We always keep some sort of screen lock security in our devices to keep our phone/tabs secured from friends/strangers or while your phone got lost, as we don’t want that our personal data or pictures been compromised by anyone. The Screen lock is one of the useful features for everyone, but it can also cause you many hassles if you ever forgot the pattern, Pin or password you set for your device screen lock. There are many solutions to unlock your locked phone.

How to Unlock your Android device using Android Device Manager (ADM)
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The solution I’m sharing today has one very important requirement before executing unlocking process. The requirement is that Android Device Manager (ADM) should be enabled in your device (Yes, before it got locked).

If you don’t have Android Device Manager already enabled on your device then you should skip this article right here.

Forgot your Android Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password?

This will be helpful for all kind of lock screens. Just the device should be Android, ADM will unlock your pattern lock, Pin lock or password lock.

Follow the steps to unlock your device Using Android Device Manager (ADM Enabled Only)

1. Visit http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager using your computer or another phone.

Android Device Manager Login2. Now sing-in using the same email id you have used in your locked phone.

3. You may see ADM interface, with a list of devices. (if any other device is also enabled)

4. Now select your locked device from devices listed.

5. By the time a Google Maps may appear with your location, under ADM interface window.

6. A box may appear with your device model number, your device location, and last online date. Under the display box, there will be Ring, Lock and Erase buttons.

Android Device Manager Interface7. Now click on the Lock button and a pop-up box will be displayed as β€œNew Lock Screen”.

8. You may now set a new temporary password for your locked phone. After setting new password click β€œlock” button.

Set temporary password for your locked device using ADM9. A confirmation message will be displayed under the device model box.

10. Now on your locked phone, a password field will be shown asking to enter the temporary password to unlock your phone.

11. This will Unlock your phone.

12. But before you enjoy unlocking your device, go to your device lock screen setting and disable the temporary password. Hope you find this method easy to attempt.

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  • Shafi Khan says:

    Cool Trick !! But do the device needs to be connected to internet?

  • I am attempting this with a HTC Desire 526.
    I was easily able to access the Android Device Manager.
    Both the locate device and ring features worked on the HTC from my computer.
    However, when I attempted to “unlock” the phone, it did not permit the task as you stated.
    It has this statement display on my computer “Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won’t be needed.”
    I was understanding that I could use Android Device Manager to “unlock” my device if I was unable to use the original lock screen code.
    How do I “unlock” the phone?

    • This process here is for Unlocking Phone Screen lock issue only, but not the actual locked phones which you bought from other country. Hope you understood. This in not a solution for that kind of unlocking.

  • Huw Davies says:

    Your information is out of date, if the screen is already locked, the ADM will refuse to set a temporary access code it simply says that the device is already locked and doesn’t require a new code.

  • It lets me change my password on the computer and it gives me confirmation but my phone still has old password and wont unlock. I know something is working because the recovery message pops up on phone but still wont recognize my temporary password

    • I think they have updated the ADM version. Here I am also having some issues regarding this.

  • thank you, straightforward and it worked.

      • Hi, Pls help 2 unlock my Samsung S7 edge .i forget the passwod to unlock the phone,hw can i unlock the fon without taking 2 the shop tq.

  • I recovered my locked phone, entered the temp password, And was able to unlock. However, now, every time the phone sleeps it requires me again to enter the temp password. A screen shows up with “emergency call” and then a field below it where I must enter my temp password. How do I get rid of this?

    • Hello Jay after unlocking your device, go to your device lock screen setting and disable temporary password.

      • I don’t see anything about a temporary password. Where do I find it?

        • You just have to follow the steps given in article. All the process is explained in this article.

  • I do not get a option is shows locked by device manager and a picture of a lock but it does not allow me to enter the temporary password it just shows the old password field and tells me it is incorrect.

    • I don’t know why you are getting this issue. Your device should be enabled with ADM to attempt this process. Is you device is enabled before getting locked? As I mentioned in article’s second paragraph. I think this could be the reason because here on my side it is working perfectly.

  • Hi, Can anyone help me in unlocking my HTC desire 310…as i forgot the password.

    • You can try this method if you have ADM installed in your locked phone.

  • I have the same issue. I set up a temporary password, ie. abc123. My screen locked and it asks for the password I had set up with ADM. Great, however, the keypad is all numerical! There isn’t a way to type in the ABC. How do you enter a password if there’s no alphabets to enter the password?!

