Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Admit it!

You want more organic traffic no matter how many page views you get at this very moment. Many of you are desperately looking for the best way to bring tons of search engine visits to your site.

But guess what? The key to opening the door of huge organic views are in your hands. It’s nothing but your primary keyword itself.

No! I am not telling you to use the same word over and over again in your article. Instead, I am going to share with you a new term called long tail keywords which you can get from the seed keyword.

Maybe, Long-Tail keyword isn’t a new term to you. You might have heard it and let it go through your mind like any other unwanted phrase.

But let me tell you! As a digital marketer, you should believe in the power of long tail keywords. As of these days, adding long tail keywords in your posts is one of the most important parts of WordPress SEO guides.

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How to Search for Long Tail Keywords and Use it in Your Content?

I have divided this article into different portions for improving the readability.

First, I want to give you an introduction to long tail keywords.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

As the name indicates, long tail keyword is something lengthier. If you use it wisely it can be used to target your audience and increase the scope of your content.

Let me give you an example. You are writing an article on ‘make money online’. So, that’s your seed keyword.

But when it comes to long tail keywords, they can be like how to make money without using Google AdSensehow to make money online from Adsense, how to make money online without paying anything, make money online without investments. You can come up with a lot more as well.

As we all know, the days of keyword stuffing is gone.

And, the best way to have your keyword in the content in a sensible way is to leverage the power of long tail keywords. Apparently, you may not rank well for the exact long tail phrase. But the ranking for the seed keyword will surely get improved.

How to Research for Long Tail Keywords?

One of the most heard doubts a lot of marketers ask is how to find long tail keywords. You can do it in two different ways; both manually and with the help of tools. I recommend going with the second method as it helps you get an idea of the search volume as well.

Are you ready to know how to search for long tail keywords? Here you go!

N.B.- I want you to decide your seed keyword first before even looking into the methods below.

Using Google Keyword Planner

Even though Google created this amazing tool for advertisers, it has become a boon for publishers as well.

Finding long tail keywords with Keyword Planner isn’t a mammoth task as you may expect.

Step 1: You have to visit Google Keyword Planner and, log into your account.

Step 2: Once you sign into the account, you will see multiple options there. What you need to select here is Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 3: Clicking on the same reveals a new set of fields underneath. Don’t worry about filling everything. All you have to do is just plug your seed or primary keyword into the first field and hit Get ideas.

In our case, it is “make money online.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 4: After a moment, you will get a huge list of Ad group ideas. Click on keyword ideas tab to get all related keywords to “make money online“.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 5: Now select one or two keywords based on searches and competition which you will be going to use to get long tail keywords. Here we go with “ways to make money online“.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Step 6: To get tons of long tail keywords paste “ways to make money online” in the search box to get ideas. Now you will get a list of best relevant searched keywords on your screen.

Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Unfortunately, Google has stopped displaying exact search volume. Still, you get a rough figure.

Keyword Planner gives you an option to download all these keywords in an Excel CSV file for offline access.

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Using 7Search

7Search is yet another long tail keyword generator to help you with your online venture.

If you are desperate to know the exact search volumes for keywords, you are going to love this tool.

First, you have to visit 7search.

Second, click on the Advertisers link given on the top navigation bar.

Using 7Search to find long tail keyword

What you see next is a text area where you can insert your seed keyword without any hesitation. If you want to target more than one keyword, just separate them using commas.

Here I entered blogging. Now hit see keyword results.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

After this, there is some issue with the keyword tool as it is taking too long to show results. So I suggest you one other way to get this keyword tool working.

So I suggest you one other way to get this keyword tool working. Go down to website’s footer links and click “keyword Tool“.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

Now, you will be directed to keyword suggestion tool page. Enter your seed keyword, check “show click and cost estimates“. Click on Get Suggestions.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

As you see in the image, you will get the list of exact long tail keywords with your primary phrase in them along with the CPC and search volume.

Find long tail keyword Using 7Search

You can also export the list into an offline excel sheet for future use.


Using Keyword Shitter

Honestly, I am a great fan of Keyword Shitter. The way it delivers huge results without having any fancy element is just awesome.

Working on Keyword Shitter is really simple. Just visit the website, insert your keyword(s) and press Shit Keywords! There you go!

Find long tail keywords Using Keyword Shitter

Though the performance is lightning, you won’t get any additional details.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

As we have done with the long tail keyword research, let’s have a look at the ranking factors.


Long Tail Ranking Elements

If you want to rank your for long tail keywords, you have to put your attention also into some content creation tactics.

#1. Strong Keyword-Rich Headlines

Using keywords in headlines is a ranking technique that we always know. But we don’t always go for the same.

For a blogger who always cares about user experience, stuffing keywords into titles may seem like a chaos. If you are such a person, all you need is deep thinking.

Once you have a bunch of keywords, you must pick a few of them with higher search volumes to be included in the title and headings.

