It is difficult to get on top in Alexa given the sheer number of websites that exist on the World Wide Web. However, great heights can be achieved with determination and will power. You have to ensure that your blog has SEO, important plugins and better digital optimization as well. If you are unaware of how to go about this route, you should definitely indulge in in-depth research.

Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Blog With These Solid Tips

Recently, Google discontinued his Page Ranking (PR) feature which was used to overview the website’s value on the internet. Now Alexa Rank and SEMrush Rank is the most common thing webmasters look into to check site’s value over the internet. A large number of people want to improve their Alexa rank. A lot of time Alexa rank fails to improve in spite of traffic. Alexa doesn’t completely depend on the traffic. Alexa has ways of deciding the rank that isn’t 100% dependant on traffic.

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What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa ranking is a measure of the popularity of your website in layman’s terms. It has quite a few matrixes for analyzing the popularity of your website apart from traction. Moreover, traffic doesn’t mean visitors but reach as well as count-worthy page views as well.

What is the use of Alexa Ranking?

Alexa ranking helps you fare better than your competition. Also, one must remember that it is good if your Alexa page rank is low. Alexa rank also helps understand potential brands understand the worth of your website. It is definitely a great tool for SEO analytics.

1. The Alexa Toolbar

How To Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Blog

This toolbar is of great help for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome users. At a time my blog’s Alexa ranking is not much due to fewer blog updates. Regular blog posting helps you to get good Alexa ranking results. Ensure that your blog is your home page for best results. The more it will be visited on browsers having Alexa Toolbar installed in it, it will help your blog’s Alexa ranking to get better.

2. Info Update

Your can also update your blog’s info and list using Self-service tools.

3. Claim Your Blog

Claim your blog using a different profile or a facebook account. The verification process is fairly easy. It will also help you to improve your Alexa ranking.

Claiming has been retired – May 2016

Alexa has discontinued its claiming feature on May-2016.

4. Regular Updates

Needless to say that an inactive blog will not receive too many updates! Regular blog updates will always result in improved and better Alexa rank. By doing regular posting your will see your Alexa ranking changing every day by thousands of numbers. These regular blog updates are the most effective tips for improving Alexa ranking.

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5. Share your Knowledge about Alexa

Blogging about Alexa will ensure traffics, backlinking and impressions that will easily improve Alexa rank. This trick reveals many things a personal experience with “google” the more you write about and share your knowledge and tips about Alexa it will improve your Alexa ranking. I have tried this trick with google products the more I cover the google products article the more my keywords get strong in google ranking.

6. Review

Ensure that the reviews and ratings of your profile on Alexa are good and positive as well as more in number. This will definitely lead to an improvement in the rank.

7. Widget

A lot of bloggers report that placing the Alexa widget on their blog leads to better results.

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  • Thank you for these great insights into Alexa. Very helpful. I was looking for information about Stumbleupon and How it helps bloggers get extra traffic, but I stumbled here and it was worth.

    • Hey Prakash,

      First of all, good to know that you find it helpful. And connected with us via RSS feed, I will soon be going to write an article on Stumbleupon too. StumbleUpon is best to get social media traffic, it redirects users directly to your web pages. I have experienced its massive traffic on some of my articles. Keep visiting.

  • Alena Sham says:

    Hi, thanks for important info about alexa rank increasing!
    How do you think, does alexa ranking important for commercial sites as it does for blogs?

    • I won’t say it’s important for blogs too. Most of the bloggers don’t give any importance to Alexa ranking. There are many websites doing great by having poor Alexa ranking. It keeps on fluctuated with your website traffic changes.

  • How to give reviews to our site in alexa? Is there any particular link to give reviews? Is it possible for non certified sites with alexa?

    • Hello Sekhar,

      Alexa website got redesigned lately and this review feature is missing. I think they have discontinued Alexa review feature.

  • Amihan Hsiung says:

    Great tips i will follow these tips to increase my website Alexa Rank Thanks!! Good job.

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