    • For this I must say you should set up your new temporary password as numeric only. As you know you only have numeric keypad at lockscreen. AVOID – ALPHABETS.

      • I know that NOW since I used alphabets. πŸ™ I forgot that the keypad is numeric only. Do you have a solution to this or do I need to do a factory reset?

        • You can follow same steps again and set another new temporary password. You can repeat the same process.

      • Also, my brain was thinking “password” so I automatically thought alohabet AND numeric. :'(

  • My lock is in pattern. Where will I type the new temp password? There is no way to type.

  • Shows no password field. Shows only pattern thing.

    • Kevin this process will work fine with password issue as for now. Sorry to say but for pattern issue this won’t gonna work.

  • My device has same issues and I have no solution.

    • Sorry to hear that but this method is not useful for pattern locked devices.

  • Hi,

    I got access on my ADM interface, and I make ring the phone. But the temporary password doesn’t work. May be it is a Samsung Galaxy6 or may be there was some settings preventing it. Although Samsung have a similar one that works on: Samsung Account website. Into that website, with my credentials, I unlocked my Android.

    Thanks all for you support.


    • Hey aureli, ADM works on all Android smartphones including Samsung. You must be missing some steps I think or the temporary password was not numeric.

      • My Sony Experia is also locked having been found on Monday morning, I was told by Mei they Tesco or O2 to put a temporary password in but was NOT told to make it numerical. It is now Friday and I have been ping ponged between Tesco, O2 and Google. I am about to throw this phone through the window, I cannot erase all the info on it but I should be able to unlock it. What the hell is going on. I am so frustrated this should not be happening.

        • Try this method if maybe it will work on your phone. Use numeric temporary password this time.

  • Mikaela Robinson says:

    Hi, I am trying this for a Samsung tab E, ivhave done all the steps and I have the padlock on the screen, showing locked by by Adm, but it is still saying wrong password.
    My daughter has forgot her password for her tablet, it’s the password/pattern for the tablet itself. Not the Google account.
    Any other tips would be great as we have lots of data on tablet.
    Thank you !

    • Hello this process is not successful with pattern lock. It will work fine with numerical/password locks only.

  • I have done all of this, at step 10, where it tellls you to enter the temporary password in the password field. That part… there is son password field, there is a black screen with my message, a lock symol, and a message that says”Locked By Android Device Manager”. What should I do now that i know my temporary password, but there is no place to enter it.

    • Hello Anoop tell me one thing do you have installed ADM in your locked phone? As I mentioned above ADM need to be pre-installed app in your phone to unlock your phone using ADM.

  • I put a lock on my android phone using the adm i am now trying to unlock my phone yusing that same password and it says wrong password. I dont want to erase anything on my phone. And i only have 3 more chances before it resets it. Can you please help.

    • Hello Sarai, this is just a bug issue. When you see black screen drop down your top notification bar and you will see ADM icon with your recovery message in it. Click on it and password box with numeric pad will be displayed on your phone screen. Then just enter your password and its done.

  • Akshara Prasad says:

    Hello. I am sure ADM is activated in my phone. But when I lock my phone, with say 1234, my phone just shows a black screen with the recovery message and a line saying ‘Locked by Android Device Manager’. There is no space to enter the password. Please Help.

    • Yes its a bug I think. When you see a black screen drag down your upper notification bar from top and you will see ADM icon with your recovery message in it. Click on it and password box with numeric pad will be displayed on your phone screen. Then just enter your password and its done.

  • i did same process but after typing password on phone….the “incorrect password entered” message displays .
    what should i do ??

    • There should not be any errors with these steps kindly again follow the steps properly and tell me where exactly you find anything wrong while doing it.

  • Lost my phone yesterday, used the ADM lock feature, guy called me within ten minutes and returned it. Used password to unlock phone then went to lock screen and sent to swipe mode as was original. Today go to use my phone and it says “no service available”. I can turn on my wifi but cant make or receive phone calls. Phone was in hot sun and screen has lost many pixels, but still all functions. Any ideas about getting servive back. was it disconnected because I used “lock” function in ADM?

    • No any of these issues are not related with using “ADM”. Your phone must be physically damaged or some other issue was there. You should get it checked by your phone brand service center.

      • They tell me all checks out. They replaced sim card and we did a restore. When it first poweres up it says “service disabled” then on lock screen it says “searching for service”. Have ordered a replacement phone since screen is pixelated and will restore to new phone and see if that is problem. Maybe I cracked the board. Thanks for help anyways.