In our example, I chose “make money online, how to make money online, and make money online from home.” Combining these phrases to get one title is more than easy.

How to make money online from home?

See? You can see all the three keywords in this title.

Similarly, you should use them on your headings as well.

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#2. Internal Linking Chain System

Do you know why Wikipedia gets the top position for most of the search terms? It’s because of its vigorous internal linking.

Internal Linking Chain System

If you check a Wikipedia article, you can see tons of internal links no matter what the target page is related to the source or not.

Google wants you to give value to the user experience. Once you interlink (link to a page on your own website), it shows you want to give extra information to your audience. And in Google’s scanner, it will be taken as a valuable act to increase user experience.

So whenever you write an article, you should link to already published articles. I recommend you do use related links to what you talk about.

For a blog owner with tons of articles, interlinking may not be a cakewalk. If you have such a blog on WordPress, I have good news for you. Mentionable is one of the best plugins that helps you interlink in a flash of the second like you mention people on Facebook using [email protected]

Having breadcrumbs on your blog is another good practice for improving search ranking as Google likes better navigation.

breadcrumbs on your blog

Make sure you vary the anchor texts at times because the same anchor text on different places that points to a single page will get you into troubles.

#3. Trusted Links

Even though we say SEO is an ever-changing field, the importance of backlinks hasn’t even decreased a bit. You can rank higher with the help of links from authority websites.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to check the link profile of your competitors.

First, search for your primary keyword on Google. Here it is “make money online”.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Once you get the results, copy the URL of the first webpage (Make sure it is not a sponsored ad).

Then, go to any backlink checker tools. Open Site Explorer is the Swiss army knife for a lot of marketers in this regard. Though it’s a premium tool, you can sign for a free limited account.

Paste the URL into the given field and, assess the quality in terms of DA and PA. The higher the DA, the better the quality of the site will be.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Now try to get links from those sites via guest blogging and blog commenting. The former is the effective and most legitimate way.

#4. Social Signals

People share useful content only. If you provide value, your articles get shared many times. So, Google started taking the social engagement as a criterion to rank sites.

One of the best ways that worked for me in getting social signals is lock something inside your content using share buttons. Once anyone completes a share, the content becomes visible.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use Social Locker plugin (both free and premium versions available).


Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords

In this section, I am going to give you a few long tail keyword finders here. You have got three tools already; Keyword Planner, 7search, and Keyword Shitter.

Here are bonus tools for Long-Tail keywords:

#1. Google Related Keywords

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

On the bottom of every Google search page, you will get a list of related keywords. Whenever I write an article, the first thing I check is the same portion.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

The benefit is you don’t have to worry about search volume of these long tail phrases much.


If you want to have popular long tail keywords from different platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia etc., you should use

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Signing up for a free account grants you with an access to:

  • Download all you keyword lists to your computer
  • copy them to the clipboard
  • set your default language and country.
#3. Long Tail Pro

Do you want an authoritative tool to get profitable long tail keywords? Then, Long Tail Pro should be your first pick. The tool features tons of features including rank tracker, CPC checker and keyword competition analyzer etc.

It’s a paid tool.

#4. Hittail

If you want to go professional and can able to afford paid tools then I suggest you try out this one. The special thing about this tools is that you can see actual search volume and currently indexed web pages to compete with. You can pick low competition keywords for better and faster ranking. Besides the long tail keywords searched by this tool are very helpful in all matters.

Best Strategies And Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Under this tool searched results can be sorted by regional google search engines whatever country results you want to search.

#5. Google Auto-Suggest

Another amazing keyword searching tool by Keyword Tool Dominator. You can assume it as an upgraded version of google related keywords searching feature.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

It is a free tool. And quite a helpful tool for new bloggers to search good long tails keywords. This tool also let you download keywords in excel sheet format.

#6. UberSuggest

New bloggers always fond to hunt free tools to get best results for their blogs. Here is another free keyword research tool for everyone. UberSuggest is free to use but as by personal experience, I don’t like it that much for long tail keyword search. But still, it counts under the great list of tools.

Let’s search for seed keyword “blogging“.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords


Last on our long tail keyword search tools list. This is one perfect SEO tool for anyone. And I definitely recommend this tool to all newbie or professional bloggers. Here we set our seed keyword “SEO tips“.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Here is the long-tail keyword research for our seed keyword.

Best Tools To Find Long-Tail Keywords

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to find long tail keywords now. As you read in the beginning of this post, long tail phrases help you improve your main keyword’s ranking.

Edit your old articles and insert long tail keywords into it. And, include profitable phrases in your new content too.

You can use the best long tail keyword generators to reap phrases with huge potential.

How To Get More Likes & Followers On Instagram?

How To Get More Likes & Followers On Instagram?

You want to know how to get more followers on Instagram, don’t you?

Each one of us has a misconception that from the day one, we get a huge number of followers on any social media network no matter what. But it gets busted soon after you join the network.

