iOS 9 Features: New and Hidden Features in iOS 9 You Should Know

We all are excited about this new iOS 9 update and yes some of us still searching what new features are added in iOS 9 Update.

If you don’t want to find on your own about all the new features tucked inside iOS 9 update, let us surprise you with already searched and tested list of features added with this new update.

Below is the list of apps and new features added in iOS 9:-

#1. Improved Battery Life

With iOS 9 update Apple claims that it will extend your battery life by an additional hour approximately. For this many changes were made including entire operating system, background apps, initial apps and technology.

How Apple Improved battery life? This is still a question to ask as it is one big achievement. But Apple mentioned about its notification alert. In iOS 9, it will use ambient light and proximity sensors which will detect when your phone is facedown. At that time it will prevent the phone screen from turning on even when phone receives text or notifications.

#2. Disable “Shake To Undo”

The feature “shake to Undo” can finally be disabled. Many users find it irritating sometimes, as use of this feature is mostly by accident and very few numbers of people may use it intentionally. But iOS 9 allows you to disable this feature. Find the option under Settings> General > Accessibility.

Disable "Shake To Undo" Feature in iOS 9

#3. Detailed Battery Usage

Few apps that we don’t even use more than a min are the one that are eating out battery the most. This feature is worth asking for. iOS kept us waiting for so long for this feature. Now we are able to see the actual and the exact time each app has been used on Screen and in background with the percentage of battery is used by each apps.

Detailed Battery Usage feature in iOS 9

#4. Attach Any Type of File into iCloud

Now you are free to attach and upload any type of files rather than just images. By default, it’ll upload files from iCloud Drive App – but now you can browse to upload/attach any type of files you want just by tapping Location button provided on the top left side.

Attach Any Type of File into iCloud feature in iOS 9

#5. Image Markup and Reply

Image Markup one of the great features added. Now you can edit to highlight or add text into image while attaching into email.

For this press hold for a second in email body, and then click the right arrow button, then click “Insert Photo or Video” and select your image. After that, press hold on the image attached. An option will be displayed named as “Markup and Reply” select it and doodle it as you like.

Image Markup and Reply feature in iOS 9

#6. Convert Webpage to PDF in Safari

In iOS 9 you will be getting a webpage converting tool too. By this you will be able to save your webpage in PDF format. Not so required feature though, but still it is available.

Convert Webpage to PDF in Safari feature in iOS 9

#7. Math In the Search Bar

I find it interesting feature as my math is so poor. Now pull down your homescreen and you will get a search bar in which you can do basic calculation. This is app free feature and useful for fast calculation in your daily life.

Math In the Search Bar feature in iOS 9

#8. Search Your Settings

Another great feature included in iOS 9 is Search your Setting. Many small settings which are hiding inside setting menu, you know it exists but forgot the path. Now you can simply search them by name.

Search Your Settings features in iOS 9

#9. Public Transit Directions in Maps

The public transit directions were removed when Apple moved from Google Maps to its own Maps app in 2012. But now public transit directions support is available again in Apple’s default Maps app in iOS 9.

Public Transit Directions in Maps feature in iOS 9

#10. Low Power Mode

In iOS 9, when you phone’s battery will go low to 20%, system will ask you to switch to “Low Power Mode”. And by switching to low power mode background apps, mail sync, auto downloading and many more will go disable till your phone will be plug-in to charge or battery levels up from 20%. Low power mode will automatically disable itself.

Low Power Mode feature in iOS 9

#11. Selfie and Screenshot Folders

Another easy to use feature is added in iOS 9. For those who are obsessed with selfies will get the benefit here. In iOS 9, front-facing camera and screenshots images will get their own categories as selfie and screenshots. You can find these folders into your album. It will be easy to find all your screenshots and selfies in gallery from now on.

Selfie and Screenshot Folders feature in iOS 9

#12. Back to App

The most needed feature is now available in iOS 9. This “back to app” feature is very useful as till yet there was no such back option in Apple devices. Before apple doesn’t have back option. There was a time when you need to press home button to come out of the apps. But now iOS has this back to app feature. If you are reading emails and press any link in it you will be directed to the landing page in Safari browser, but you will see a “back to mail” on the top left of your screen. This back to feature will be there in every step.

Back to App feature in iOS 9

#13. Keyboard SHIFT Key

In iOS the Caps lock on/off issue was there from so long. Before, it was tough to tell if the SHIFT key was on or off, as all the letters on the keyword were capital.

But this recent iOS 9 update fixed it. Now letters will be turn lower and upper case on pressing shift key on and off. If you are fine with the older habit, you can disable this feature.

Keyboard SHIFT Key feature in iOS 9

#14. Apple Pay Shortcut

This is new I think. If you ever want to know which card is being used in your Apple pay, but don’t want to unlock your screen or go to the app? All you need to do is double tap your home button and Apple pay pop up will be displayed with your card details. This is cool right?

Apple Pay Shortcut feature in iOS 9

#15. Mobile to Desktop Site

These days the responsive website design is on trend. But not all the responsive designs are perfect for your phone screen. Sometimes you find it difficult to surf or read content properly or the screen to fit is not perfect. At that time you can use a shortcut which is only in iOS 9; you will see the refresh button on top with URL bar. Press and hold refresh button for few seconds and a prompt will be displayed with “request the desktop version” for this current page.

Mobile to Desktop Site feature in iOS 9

#16. Battery Widget

The new update iOS 9 is also featured with a new battery widget design. Not just beautiful design widget is there, but it is also with new features in it, Today tab of Notification Center will show you the list of Bluetooth devices connected to your phone with the battery levels of each one of them. Devices like Apple watch, wireless headphones, etc. Really useful feature!

Battery Widget feature in iOS 9

#17. New Font

In iOS 9 Apple has refreshed the entire user interface with new Font. The previous font Helvetica Nue has been replaced with the Apple Watch ‘San Francisco’ which is no doubt better and has good visibility for our eyes.

New Font feature in iOS 9

#18. Disable All Vibrations

The vibrations alert on your phone notifies you of incoming calls, text, apps notifications and many more. The previous iOS 8 allows you to disable only standard vibrations in your phone, but in iOS 9 you can disable all vibrations alerts via Accessibility.

Disable All Vibrations features in iOS 9I hope you guys enjoyed learning about all these new features in iOS 9. Let us know which feature is your favorite in iOS 9 update and also share other features missed in this article.

You can share your favorite features via comment section below, and also share your latest tips and tricks in iOS 9.

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