        • Ohhh!! Yes your phone is getting many issues and as far as I know all these are related to hardware issues mostly. Replacing your phone is best option. This has nothing to do with ADM. Take care.

  • Ashish Bhogate says:

    I have HTC desire 820….my phone is locked by adm ,I set the password myself….after using that passowrd phone will unlock ….bt I want to remove that password screen which is set by adm?? What can I do?

    • Go to your device lock screen setting and disable temporary password. Now you can set your desired password for future use.

  • Can you unlock the Google password remotely? The issue I am having is that my device has been locked and then my touch screen is broke before I could unlock sooooo I’m unable to enter the password I set it to. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m awaiting an insurance claim replacement and need to get all of the pictures off of my phone.

    • For this kind of issue there is only one solution for it. Only if your phone is set to USB debugging mode already. You can connect your phone via data cable and can use your pc suite software to get a backup of your phone data. There are hundreds of good software available but all they need is your phone should be in USB debugging mode which is in phone setting options in developer section.

  • Hey, I am in need of help. I thought I lost my phone and used the ADM to ring my phone after I located it. Well when I didn’t hear it ring I located it again and it couldn’t locate so I thought it was stolen. I put the lock on it with a password however when I eventually found my phone the password I originally entered is too long to put into my phone. I tried to put in another password into the ADM and it says I already have a password so a new one isn’t needed. I really need my phone unlocked. Can you please help or have any suggestions? Thanks so much

    • Hello Kristen, this can be solved. You just have to keep try to lock your phone again with temporary password by ADM. And set numeric temporary password because password input pad has numeric value only. Keep it short to 4 number password only. Let me know if its solved.

  • Hello!
    I locked my phone using a google account; it locked successfully but the password I thought I used isn’t working. I have one more attempt before it re-sets. I tried changing my password but it either: only changes my Gmail password or says that I already locked my phone and it will use the first password and not update that password.
    I’m at the point where if I have to reset to factory I will but someone told me that my phone will not activate for another 72 hours.
    Is that correct? Do you know how to unlock my Samsung Galaxy 6?
    Thank you!!!

    • At first I don’t have any idea what do you mean by you locked your phone using a google account. As this topics is regarding “Android Device Manager (ADM)”. Second thing is factory reset never says your phone will not work till 72 hours. Factory reset just wipe all your data, apps and setting and it works instantly, it will never ask for time to re active your device. If you want to factory reset you can. Your phone will start working within minutes. But you will lose all your contacts, apps and data.

    • I am having the exact problem with my android device!

  • Jolinda Marshall says:

    Many people are currently (July 2016) having problems unlocking their Samsung Galaxy S7 with their pin numbers.
    After many hours of searching, my daughter pointed out that to unlock my new S7 with the PIN PAD, I need to drag my finger from dot to dot,
    not poke at the dots. It worked immediately.
    Red Faced

  • Hi, I liked your article but none of the steps above worked on my phone unfortunately.

    – Android Device Manager allowed me to put a lock on my phone, but I could not enter the new password on the screen
    – The lock screen kept saying that my Google username and password were incorrect (they were correct)
    – Debug mode was disabled on my phone, so no adb
    – I couldn’t get to the notification menu whilst in-call

    What did work, as a last ditch try before factory resetting my phone, is going through Google’s ‘I can’t log into a device but can log into the browser’ troubleshooter, which led me to create an app password. I created an app password and used that as my login password on the lock screen, and to my astonishment, my phone was saved! Please share for those locked out of their phones and desparate!

    • Hey Andrew, its great that you found your way out. You must have followed too many steps.

    • Thanks for your sharing Andrew, i am having the same issue like you and your method does work!!!!it save me to the final solution to wipe off the phone….Thanks again….

  • Hi My S7 samsung edge whn i restart my fon ..i have forget the password.so i cant open the fon now..can u help the 2 open my fon tq…and without taking 2 the shop tq again pls help .

    • Hello Chandran you can use this method given in this article but, it will be helpful only if you have already installed Android Device Manager in your phone. With ADM you can restore your password.

      Another method you can try is by using many free available softwares for data restore. But all of them will required phone’s debug mode to be activated, which I always suggest to keep your debug mode on it can be useful in situations like this or screen break situations.