That’s why you are here, looking for ways to gain Instagram followers. I have some surefire methods which will help you get a considerable amount of followers.

How to Get More Likes & Followers on Instagram?

The following are some tips to get more followers on Instagram.

#1. Engage with Other Users

If you are looking for the best natural way to engage with other users, you must engage with other users.

Engagement on Instagram means likes and comments. When you see a stunning image on Insta, just like it and drop a comment. Once the account owner finds your genuine comment, he/she will surely follow you.

I recommend you shouldn’t use your Instagram account as a tool to indulge in nasty word fights. Remember, you are there to increase the number of followers, not the haters.

Other Social Media Management Tools for Instagram Marketing:

#2. Complete Your Bio

If you are seriously looking for how to get Instagram followers for free, you should complete your bio.

Do you like following an account with an incomplete bio? I know you don’t.

Complete Your Instagram Bio

The same psychology goes on with everyone. So, better you complete your bio or forget the thought of getting more followers.

When you complete the bio, you must use appropriate hashtags and keywords. Don’t hesitate to drop a link to your website if you have any.

Beware! Don’t be spammy!

Not everyone who sees your profile will follow you.

#3. Follow Like-Minded People

If you are on Instagram for a reason (for example, social media promotion), you need to follow accounts that closely resemble your purpose or interest.

As on Twitter, you can get a lot of followers by simply following them in return. Use the search bar to find like-minded people. Then, start following at least ten per day. Track your progress after a week or ten days.

You will know the power of the follow button in getting followers.

#4. Make Use of Hashtags

Next tip in this how to get more Insta followers list is to make use of good hashtags.

Almost all the Instagram users utilize search field to find accounts and posts. If you use appropriate hashtags for images, you will reserve a spot in the search results. Apparently, people start checking your pictures. Once they find it appealing, you will see a huge rise in the number of followers.

Make Use of Hashtags

Don’t go mean with Insta likes, by liking other user’s photos you will get more followers and likes.

Many hashtags are known to help each other with likes on their posts. You can also use few common hashtags to get more followers on Instagram such as #FF, #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes (tag a friend) and #followback, etc.

Or you can also use popular hashtags into your posts.

Some users insert too many hashtags into their posts which are not anyway harmful to your posts unless you wanted your post to look classy and sophisticated.

Again, hashtags should be pinpointing.

#5. Weave Spot-on Captions

Captions have a significant influence in fetching Instagram followers for you.

Users who check your images or videos surely read your captions. Given that you always add an interesting ingredient to make your captions look appealing, your posts gain more likes and as a result, you will see a sudden increase in the number of followers as well.

When you feel hesitant about what to put into the captions field, you can check other accounts to absorb the gist of their captions, not to copy them but to take inspiration from.

#6. Host an Instagram Contest

Do you want to know how to get more Instagram followers quickly?

Host an Instagram Contest

Trust me; you will be amazed to see how many followers a simple photo contest can get you. You don’t have to do much.

Just upload an image with contest details. And, you have to create a unique hashtag as well.

You should clearly state in the guidelines that people who follow will only be considered. Don’t forget to announce prizes too (simple electronic gifts like earphones will do).

Tools to create Social Media Visuals for Instagram Contests Banners/Posters:

#7. Ask Questions

Questions increase engagement.

You know that, don’t you?

When you ask questions in an intriguing fashion, no one can help themselves from answering the same. Means, you will get more comments on Instagram.

At least a few people who comments under your post will follow you for future updates.

You can ask questions using captions field. Or, just embed the question into the image itself.

#8. Know the Best Time to Post

Do you use Instagram every time?

Know the Best Time to Post Instagram

Similarly, people aren’t on Instagram around the clock. That’s why you need to realize the best time to post.

It is found that videos get maximum engagement between 9 pm and 8 am. And, images perform well all over the day. Different best timings for different time zones.

#9. Post More on Sundays

Sunday is a proclaimed holiday.

Most of the people come online on Sundays more than any other days. Surprisingly, a recent survey revealed that the number of images getting posted on Sundays is less as compared to the rest.

The lesser the number of images, the more will be the visibility. So, I recommend you must post more on Sundays. It will help you get maximum reach and followers as well.

#10. Geotagging with Photos

Geotagging in Instagram works great and very helpful for your local business.

Instagram Geotagging with Photos

Geotagging is good at catching the attention of local users in that geolocation. If you geotag a photo in New York, then all other users posted photos in New York will able to see your photo on the location’s page.

As Instagram creates a location based page when a photo is geotagged and all photos geotagged at the same location will be displayed in that location’s page.

#11. Promote Yourself on Other Social Networks

Promote your Instagram account on other famous social networks.

You can share your created memes, graphical images, creativity, or videos on other famous social media sites like Twitter, Facebook profile/page or in facebook groups.

Attract users on other social media sites by letting them know what can they expect if they start following you on Instagram. As fitness tips and self-created funny videos inspire people to follow you on Instagram for more updates.

