding these apps into their smartphones for reasons like memory usage and others. But believe me it could be the best thing to get your smartphone insured without any efforts.

For Smartphone Users:

1. Prey:

For tracking up to three devices, this service is absolutely free. However, if you plan to track more than three devices, there are paid plans within the service that can help you out. Both computer users as well as phone users can avail the services of Prey. The day your phone goes missing, all you need to do is log into your account and start tracking. There is simply no need to worry about privacy as well since the app doesn’t track the phone location until you tell it to. Prey is a recommended app for any Android smartphone or iOS device.

Download: iOS Anroid

2. Lookout:

Lookout is another useful app that helps you track both iOS as well as the Android devices. You can combine tracking, security and anti-virus protection using Lookout. There are a substantial number of interesting features in the app including the one in which the system records phone’s last location right before the battery dies. This gives you a chance to gather your data before being completely erased. This app would also take a picture of the alleged thief and mail it to you. Lookout is a handy app when it comes to tracking your smartphone. You can avail the two week free trial and after that period, it costs $3 per month.

Download: Anroid iOS

3. Avast:

A similar security/virus protection app combo is offered by Avast for $2 per month. It lets you remotely lock or wipe your smartphone without any hassles. Audio or pictures of the thief can be recorded using this service as well. Avast also sends your device into the stealth mode which makes sure the thief doesn’t know your device is being protected by Avast. It can be downloaded on iOS or Android device.

Download: Anroid iOS

For non-smartphone users:

1. Accu-Tracking:

Priced at $6 per month, Accu-Tracking employs GPS tracking in order to find the location of your phone. You need to keep the GPS enabled on your device and then the app works the best. The day your phone gets lost, you can simply log into Accu-Tracking’s web account and check the location of your phone, provided that the device isn’t dead yet.

Download: Accu-Tracking

2. Mologogo:

Mologogo is a web based GPS phone tracking software that fits into most of the current phone models. Mologogo is known for offering partially free services, but it also puts conditions on the tracking. The cell phone carrier provider must allow GPS cell phone tracking. Such conditions are not present with Accu-Tracking. However, Mologogo has various users that have already tracked their device using this app. So you can try this one too I suggest.

Download: Mologogo

Google’s Translate App Receives Instant Camera Translations and Better Real Time Conversations

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is managing with local language. Google Translate has come out to be your new guide and it will not only help you translate but transform your device into a more powerful translation tool with an ample of features.

Google’s Translate App Receives Instant Camera Translations and Better Real Time Conversations

Instant Words Translation:

The Translate app of Google already lets you use your camera to take a picture of the text and get translation but the new features embedded in it have taken translation to the next level. That makes it easier for the users to navigate through the road signs in Italy or get a gist of the menu in Barcelona. Using the Translate app, you simply need to point your camera at a sign or text and you will be able to see the translated text overlaid on your screen. The best part here is that the Translate app works even without any internet connection.

The instant translation helps you to translate from English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish many more, and it’s looking to expand to other languages soon.

The recent Update added 20 more languages to Google’s Translate App.
Make Your Conversation Go Easier & Smoother:

The conversations with someone unfamiliar with your language also become easy with the help of the Translate App. You simply need to tap the mic to start speaking in a selected language, then tap the mic again and the Google Translate App will easily recognize the two languages that are being spoken. This lets you have a flawless conversation with someone talking in a completely different language than yours.

More than 500 million people use Google Translate each month and that implies to 1 billion translations in a day. It is obvious that people are recognizing the potential of the Google’s Translate app and making their lives easy in foreign countries.

The real time conversations in foreign language have been made much easier with the new Google Translate app. The update is being taken to the iOS platform and the users will soon get to experience the awesomeness of the very new Google Translate app.