  • Hi, it seems I cant use the lock feature since I havent set the settings at my phone, What should I do ?

    • You can give it a try by singing in with same email id that you have used in your phone. I think new update can work that way too.

  • Hi I’m using htc 1 m9. I forgot my phones pin. I have followed the steps u mentioned above. But my phone is not showing any temporary password field. It simply says phone locked by Android device manager with a recovery message. Does that mean my phone’s old pin has been changed? Will i be able to unlock my phone if i remember my old pin? Please respond quickly. Thank you

    • When you set your temp password using ADM set it in numeric form only. And next switch to your phone and you will have to drag down your notification bar and there will be a notification from ADM. Click on it and you will be asked for password. Use your temp password there and later change it from setting.

      • I have tried this. There is no notification from ADM

        • I got the notification but i cant open it without unlocking the phone

          • Then you have to try out some other method to recover your phone. If you have debug mode on in your phone you can try out many other ways too. I suggest you to try attaching your phone with USB to your computer and install phone media software and then you can recover it too. But only if debug mode on.

  • Yeah i will try that. My pin is a 4 digit number. I remember the first two digits. So I’m trying all the combinations as my phone allows infinite number of trials. Now that i have locked my phone with ADM, does my old pin remain the same and can i try the combinations

    • That I don’t know if your old pin will work or not.

  • How do i know if the debug is on or not? And is there any other method to unlock the phone without losing data

    • You cannot check if your debug mode is on or not as it is in phone setting but when you attach your phone USB and run your phone media software it will let you transfer all your contacts, messages, and all phone data including app data. Only if your debug mode is on. Otherwise it will ask you to on your debug mode which cannot be activated without going to your phone setting. Always set your phone on debug mode no matter what. It can always be helpful for everyone.

    • One more thing you can try out is. Call your phone from other phone and try to go to setting and change password while you are in call. I think it could help too.

  • Hi Alok, do you know how many numbers are in the password? That might help me remember which password I used, as it is staying locked. I did all the steps you mention in the order you mention them; I followed them to the letter. I made my phone ring and all that business. I could make a new password – but – it will not let me use the new password as it says my password was already enabled. The reason my phone is not working is that I forgot that the security feature I had added to my Samsung S5 was to make the phone lock – using ADM – if the sim card was removed. Well, I went on holiday and wanted to use a local sim card and I forgot about the locking feature, but thought that maybe Google would give me the choice to unlock. But that is not happening. I do have a backup copy of the data on the phone. If I cannot unlock my phone, is there a way where I can use it again? Many thanks for your advice; grateful you are “out-there”

    • Hello Liz, First, try this whole process and at the end of this if you won’t get any password input message try to pull down your phone notification bar and you will see a message from ADM. Click on it and input your temporary password.
      Secondly, try calling your locked phone from other phone and when you are in phone minimize your call and go to phone setting and you can do some changes in setting which can help you out like activate your phone debug mode. And kindly read comments for issues. Hope it will work for you.

  • Wenger215 says:

    I was trying out the ADM and tried entering the password, but it just says ‘incorrect password’ , i tried setting temporary password and it just say ‘couldn’t lock phone’ but the message on the locked phone shows and the phone number for contact updates too, but the password i tried setting doesn’t work, its giving me a headache now, please advice asap, thanks!

    • Hello Wenger215 set your temporary password in numeric form only. But first need to check if its working try to ring your phone or locate your phone using other two options available with Lock option. After that go for temporary password.

  • I have locked my phone with android device manager. It only shows the message at my mobile but iam unable to unlock the phone

  • Alok: Thank you so much for your online advice which successfully unlocked my android phone.

    • Hey joseph happy to hear that you have unlocked your phone. Enjoy!

  • Alok, with my Samsung Galaxy S5, I am facing issues similar to those in the Dec 2015 conversations. My phone got locked with a teenager nephew playing around with it. Tried through ADM; I can ring the phone; it shows the location. Two scrolling messages appear, one after the other; 1st one to the effect that ” we have successfully locked the device” or something like that; followed by “since google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered will not be needed”. The screen remains locked.
    The phone is able to receive calls; I am also able to make call but only to one number which I had set as the ‘owner’. the screen shows “Locked by Android Device manager” and also states in another line “Emergency call”.
    Would really appreciate if you can guide me to get my phone back to normalcy.

    • Just to clarify: The scrolling messages appear after I have entered the temporary password following the steps 1 to 10 that you have advised.