The more unique and often you share, the more followers you will get. So promoting your Insta account on other social networks could be very effective.

#12. Use Filters for Photos

A final touch should always be perfect.

Use Filters for Instagram Photos

You may already know about Instagram filters. But can they attract more followers?

Yes, they can.

Using filters for your photos will definitely attract more users. There are plenty of filters available in Instagram. Few sorted filters for you “Normal, Reyes, Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe, Rise, Valencia, Amaro, Brannan, Lomo-fi, Hudson, Mayfair“.

How filters attract more followers?

A normally clicked photo never good enough to catch eyes on. So to get all eyes focus on your photos you must have to use filters to give them a final touch and make them extraordinary with contrast and colors.

#13. Combine Your Photos

Combine a collection of perfect photos together for better engagement.

Instagram also launched an app for you to combine your multiple photos into a single photo.

This collage making effect will give your photos different looks and it’s not so common uploads by random users so it also could attract more followers to your Instagram.

Tools to Create Awesome Pictures & effects:

#14. Boomerang App

Boomerang a very recently added app by Instagram. This is an another big step by Instagram. But not a new thing in the app industry.

You can shoot daily life short videos and post them directly to your Instagram. Few moments cannot be that amazing in photos. Give those moments a life and capture them with the boomerang and share it on your Instagram.

In Boomerang, you can use video looping and Hyperlapse.

#15. Tricky Deep Hashtag Search

My suggestion to all Instagram users who always want to try out some tricks to get more followers on Instagram.

Tricky Instagram Deep Hashtag Search

Instagram is all about searching and peeing over others profiles and images.

Instagram search is based on hashtags (#) only. Here I am going to demonstrate a tree of strategies with you.

Suppose you want to make a post related to “travel” go to search option and search “travel“.

You will see #travel hashtag at the top. When you open it you will see many travel related hashtags on top of your screen as you can see in above screenshot.

Use those hashtags with your travel related posts and you will notice a huge hike in your post likes and followers.

There is one more option you could try out.

Again go to search option, this time, select tags before you search.

Now search travel and all popular hashtags related to travel will be displayed on your search.

You can then select best-suited hashtags to your post and see the result of using right hashtags on Instagram.

When you use popular hashtags in your post, your post will be displayed in that popular hashtag pages too. It can increase your post visibility and increase your followers and likes.

#16. Be Consistent

Consistency is a key to success.

Maybe you are looking for how to get more Instagram followers instantly. But you should understand the fact that long-term success lasts forever.

Keep 15 tips I gave above in your mind and implement the same while posting. Don’t stop. Even when you achieve your target of Instagram followers, don’t settle.

You will thank me later for giving you this advice.

Here are some Social Media Marketing Tools you may like:

Wrapping Up

I have given you fifteen tips on how to get more Instagram followers.

After all, make sure you post interesting or useful information. Entertainment or information, either of these should be your motto. You will get tons of followers if you stick to any of these niches.

In case you have any doubt regarding the tips I have shared here, don’t forget to scribble down in the comment section down below.

I hope you will share this article with your social media peeps.

13 Things To Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

13 Things To Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

You want to make money, don’t you?

One of the best and popular ways for making money is Google AdSense. It is a platform that brings publishers and advertisers together under one roof. Making money using Google AdSense is all every blogger’s first choice while starting up with blogging.

But let me ask you one question. Do you have an AdSense account? Most probably, you don’t! And, that’s exactly why you are here, reading this article.

You might have tried many times and miserably failed. Nonetheless, this time, you are going to get a Google AdSense account.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the things to do before applying for AdSense.

Things to be Considered before Applying for Google AdSense

Google is very strict about AdSense publishers that your account will get terminated soon after you do any fraudster activity or violet any rules. And, you can’t even get an account without a proper website.

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So, here we go; things you must do before you apply for Google Adsense.

#1. Check the Quality of Your Content

Content is king, it surely is!

Google as the whole gives the greatest significance to the content quality. So, you won’t get AdSense approved if you have low-quality content on your blog.

One of the main aspects of getting an AdSense account is to have high-quality content. When you write something, make sure you cover everything about it, giving no room for confusions.

Most important thing you should care about is the uniqueness. If you are a person who hires writers, you should use any plagiarism checker tools to ensure the 90-100% uniqueness.

Google hates duplicate content.

#2. Create an About Us Page

You should show your identity on your blog to get Google AdSense approval. Even if you want AdSense for your event or niche blog, you must apply to your public blog. And later after approval, you can show ads on whichever sites you want.

An about us page simply describes who is the person behind a particular blog. You can tell about yourself and your motive behind starting the blog there. Don’t make it too short and too long as well.

Just tell how you ended up creating the blog. And, don’t try to cook up anything about you and insert in the about section. It will do more harm than any good.

#3. Have a Decent Number of Articles

How much content do you need for AdSense?

Do you have this confusion?

