How To File DMCA and Request Removal of Your Copyrighted Content From Google

The Internet is the largest library of all kinds of information that we have available for us. We can access all kinds of content online. From textual material to images and even videos. The Internet is the host to a variety of media and information.

How To File DMCA and Request Removal of Your Copyrighted Content From GoogleWhile sharing on the Internet is mostly free and open, there are some elements that might hurt content creators. Plagiarism is one such issue that has been affecting content creators around the world much too often.

Plagiarism is defined as an act in which an individual uses/copies someone else’s work and presents it as their own. Plagiarism is considered a punishable offense in many countries as well as institutions. Plagiarism on the internet is a very big issue and many artists or content creators don’t really know how to tackle this.

The Internet is huge and anything can go viral at any point of the time. So, if a plagiarized content goes viral, it will be very hard to track down the original creator. Search engines like Google provide a way to report and request removal of your copied and copyrighted content from search result pages of Google and in this post, we are going to tell you the exact process on how to file DMCA and request removal of your copyrighted content from Google.

But before that, let us know how we can check who is copying our content. We will use various different methods for this.

How to find people who are copying your content?

For Textual content

How to Find copied content from your blog on search engine
For textual content, we can simply use Google search. Follow the steps below:
  • Select any part of the paragraph of your original textual content and copy it.
  • Head over to google search and paste the content in the search box using quotes (“Your Text“). The quotes are used to make the exact content search inside quotes.
  • This will show all the content and pages over the internet that has copied your content.
  • You will now have links to every page that has copied your content.

There are many other ways and duplicate content checker tools to search for your copied content on search results like Copyscape. This online web tool is very helpful in finding your copied content by just placing your URL in the search box and it will search for the copies of your content on the entire indexed web.

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For Multimedia content

For video of the music, we have different methods. We can check websites like YouTube or SoundCloud for copied content by searching for our content’s original title or name. Many online tools are available to do this kind of tracing. If you want to make multimedia copied search then I suggest you use online tools for better results.

For images, you can use Google Image search which allows you to reverse lookup an image just by uploading, dragging or from a URL.

How to find copied Images from your blog for DMCA reportIn just a few seconds you will be stuffed with lots of copied images. But this image search results is not so specific on some occasions, as it displays the results by considering contrast and color in your image. So many other images can be display in your image search. But it helps in many ways. It is one very helpful tool by Google. You can even check fake images of any person.

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How to Report and Request removal of copyrighted or copied content?

Now that you have identified the copied content, reporting it to Google is quite straightforward and easy. You can report the following types of content:

  • Google Plus Post
  • Google Play apps
  • com blog/blog post
  • Search result
  • Google Adwords Ad

How to Report and Request removal of copyrighted or copied contentFollow the Steps listed below:

  • Head over to the Google DMCA support page and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • You will see an option to Submit a Legal Request and click on that.
  • Now, you can see the types of posts you can report.
  • Click the type of post that you want to report.
  • For blogs/blog posts on Blogger blogs, you can choose Blogger, for links in search result choose Web Search.
  • There will be a form for you to fill up and the request will be submitted.

You will be informed by Google upon removal of the request. They may or may not inform you if they don’t find the content infringing anything.

So, this was a small post in which I showed you how to file DMCA and request removal of your copyrighted content from Google. The copy-paste trend is going much around bloggers. This could lead your blog to low traffic as your high traffic keywords could be stolen using copy-paste by other bloggers.

So keep an eye on your copied content and report it to Google. Do share your experiences with filing DMCA and requesting removal of your copyrighted content from Google.

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Top 6 Most Popular & Free Image Sharing Websites

We all know that images are a great way of presenting information. There is a saying that an image is worth at least a 1000 words. We share a lot of images online. We have different services dedicated to image sharing that allow us to upload an image and share them immediately without problems.

Top 6 Most Popular & Free Image Sharing Websites

In this post we will be listing various different sources that you can use to share images online without any problems. These websites are possibly the best websites where you can share and download an image online without losing its quality at all. Bloggers may find it helpful for their blogs as images play an important part while sharing your article on social media. The quality and uniqueness always matters when it comes to image sharing.