    • Hello sharma, try locking your device with again with ADM. This time use numeric temporary password only. After setting password drop down your phone notification bar and click on the ADM message. It will ask you to put your temp password in it.

      • Hello sharma, try locking your device with again with ADM. This time use numeric temporary password only. After setting password drop down your phone notification bar and click on the ADM message. It will ask you to put your temp password in it.
        Not clear what is meant by the 3rd sentence: “After setting….”

        The locked screen shows the following only (other than the top row of non-responding symbols):
        Line1: An identity/name I set thro ADM
        Line2: phone symbol in a green-shaded circle
        Line:3 The words: Call Owner
        Line4: symbol of a lock (padlock)
        Line5: The words: Locked by Android Device Manager
        Line 6: the words: EMERGENCY CALL

        • 1. I would like to clarify that appears in LIne1 is the Recovery message I entered through ADM.
          2. Am not clear on your following advice:
          “After setting password drop down your phone notification bar and click on the ADM message. It will ask you to put your temp password in it”

          I feel that we are very near the solution but may be I am missing out on some aspect. I feel you would be able to pull me out of this pit.
          I may add that my phone was registered on google (ADM) at the time of its purchase and I thought I would get all the protection. I didn’t register it on Samsung’s Findmydevice, which now I really regret.

          • I just attempted ADM on my phone and I think there is some internal update happened in recent days. It’s not working as it was used to be. When you lock your screen with ADM notice a message saying “Since google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password that you entered won’t be needed.”

        • It means after setting your temporary password using ADM. Line5: “Locked by android device manager” click on it and it will ask you to put your temporary password which you have set using ADM.

          • Alok, The location “Locked by Android Device Manager” does not repond to clicks. On the screen the only thing I seem to be able to do on the screen is call the ‘owner’ number that I have designated.
            Am I missing out something that you want me to do?

          • No I think there is some internal update happened and caused this issue.

          • ibrahim sameer says:

            hi alok, i followed every step and had almost the same problem as Sharma, my case is, the screen doesnt show me any temporary keypad to key-in the new password and if i tried on the normal screen lock several attempts, it locks me out for 30 seconds. what do you advice pls? cheers

          • Is ADM was pre-installed on your device?

          • ibrahim sameer says:

            YES, i think. it displays “Locked by Android Device Manager”. its an HTC desire 626. i changed the passwords like 3 times now but none worked.

          • Sorry for that but this error is unknown to me as it could be because ADM never pre-installed on your device or it could be some other issue. Kindly repeat the steps again if the problem still going on I suggest you ask for help in forums.

  • madhur relan says:

    i have tried the phone is ringing and when i put optional phone no and message it shows that also but when i try to put temp password it accept and say the password sent to phone but when i try to open it says wrong password

    does the ring and location means the adm is activated on the phone as i dont remember its activated or not
    my phone is gionee elfiee s6

    • Yes normally if it rings and locate it means it’s activated. Sometimes issue could be when phone debug mode is off.

    • How did you get your phone unlocked? I’m having same issue

  • my man i cannot open it i have installed adm before i forgot my password and i logged into my account from my pc and set the password for it but in my phone it is popping up but there is no place to type it whenever i open it and it pops up my lockscreen only what should i do and its enabled too for now i am running it on guest how should i open my owner account it is half open and half closed and this is a another country phone and my developer options are on can we do anything with it please tell right now i have so much work to do in it i should prepare some appointments please send me what should i do with those developer options can we open it with them or not please send me……………………waiting for your reply……………..please fast
    and my phone is lenovo a7000 turbo

    • Hey sairaj sorry to hear this that you have this issue going on. First of all for this poping-up but not able to enter password is some kind of internal update happened with ADM recently.
      Second, as you said your developer mode is on. So it could be helpful for you to get a decent backup of your phone. But bro it will take some time as this is one lengthy method. You can connect your phone with laptop/pc and using your device official software you can create a backup of your entire device including all phone logs and inbox messages, apps data.
      Third, you can also try to call your phone from other phone and while on call you can sneak into your phone and do some tricks if your think you can something.

      I hope you may find anything helpful for you. Take care…

  • come on please send me fast need of you very fast been using that for two months

  • The only thing that worked for me after finding my locked phone is going to this google.com/android/devicemanager and RING your phone then answer it… I think it tells your phone it’s in your possession after prolly shutting off the manager in your phone.