Well, there is no specific number of posts one should have on his blog to get AdSense approved. But I recommend you should post a decent amount of content before you even think about applying for Google AdSense.

As long as your content quality is good, AdSense won’t reject your application even though you don’t have many articles posts in your blog.

I think about 20 articles will do the job. And, you should care about the length of the content as well. Each of your articles should have 600+ words in it. Fresh and unique content always win the game. Do not start your game play with copied content.

#4. Show Your Email ID

You may argue it isn’t needed. But I always recommend bloggers to unveil their email address on the About-Us page or somewhere on the website.

Google wants to know you are transparent and value user experience. In order to make it easy for the readers to reach out to you, having email ID shown on the website is mandatory.

The best place to show the same is the About-Us page. While you talk about yourself, providing email address doesn’t look weird there.

#5. Have a Privacy Policy

A privacy policy defines how you treat your audience. That’s why Google wants to see the same on your blog.

An ideal privacy policy talks about how the website gathers and uses the customer details. As the content should be completely formal, you may find it awkward to write it. In such a scenario, you can use any of the privacy policy creators available on the web.

#6. Don’t Use Copied Images

There may be exceptions! But you shouldn’t use images from any other sources.

Copying image is a form of plagiarism and as I said earlier, Google will not like you for doing that.

Always try to create unique images. When you write a tutorial, take screenshots by yourself. In case you want to post an infographic from a website, make sure you give proper credits.

If you have no other ways than using an image from another website, I recommend you should edit it. You can crop and change the color of the arrows and pointers to make it look unique. Obviously, you will not face any copyright warning thereafter.

#7. Check Your Type of Content

As a person who wants to know how to apply for Google AdSense account, you must check your content type. Google doesn’t approve websites with sensitive and explicit content (pornography, pirated software, hacking, cracking etc.).

And, they have an acclaimed list of languages. If your website is in a language which is not supported by AdSense, I am sorry to say that you can’t show ads there.

AdSense list of languages

At present, AdSense only supports ad serving in this language. The AdSense product interface and Help Center are not currently available in this language.

#8. Create a Contact Us Page

Make it easy for people to contact you.

A Contact-Us page is one of the prominent Google AdSense requirements. Google forms help you create forms if you are not using WordPress.

For WordPress platform, there are many WordPress plugins available for this purpose.

#9. Have a Nice Theme and Navigation

By nice, I don’t mean flamboyant. Just choose any minimalistic theme or SEO optimized themes with a top navigation that brings your audience to different categories and pages. That would do the trick.

AdSense team gives supreme importance to the better navigation. And, they will give you the exact reason behind rejection if your blog lacks a navigation element.

#10. Domain Age Must be 6 Months Old

AdSense has different eligibility rules for few Asian countries from long ago. As for countries like China and India, there is a requirement for users before applying for AdSense. Your domain age should be at least 6 months old if you want to apply for Google AdSense.

Has your site been active for at least six months?
In some locations, including China and India, we require your site to have been active for at least six months before it will be considered. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Beside this eligibility requirement, there are blogs with less than 6 months old age are also getting approved. They must have focused on other strong requirements for AdSense or they could be regularly updated their blog with fresh content.

#11. Apply With Root Domain Only

Always use root domain before applying for AdSense. Never try to use any subdomains for Adsense as they are not accepted by AdSense.

Apply with root domain” no subdomain ““.

#12. Redirecting Traffic Won’t Help

Many users try to redirect a good amount of traffic from their other websites to the one for which they want to apply for AdSense. Traffic is not required to get approved by AdSense. AdSense team never check for traffic count while approving any AdSense account and it is sure.

So redirecting traffic to get approved by AdSense will not be helpful.

#13. Avoid Any AdSense Alternatives

This one is not considered as an official requirement in AdSesne terms, but it’s always considered a better precaution to avoid any rejection. There are many available ad-networks alternatives to Google AdSense. (Revenue hits, BidVertiser, Chitika, Clicksor, etc)

I suggest you to avoid placing any other alternative ad-networks to Google AdSense while applying for AdSense. And keep them disabled on your blog till you get any response from AdSense team about your account approval or rejection.

So always make sure to disable all other ad-networks before applying for AdSense.

Google AdSense not working well for you check out these articles:

Wrapping Up

I have shared 13 things to do before applying for Google AdSense. Apart from these, you should be 18+ to get an account.

In case you have any doubt regarding this article, you can reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

Don’t forget to share this post with your social media peeps.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

Admit it!

Choosing a web hosting provider isn’t easy, especially if you are a newbie blogger. There are hundreds of them with many marketing terms and features.

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

For a new blogger, who is thinking to start a blog it’s always a headache in how to pick the best web hosting service for their fresh blog because almost all new bloggers don’t want to pay the big amount of cash for some high end hosting plans. But there are always ample of hosting options for new bloggers when it comes to picking a cheap web hosting services.