Let us now move forward and take a look at 6 most popular and free image sharing websites.

1. Imgur is definitely one of the biggest image sharing websites and it is actively used by users across the world to easily upload pictures and share those links to and many other places.

Imgur Free Image Sharing WebsitesYou can upload an image at and then you will have the option to share the image via various different methods. You can embed those images on a website or you can also use them on image boards.

2. Flickr is a service by Yahoo! And it is a service targeted towards photographers who want to share their clicks online. As a photographer you can easily upload photos on Flickr and Flickr will automatically show the EXIF data from the photos.

Flickr Free Image Sharing WebsitesYou can set the type of license as well so as to prevent uses from unwanted elements. You can browse photos from millions of different photographers around the world as well.

3. DeviantART

DeviantART is more like a creators’ community as compared to an image sharing website. As a creator or an artist, you can upload your art on deviantART and you can get responses and feedback from a lot of people who are into the same thing as you.

DeviantART Free Image Sharing WebsitesWith over 25 million registered users, you can never run out of content to check out on deviantART and as an artist yourself, you can also share your own creations to get some feedback.

4. Fotolog

This is an image sharing website where people from around the world share images. You can name it as a photo blogging website where you can share images and information about anything that you might want to blog about. More than 32 million users from around the world use to share images.

Fotolog Free Image Sharing WebsitesYou can also get it in your iOS and Android smartphones. Apps can also let you download images for your phone wallpaper or other purposes.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best online bookmarks sites that uses images to create your own personal bookmarks. You can save all kinds of images as well on Pinterest along with links where you can mention the sources.

Pinterest Free Image Sharing WebsitesYou can check what other users have collected in their boards and you can also flaunt your own pins that you have accumulated.

6. Photobucket

Last but definitely not the least used, has been around on the internet since ages and they have been one of the top most image sharing destinations on the internet.

Photobucket Free Image Sharing WebsitesBefore came into existence, Photobucket was one of the top most places where people would upload images to be able to embed them on forums etc. Photobucket is still one of the best sites for sharing photos.

So, this was a small post in which we showed you the top 6 Most Popular and Free Image Sharing Websites. If you know about some website that we didn’t include in this list then you can let us know in the comments section below. Or also can share your experience using above listed websites.

Get Gmail Desktop Notifications in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

One of the most commonly used the web email service is This trick is to get new emails and chat alerts pop-up directly to your desktop while you are doing some other work.

Yes! You don’t need to keep your account open for all day long when you can get alerts to your desktop. This can be done by few clicks only.

This service is currently active for Chrome browser only, but you can use third-party browser extensions to activate this service in other browsers as well like in Mozilla Firefox and others.

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In this article, you will go through a detailed process of “How to get Gmail desktop notifications in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox“.

Steps for Chrome Browser:

#1. Login to your Gmail account.

#2. Click on the gear button and go to “setting” option.

Get Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Chrome#3. Go to “General” tab and find “Desktop Notifications“. Then select “New mail notifications on“.

Get Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Chrome

#4. Don’t forget to “Save Changes” at last.

And that’s it. You will get desktop notification alert for every new email arrives in your account.

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Steps for Mozilla Firefox Browser:

Firefox browser doesn’t support this feature. But still, you can activate desktop notifications feature for Firefox. But third-party extensions are always helpful.

To activate desktop notification for Firefox browser. You need to install a web browser extension into your Firefox browser. This extension goes by the name of “Gmail Notifier“. There is no security issue regarding this extension, as with this you can add Multiple accounts (or label) in it, without even storing your password in Gmail notifier.

You will be notified by a small icon in taskbar notification area.

taskbar notification areaFor detailed instruction regarding Gmail notifier, you can visit here for more info. You will find all features, know about and FAQ.

12 Image-Creation Tools to Create Stunning Images for Your Social Media Visuals & Blogs

Do you find it difficult to create attractive and creative visual content images for your social media content or blog?

12 Image-Creation Tools to Create Stunning Images for Your Social Media Visuals & Blogs

Stop using copy images from web search images, and start creating your own creative visual contents to share. Are you not so familiar with designing with professional tools to create unique visual content images?

