A long-awaited announcement by Twitter, that it will now let any of its users to request for the twitter blue badge for their personal profile. In past, this blue badge is used to be for famous celebrities, politicians, brands, etc. Here in this article, you will learn how to verify twitter account for non–celebrity users and get your blue badge.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

Twitter is free of cost social networking facility that lets its user who is registered to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter makes it convenient to import contacts especially in the case of Facebook and Gmail accounts for people who know and also like tweeting. This social networking application is a mixture of instant messaging, blogging and texting with a short content and a very wide-ranging audience.

Twitter is getting more famous because of the following reasons:
  • Twitter is easy and convenient.
  • Twitter is the most resourceful social networking site. It can be used via desktop or can be used in a mobile app.
  • You can follow important people, celebrities, brands, channels, etc. and stay updated with news.
  • Brief and concrete posts- Twitter users can only post status or tweets within a limited quantity of 140 words.
  • By using twitter users can achieve more followers and continue to influence people with their tweets.
  • Twitter is a very useful way of finding new people. It is more systematic and effective way of interacting with each other because it categorizes people having similar ideas and opinions.
  • This free social networking service also helps in getting more visitors and page views.

How do I get the Twitter Account Verified?

1. Initially, the users must decide whether the account is of interest to the public.

2. Login to your Twitter account on the desktop, go to the profile page select edit profile and ensure that you have the following details filled in.

  • Ensure that your name is genuinely your name.
  • A profile photo containing your own face.
  • A header photo.
  • A website connecting your work.
  • Your short bio and birthday.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

3. Save the changes.

4. After that click on the little thumbnail profile picture that is located on the upper right corner to launch the pop-up menu and select settings.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users5. Go to the settings and then you’ll need to do the following.

  • Verify the mobile number.
  • Confirm your email address. (Confirm your email if it’s your current email)

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

Next step is to verify your mobile number. In the same “setting” page click on a mobile button in the left menu list. You will see “My phone” where you have to put your current mobile number. You will receive an OTP code and you will have to enter that code here to confirm your mobile number.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

6. Set your tweets to public in the security and privacy settings.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

7. Now your account is ready to request for the verified badge for your twitter account. Go to this form link and fill all required information.

8. The user should ensure that you are signed into the Twitter Account you wish to be verified for.

9. Then after this step the user will have to provide minimum two URL websites that will help identify you and the user will also have to give a 500 character explanation on the reason for verifying.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

10. Select next, check your details and select confirm.

How To Verify Twitter Account For Non–Celebrity Users

And here I completed requesting twitter to marked me as a blue badge profile for better, confirmed and originality of my twitter profile. They will soon mail me back with their response to my request.

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Let’s see will I get a twitter blue badge. Will share my response here under this article later when I get a response from Twitter. Enjoy and start applying to get your blue badge from twitter.

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    • For this, your twitter account should be of public interest and you should have plenty of followers too. You have to become a regular twitter. Mine was also rejected due to these reasons.

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