Most of the bloggers end up choosing the wrong web hosting provider for the first time provided their knowledge in the subject is less. That’s exactly why I have crafted this post to help you choose the best web hosting service both in terms of performance and price as well.

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Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

The following are the list of best web hosting for newbie bloggers, which you will find cost effective.

#1. iPage

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

If you are looking for a real cheap web hosting service, you should buy the shared plan from iPage. They only charge you as low as $1.99 per month.

The perks of buying their plan are you will get a free domain worth $15, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free site building tools. They also provide you with free ad credits, security suit, cPanel and a 30 days money back guarantee.

In case you won’t like their service, they will give your money back within a month. But this isn’t applicable after the one month period.

Apart from shared hosting, you can purchase VPS, dedicated and WordPress plans from iPage. As far as cheapness is concerned, shared hosting should be your pick.

The customer support team is responsive enough that you can reach both via chat and phone. Both the modes of contact offer a real-time response.

They have a lot of features with each plan, which you can unveil on their website.

#2. FatCow

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

Next up in my list of best cheap web hosting is FatCow. Normally you have to spend $49 per year to buy the shared plan. But they also offer a secret link page to buy web hosting at very cheap rate which will cost you $12.00 for 12 months* (Only $1.00/month)

They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. So, it won’t create any issue even if your site gets an unusual outburst in traffic. Just like the previous one in this article, FatCow also offers a free domain for one year. After the period ends, you will have to spend the renewal fee.

The plan also includes unlimited email accounts along with free website builder and one-click script installer. As Google takes https as one of the ranking factors, getting one for free doesn’t hurt, does it? Yeah, FatCow gives free SSL certificates.

The customer support is available 24×7 that guides you to the right way in case anything goes wrong. You will also get free 1 GB cloud storage to save your important files.

They have all other types of hosting like VPS, dedicated, and WordPress as well.

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#3. GoDaddy

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

GoDaddy needs no introduction in the field of web hosting. They have been serving the customers all over the world since long.

If you check their service range, you will see the price isn’t as expensive as the other competitors. You can buy a shared hosting plan for only $2.49 per month. But you can’t host more than one domain using the same plan.

As they provide free domain for one year (not for every plan, though), you will not find it expensive barring the cheapest cost of hosting. The storage is 30 GB, which is more than enough for a newbie (or even a person with a moderate website).

GoDaddy’s basic shared plan allows up to 10 email addresses. But for backups and restores, you will have to pay something extra.

They have three advanced shared plans up in their sleeves. If you don’t think the starter plan is not for you, then try others.

Yeah, GoDaddy offers complete web solution with every type of hosting and domain services.

#4. Bluehost

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

I am not talking about the global version (.com) of Bluehost but, Maybe you haven’t heard of them. But it’s one of the popular web hosting solutions among bloggers.

They don’t overcharge the customers. The shared plan starts from 239 INR per month, that’s about $3.61.

Unlike the GoDaddy shared hosting plan, you can host unlimited domains here (not in every plan). Though provides a free domain for one year, I haven’t found such information here on the Indian version.

Yeah, you will get both unlimited storage and bandwidth. The number of email accounts is also not limited.

In this hectic world, what everyone needs is speed. The same goes on with your website too. If your website is slow-loading, no one will ever give a damn about it. There are thousands of other websites on the web, with similar data. They will focus their attention on them.

That’s why Bluehost has a global CDN that will reduce the loading time.

#5. SiteGround

5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services For New Bloggers

If you are looking for an authoritative and cheap web hosting service, you can go for SiteGround without any hesitation.

Their WordPress and shared hosting plans have similar pricing. Apparently, it will go higher once you choose advanced solutions like VPS and dedicated servers. The web space is limited, though.

The basic plan priced at $3.95 per month can only be used to create one website. You should go higher for hosting multiple websites.

They also offer a free website migration service along with the standard features. The SSD storage and free CDN ensure the loading time of the site is less. Moreover, their Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate helps you get an edge over others on SERPs.

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Wrapping Up

You have got five best cheap web hosting services now.

Which web host are you using right now? If you are just starting out, which provider do you want to use?

In case I missed to include any of your personal favorites, feel free to scribble down the same in the comment section down below.

And, don’t forget to jot down your doubts there as well if you have any. I will be more than glad to help you out.

I hope you will hit one of the share buttons given here to help your social media friends.

9 Best Methods To Make Money Without Google AdSense

No, you don’t need Google AdSense to make money online!

If you are a person who thinks AdSense is mandatory to earn decent income via online, you are dead wrong. There are many ways through which you can make a handful of money without using AdSense.

9 Best Methods To Make Money Without Google AdSense

I know you have no idea what I am talking about. That’s why I have coined all the AdSense-less methods together in this post.

So, are you ready to find out how to make money without AdSense? Here you go!

Not getting enough with Google AdSense check out these articles:

Make Money without AdSense

I have listed out all the methods below to help you earn a decent monthly income.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best (if not, the best) methods to make money online is affiliate marketing. Unlike AdSense, you won’t need massive traffic to earn decent money. With right kind of targeting, you can make $$$$ with a few daily visits.