I can promise you by the end of this article you will learn how to create best creative visual content images for your social media visuals. Mostly all creative photos are made using Photoshop, that is history now. Photoshop was used to be the first choice for making creative images but it is not so easy to be done by any beginner. Besides hiring a graphic designer will cost you more then you will earn (for beginners).

So today I’m sharing a great list of easy-to-use online tools to create social media graphics and graphics for your blog. In this article, I am going to share 12 best online tools to create attractive images for your social media visuals.

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#1. Canva: A start-to-finish designing tool

Canva is one of the most easy-to-use image creation tools out there. It free to use and can be registered using your Facebook or Google Plus account. It offers you a large variety of options to create a unique visual content images. It can be used to design nearly anything like presentations, posters, business cards, invitations and many more. It also has paid images library nearly all paid images will cost you $1 US. It will boost your visual designing with their searchable images, layouts, stylish fonts, grids, frames, graphical backgrounds, custom image size for social media, drag-and-drop option and many more. After this your image creation will be the easiest job for you.

Canva photo editor

#2. PicMonkey: Photo Editing made fun PicMonkey

Another creative dose for your social media visuals. Alternatives are always good to have, as everyone want to get their hands on everything useful to them. Social media visuals are famous to attract audiences, which makes it more difficult to be more creative than others. PicMonkey also offers free to edit without registration. Even the free option has a very wide variety of editing options. It mostly used for editing purpose it doesn’t offer you a library a pick image to edit. Besides you free to browser your desired image to edit from your system, Facebook, OneDrive, DropBox and Flickr. Under free option you will get basic edit tools, handful of effects, great touch ups, cool fonts to attract, great overlays, frames, textures, collage and themes which will be enough to create an attractive image.

 PicMonkey Image editor tool

#3. BeFunky: Free yourself from complicated software

This tool is quite famous in this photo editing filed. It is widely used by Pinterest users to create attractive collage, visual content and designer posters. The unique thing about this tool is that it offers three very common services Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer. But all three services have their own different inside tools available. It is also free to use. What I found interesting in this tool is categorized templates for many purposes and Design Elements availability under designer tool option in BeFunky. This tool has largest variety of editing and designing options under single domain. You can also find a mobile app for this. It really does make it easy to create stunning visual content images for your social media visuals. In explore option you can search photos and users images. To ease your editing and designing work this could be a perfect stop for you.

BeFunky Image creation tool

#4. Pablo: Fastest way to create and design

A very easy-to-use tool created by buffer. It only takes your 30 seconds to create beautiful graphical images for your social media sharing. To use this tool no need to login or register just visit the tool and create something interesting to share. If you are looking for advanced options like effects, touch ups, frames, collage, themes then Pablo is not for you. It is just a fastest and simplest way to edit or create images. It offers only three layouts supported with major social media websites like wide one for Facebook and twitter, Square for Instagram and Tall for Pinterest. It has a simple text box with primary and secondary text box options, you can also place your logo inside your image with limited text fonts available. And the last is its background option.

Pablo Photo editing tool

#5. Over: Photo editing on-the-go with Over App

Turn your mobile device into a designing studio. Over is image editing app available for iPhone and Android, one of the greatest on-the-go apps.

It is another photo-editing app, with this you can add text to your images, select backgrounds, stylish fonts and save your image. The edited image can also be submitted directly to your social networks.

Over image editing App

Use Over to get more likes and followers over your social networks.

#6. LiveLuvCreate: Beautify Quote Photos with LiveLuvCreate

LiveLuvCreate is another visual content image creation tool which you may find not so graphical and attractive but it is easy to use if you only want to share some thoughts via images. You need to register to create anything with this tool. It offers anonymity while sharing anything creative. If you are looking to create images to promote your brand or business on social media, then I won’t recommend this tool for the task. It is more like just fun tool to create images and share it on social media but not so perfect for business point of view. It can also be used for meme creations.

LiveLuvCreate online image editing tool

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#7. Paint.NET: Create and Edit with advanced tool

If you want to create images with advanced tools and pro level options like you find in Photoshop then you can try Paint.NET tool as an alternative to Photoshop.