  • Oh thanks..iwas stuck at this and in was in search of help like this and finally got from here.Thanks a lot..

  • Hi
    I am facing the same problem log. When I do a reset with the temporary pw on my iPad it just doesn’t work on my device I have this prompt ‘Try again in 60 mins’ My mobile is J7 prime. Can I unlock without the SIM cards .
    Hope I can find a solution.

    Thanks florence

  • hi, i have done thesteps properly but when i entered the password it said incorrect and thatwas not numeric because iddnt know to use numerics onlyat that tym, then after getting too much irritated i pressed power home and vol down buttons of my samsung J1 to et it factory resetted but a screen flashes inwhich andriod robot and downloding do notturn off target is also flashing for three hours.. please help me out about whts going on what should idoo

    • Hello Faiza,

      Try one more time ADM using numeric keys only. Set a temporary password using numeric keys only. If it won’t work for you then try factory reset option. And factory reset process sometimes may face some issue try it again after a normal reset. That is all I can suggest you about this issue.

  • Delorse Anne Ramos says:

    I lost my phone Christmas Eave. Well i did the remote lock from my laptop. Went to my carrier’s sales store to see if they could help locate it. I informed them that i had set the remote lock. I was told that i have to get back on my laptop and un-remote lock the phone.
    So my question is “how exactly is this process done. Un-remote a lost phone?”

  • romeo d'Souza says:

    This is a very useful procedure to know. The screen on my Tablet locked up and my LTE carrier could not help. I followed the instructions on this site and it worked.
    Thank You very much.
    Straight forward and easy to follow guides on how to unlock a phone or tablet.

  • estrella estrada says:

    i lost my phone and then i found after i used this to find it now i just want it back off would you happen to know how to take the lock and password back off

    • Yes sure you can. You just have to login to your phone using your temporary set password which you have created using ADM. After that go your setting and change your lock screen pin or security. It will ask you to enter password just enter your temporary set password again to confirm. That is it!

      • Dara tara says:

        What if it isn’t allowing an unlock

        • It normally does allow every time in all android phones.

          • It doesn’t work on my S7 Nougat either…

  • Sir I used my motorola turbo edition yesterday and unfortunately it got locked by me when I was trying to set up lost phone featutrs . I tried to unlock using android device manager but fail. Can you help ? I’m in a very dilemma…

    • What issue are you facing? One possible reason can be that ADM was pre-installed on your device.

  • I tried it but it says that “Google has verified pattern lock in your device.. the password you set wont be needed >> And i am left wid my old password.. It didnt restore my password !! What should i do ??

    • DAVID P. BERNEDO says:

      I am in the same situation. Main problem is that ADM is not able to reset pattern lock. Why does google not allow ADM to reset pattern lock? Could we ask google to allow this? They allow character password to be reset by ADM, why not pattern lock????

  • munna sarma says:

    i forgot email id also password, how i unlock my phone or ADM

  • Hi Alok,

    Thanks for providing a step by step guide to unlock devices using android device manager.Everyone needs security for their devices and Google’s android device manager app helps people in many extent as it is safe and free to use. However people facing so many issues while using ADM through web or other mobile device.

  • i had a pattern screen lock on my phone (panasonic t44) that i forgot. i tried to then use adm to lock it hoping to unlock my phone using adm.

    but i could only lock it as password i entered was not accepted since there was a screen lock already.

    pls advise

    • This method works great with the numeric password unlocking. Pattern-screen locks mostly get issues while unlocking. You can try using your phone software interface if your USB debugging mode is on.

  • Hi I’m in desperate need. I put my password into ADM it didn’t work but then I read your steps and I didn’t know I had to pull it from notifications and the last time I entered the wrong password my phone stayed locked for 60mins so I’m afraid my phone may lock up. Is there anyway I can re enter another password thru google and ADM and kinda start it over?!????

    • Yes, you can do the same process again and this time just follow the steps. You can again set a new temporary password.

    • Hi it’s only giving me the box that allows me to put a message or phone number. It’s not giving me the option to input another temporary password

      • The only thing I knew was we can regenerate our password again or else you could be missing something.

  • I didn’t read all the comments to know if anyone else has posted this. I, too, was not being given an option to put in my temporary password. Finally, clicked on “Emergency Call” and then canceled out of that. Then I was able to put in the pin and get into my phone. Other than clicking on “Emergency Call” my phone was completely unresponsive to touch.

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