Finding it difficult to choose a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

The idea is you use your own blog or other publishing media to promote others’ products. Once anyone buys from your referral link, you will get a specific percentage of their revenue as the commission. Most of the digital products and e-commerce vendors have affiliate programs.

You can also join affiliate marketplaces like ShareASale and CommissionJunction.

#2. Sponsored Reviews

Have you heard of sponsored reviews? You can use them to make money without AdSense.

First, you need a popular blog to get started with sponsored reviews. Brands will reach out to you for getting their products reviewed on your blog. If you don’t have a popular site, they will never do it.

Most of the times, they will ask you for a do-follow a link. I don’t think there will be any adverse effects for giving occasional do-follow links. Beside do-follow and Nofollow links prices vary, as an only do-follow link has a value as the backlink.

The price of sponsored post solely depends on your site traffic and matrices like Alexa Rank and DA.

#3. Sell Services

Do you have any specific skill like writing or designing? If you have, you can sell them appropriately to make a ransom.

Say you are a writer. Then, you can promote your service on your blog and, design a Hire Me page to acknowledge you give writing service. But make sure you write high-quality content lest no one will give a damn about you.

You can also go for SEO, coaching and consulting services to make a good amount of money. The trick is the way you promote your service. It is possible to promote services inside your blog posts effectively. But don’t overdo it.

#4. Provide Links

Do you know? Even a single backlink can do wonders in search results. That’s why people are always willing to pay $$$ for a single backlink from a high-quality site.

When you think your blog has become an authority and you don’t want to earn from AdSense, you can try your hands on contextual and sitewide links.

Beware! Giving massive and not-relevant links regularly will bring your blog to danger. So, you must weave proper content to back up the link. Moreover, I don’t recommend you should go behind sitewide.

#5. Sell Products

You can sell anything online. Have you got a new cell phone? What about selling your old one?

Maybe, you can set up an e-commerce site and sell something (maybe, customized T-Shirts). In case you are a blogger, you can write an e-book on the strategies you use to popularize your blog. Don’t price ebook vigorously, though.

Amazon and Ebay are two good places using which you can sell goods. They will take some processing fees. But overall, they are profitable.

#6. Create a Membership Section

Many authority blogs successfully earn a lot of money by giving exclusive membership to their audience. You can also try the same.

Once you make your mind create a membership part, make sure you have enough content to provide the members. If you don’t have any exclusive and valuable materials, you will feel it hard to earn something over time.

For WordPress, you can make the process of creating the membership section easier with the help of dedicated plugins.

#7. Use AdSense Alternatives

If you think advertisement is the best-earning method and you are not able to create Google AdSense account, you should try out its alternatives. Though the CPC and earning potential are less than that of the Google product, you won’t be disappointed.

You can sign up for Infolinks, Revenuehits, Buysellads, Propellerads etc.

Make sure you don’t integrate pop-up and pop-over ads because they disturb your visitors and, they will never come back to your site.

You are a single Google search away from many alternatives. They will help you make money without AdSense.

#8. Write and Sell an Ebook

Do you have a flair for writing? Then, you can write an ebook on any of your favorite topics and sell the same via your blog.

As I said earlier, the success stays in the way you promote the ebook. You can use any methods to bring sales. One of the best ways I think is to have an affiliate program. And then, tell about your ebook to your fellow bloggers. Maybe, you can give them a review copy as well.

#9. Sell Ad Spaces on Your Website

Did Adsense ban your website?

Don’t worry! You can also earn money from your blog by selling ad spaces on your blog.

You need to show ‘display your ads here’ banners on your sidebars. You can also create an ‘Advertise’ page with the terms and conditions for advertisers.

Given that your website gets a decent number of daily page views, you will get people pay to you within no time.

Helpful Tips to avoid getting Google AdSense banned:

Wrapping Up

You have got nine ways to make money without AdSense.

I don’t mean you should follow each method. Just read them and decide which one is the best for you. Maybe, you can concentrate on multiple ways. But you should be good at them.

Do you make money online? If you do, share your method here in the comment section down below.

7 Best Push Notifications Plugins For WordPress

Email marketing isn’t working for you, is it?

The majority of digital marketers say ‘money is in the list’. Still, you haven’t seen even a dime.

Let me tell you one thing first. The majority aren’t wrong. Email marketing is one of the genuine ways to earn money. The problem may lie in your strategies.

Want to give a try to these Email Marketing tools and services?

What if I give you an alternative to email marketing using which, you can send notifications to your subscribers?

Here it comes, push notifications.

What is Push Notifications?

Do you have an e-commerce marketplace app on your mobile phone? Did you ever get a notification from it?

Well, it’s called push notifications. When we receive an email or a text message, we have to open it to comprehend the content completely. But with push notifications, you can understand everything from the notification panel.