This is not available for online use, to use it you have to download it from its official website. It is totally free to download; with size of 6.3MB only with quite impressive options to edit. Yes! It is more like a Photoshop. It supports many features like layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. You can get help and tips from an online forum supported by its users.

Paint.NET an advance image editor tool

#8. PiktoChart: Create your own Infographics, Reports, banners and Presentations.

PiktoChart is something professional kind of tool. It is not just an editing tool you find in your daily web surfing. It is the best and easy way to create Infographics without any difficulties all you need is content to put in. This free web app will featured you with over 400 templates, Icons, and graphics. You can do unlimited customization in it. It is used by many high level brands to create beautiful Infographics.

PiktoChart to create your own InforgraphicsAll you need to do is pick a template, then edit and publish your Infographic.

#9. PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint

Yes, PowerPoint can also do the magic. It was bit surprise to include PowerPoint into this list. But it deserves to be here. As we are talking about image creation tools, PowerPoint not only creates slides it can also create images.

PowerPoint slides can also be saved as a JPEG or PNG. Click on Save As, a drop down list option will be displayed. It will then ask you to if you want to export every slides or just current slide. You need to select current slide only, you will get an image of your PowerPoint slide. This can be also useful editing for anyone as PowerPoint can be found in every system at home or office.

PowerPoint slides can be used to create images for social mediaMake a good use of this option to promote and create creative visual contents for social media shares.

Tips: You can also create Facebook cover Photos with PowerPoint. To do so try this Tabsite’s PowerPoint Template for Facebook Cover Photos. This one is amazing trick you can do with PowerPoint.

#10. Skitch: Now guide your audiences using Skitch

This is also a free downloadable tool developed by Evernote. You can download it for windows from its Official website. It is available in Android and iPhone stores.

This tool is not a regular image editing tool which we used to give effects of stylish fonts to out images. But Skitch is used for highlighting something over webpages, or can be used to highlight something on your phone or computer screen. You can also make notes on a webpage, maps, PDFs. For me this tool is used to give directions or explain things on screen while doing tutorials or how-to articles, by the use of arrows and text. You can also highlight things in your screen with circling around it or box it with a color line.

Skitch Tool to highlight things in images

#11. QuotesCover: Three steps to create beautiful Quotes

As we know social media visuals are full of quotes. Many people like to share different and unique quotes on social media, but sometime can’t get what they actually need. Now with this tool you can make your own graphical quotes in three easy steps.

It is also used as one of the fastest tool to create graphical quotes. First step: you need to add your quote in quote box; you can also give author name in author name box. Second Step: Choose an output dimension out of 7 available. Third step: In quote picture generator have fun with the editor select different font, background, color, insert background picture.

QuotesCover best tool to make graphical quotes

#12. Pixlr: Go chrome to create with Pixlr

Pixlr is a web app. But this is not an ordinary online tool either. Pixlr gives you the exact interface you find in Photoshop. The tools available in it are very similar to Photoshop, you can select your image, add effects, overlays, filters, text fonts and borders to convert a photo from ordinary to extraordinary. It is very flexible when it comes to features or tools available in it.

Pixlr advance Image editing toolIt can also be find as a browser extension you can use Pixlr in Google Chrome as an extension.

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Go Create Something

No need to hire a graphic designer or to go for Photoshop classes. Now you got plenty of alternatives to make your graphics more attractive and impressive to share on social media. All these above mentioned tools will be enough to do any kind of job regarding your blog or social media sharing.

If you are using any other visual content creation tool which we have not mentioned in our article kindly share it, I would love to explore more tools. Also share your experiences with these tools via comment section below.

How To Check 2G, 3G, & 4G LTE Network Compatibility For Your Phone in Any Country

One of the trickiest things to know that your phone will work on a different carrier/Network is finally solved. Now you can avoid network issues before switching to any new network. This serious action was taken up by WillMyPhoneWork.

As we all know phones are sold and bought on carrier contracts these days in many countries. They are sometimes very expensive as compared to purchasing an unlocked phone. The carrier contract phones are mostly guaranteed for the one thing that is your phone will work fine with the network you bought it on. This single benefit matters a lot. On the other hand, the one who is buying a phone without any carrier contract, just by knowing that it do support 2G, 3G, or 4G networks had many chances to face issues with Network compatibility. As the phone merchants never promise you the network compatibility for different carriers in different countries.