The mechanism is somewhat similar to email notifications. The user should opt-in (most probably the press on a button) before he/she starts getting the updates.

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How Do Push Notifications Work?

You can say it a Hybrid version to get more subscribers. When anyone visits your website, he will get a push notification pop-up box just below the address bar, asking that visitor to allow or block push notification from this website for future.

How Do Push Notifications Works

If he allows, you will be able to send the notification regarding any update on your website. He will receive your notification as a flash message in his smartphone or in desktop browsers, depends on your selected options.

Later on, whenever you publish a new post on your blog/website. A push notification will be seen by all your subscribers. Your push notification will be visible to your subscribers like this shown in below image:

How Do Push Notifications Works

The best part is that subscriber will get your notification whether he is on your website or not. Whenever he will open his browser/smartphone he will get your notification boom!!

All plugins are compatible with different software:
  • Chrome (desktop and Android)
  • Safari (Mac only – no iOS)
  • Firefox (desktop and Android)

Why Use Push Notifications?

There are a few advantages of using push notifications over email subscription.

#1. Increases Retention

Most of your visitors are not returning. They read one or two articles on your site and then they completely forget about it. That’s where push notifications come into play. With compelling content, you can keep them in the loop.

#2. Segmentation

You can group your audience based on any category you like (age, from the page they opted in etc.). It will help you give the maximum conversion rate for a campaign.

#3. Geofencing

You can categorize your visitors based on their location. As it doesn’t come under-segmentation, I couldn’t state the same there. Once you geofence your audience, you will be able to send separate notifications to people in US and UK (just an example).

#4. Personalization

People love to see personalized items. That’s why you should call someone by their name even if you don’t have prior acquaintance. Push notifications allow maximum personalization options.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Push Notifications

So, you have got an overview of push notifications. It’s time to get into the core of the post that’s WordPress plugins for push notifications.

#1. Pushup Notifications

If you use any analytic tool, you know the demographics of your users. Do you have a majority of Mac users who visits your site on Safari?

If your answer is a big YES, you must use this push notifications plugin for WordPress. It is quite disappointing to know this plugin doesn’t support any other browser. But I couldn’t help myself from including it in this list because of the handy option it includes near the publish button.

At the time of publication, you can choose whether to send notifications or not. Pushup notifications is a paid plugin.

#2. PushAssist

Next up on our list of best WordPress plugins for push notifications is PushAssist.


Unlike the first one I shared, you can send notifications to Safari, Chrome and Firefox with this one. One of the nifty features it has is the live preview. You can check how the notification will look like when it goes live.

There are many impressive templates you can choose from. And, the delay display opt-ins is another useful option. You can use PushAssist for free up to 3000 subscribers.

#3. Roost Web Push

Roost Web Push

The best thing about Roost Web Push is it can send notifications to Chrome Android! Yeah, you heard it right. Along with Chrome for desktop, Firefox and Safari, it will send your notifications to users who have Chrome for Android.

The automation allows you to send notifications on publishing new posts or updating the existing ones. The analytic feature gets you accurate insights whereas scheduling helps you send timely notifications.

You can use Roost Web Push for free.

#4. OneSignal

If you ask for the most popular WordPress push notifications plugin, I will give you the name of OneSignal.

OneSignal - Free Web Push Notifications

You will get to know the popularity of this plugin once you check WordPress repository. Just like the previous one, I shared it allows automation to update your subscribers with new posts.

OneSignal can send updates to Chrome (Android and Desktop), Safari and Firefox. You can decide when to display the opt-in forms.

Segmentation is another great feature OneSignal possesses.

The plugin is available on WordPress directory for free to download.

#5. PushCrew


If you want a wide coverage, not just for your WordPress site, you can choose PushCrew as it is not exclusive to WordPress only.

Just as OneSignal, it covers Chrome (both desktop and Android), Safari and Firefox. Unlike any other plugin in this list, PushCrew allows you to customize the messages any way you want.

But they don’t have an automation feature.

You can use the plugin as long as the number of subscribers is less than 500.

#6. Pushed

Pushed is another WordPress plugin for push notifications you can use without any hesitation.

Pushed Notification Plugin

Their website version wants you to create your own developer app for sending push notifications. But here, the WordPress plugin makes the process fairly simple.

You can send your visitors the app with a QR code, which can be displayed on the site with the help of the app.

#7. Push Notification Plugin

Do you think branding is impossible on push notifications?

You are WRONG!!

With plugin, you can add your company/blog logo on top of the notifications.

Moreover, you can segment your subscribers on the basis of their geo locations and collect the analytics as well.

It works well on Chrome and Safari. You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress directory.

Other WordPress Resources:

Wrapping Up

I have given you seven best WordPress plugins for push notifications.

If you have any favorite plugin that I missed, you can use the comment section to suggest the same.

Of all the items I have shared here, I like OneSignal the most. It has got almost all the features under the belt and it’s free as well.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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