All you need to do is make some selection out of given options regarding your device brand, model, sub-model, country and carrier. Just need to select it from a drop-down list which includes everything out there.

How To Check 2G, 3G, & 4G LTE Network Compatibility For Your PhoneAfter making your selections all you need to do is press search. You will be presented with three networks: 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

Issues you can avoid with WillMyPhoneWork Web Tool

– Avoid poor network compatibility for any phone in any country.

– You can use WillMyPhoneWork before buying any phone, so that you won’t buy a brick rather than a phone. A phone without network is as useful as brick.

– Travel country to country without having any network issues.


From now on no need to ask the question “Will my mobile phone work with a certain mobile carrier?

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What Are Some Best Alternative Mobile Ad Networks To Google AdMob For Android?

Best alternatives to AdMob by GoogleAdvertising keeps free services afloat – but competition in the advertising space is necessary to keep one company from raising a monopoly. While Google might be the big advertising giant in the internet space, there are a lot of alternatives available. Today we are going to mention some of the best alternatives mobile ad networks to Google AdMob for Android.

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#1. Velti

Velti wasn’t that big of a name in the mobile ads space but then they went on an acquiring spree – they bought Media Cannon, AdInfuse and MobClix, some of the best alternatives to AdMob that were available at the time. Now clearly that makes Velti a good option to look at.


#2. MobFox

MobFox mostly specializes in high revenue targeted ads for Europe and US, they also allow you to set a minimum price for clicks on ads.


#3. MoPub

Isn’t exactly an experienced reputed player in this battle, but it is that kid who jumps in with the new shiny gadgets. MoPub gives you multiple types of ads (full screen, video ads, banners, etc), from multiple ad networks, and supports in-app transactions. It’s not even hard to implement in your apps!


#4. LeadBolt

LeadBolt provides some really high eCPM, and fill rate ads, they also have different types of ads you can choose from.


#5. AppBrain

It gives you some excellent analytics tools to plan out your monetization strategy. They give you options of different types of ads with high eCPM and an SDK to implement these ads in your apps easily.


#6. AdMarvel

This one is owned by Opera Software. The same company that makes Opera browser, just so you know. It might not be the most advanced player in the town but it’s an experienced one. AdMarvel gives you access to multiple ad networks.


#7. Smaato

Smaato gives you access to about 390 ad networks and access to some excellent tools that will help you optimize your monetization. Smaato also has an applet that lets you create native ads for Android very fast and easily.


#8. AdiQuity

It specializes in video ads. Now that might not be your thing but these ads provide some really good revenue if you can implement them without many revolts from your user base.


#9. BuzzCity

It is what you should use if you like getting paid via a service like PayPal.


#10. Mojiva

This is one of the more premium ad publishers, you will have to apply to get access to their network, this might be a good thing or a bad thing. You will have to find out yourself.


#11. MobileCore

MobileCore is again one of the new guys around, mobileCore has multiple ad types and a proper SDK to integrate with your apps. mobileCore also focuses on minimal data consumption – something your users might appreciate in the long run.


#12. inMobi

It is more about discoverable advertising than the usual advertising. If you are building an app that is also a store for something, you might want to give a look at inMobi.


#13. TapJoy

It claims to have an astonishing user monetization rate of 88%. Clearly, they are doing something right – maybe providing the right kind of ads at the right moment, but whatever it is, you are not going to be disappointed by it.


#14. Komli Mobile

It gives you real-time analytics and results. Komli also has a diverse range of ad formats for different experiences.


#15. Vdopia

It also focuses on video ads, but they have better tools and real-time analytics to help you with your monetization.


So these are some of the best alternatives for Google AdMob we could recommend. While Google AdMob is the best network in terms of integration and analytics, it’s not the best in terms of the revenue it generates for you. We hope these few recommendations help you decide your next monetization partner.

I would also request you to keep this post updated with your tested tools and knowledge so that every visitors could get help to try any best or latest tools for their Apps analytics. Keep us updated via comments section under this post.

And if you find it helpful kindly share it as much as you can.

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