How to Unlock your Android device using Android Device Manager (ADM)

We always keep some sort of screen lock security in our devices to keep our phone/tabs secured from friends/strangers or while your phone got lost, as we don’t want that our personal data or pictures been compromised by anyone. The Screen lock is one of the useful features for everyone, but it can also cause you many hassles if you ever forgot the pattern, Pin or password you set for your device screen lock. There are many solutions to unlock your locked phone.

How to Unlock your Android device using Android Device Manager (ADM)

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The solution I’m sharing today has one very important requirement before executing unlocking process. The requirement is that Android Device Manager (ADM) should be enabled in your device (Yes, before it got locked).

If you don’t have Android Device Manager already enabled on your device then you should skip this article right here.

Forgot your Android Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password?

This will be helpful for all kind of lock screens. Just the device should be Android, ADM will unlock your pattern lock, Pin lock or password lock.

Follow the steps to unlock your device Using Android Device Manager (ADM Enabled Only)

1. Visit http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager using your computer or another phone.

Android Device Manager Login2. Now sing-in using the same email id you have used in your locked phone.

3. You may see ADM interface, with a list of devices. (if any other device is also enabled)

4. Now select your locked device from devices listed.

5. By the time a Google Maps may appear with your location, under ADM interface window.

6. A box may appear with your device model number, your device location, and last online date. Under the display box, there will be Ring, Lock and Erase buttons.

Android Device Manager Interface7. Now click on the Lock button and a pop-up box will be displayed as “New Lock Screen”.

8. You may now set a new temporary password for your locked phone. After setting new password click “lock” button.

Set temporary password for your locked device using ADM9. A confirmation message will be displayed under the device model box.

10. Now on your locked phone, a password field will be shown asking to enter the temporary password to unlock your phone.

11. This will Unlock your phone.

12. But before you enjoy unlocking your device, go to your device lock screen setting and disable the temporary password. Hope you find this method easy to attempt.


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  • Daisy says:

    Hi I’m in desperate need. I put my password into ADM it didn’t work but then I read your steps and I didn’t know I had to pull it from notifications and the last time I entered the wrong password my phone stayed locked for 60mins so I’m afraid my phone may lock up. Is there anyway I can re enter another password thru google and ADM and kinda start it over?!????

    • Alok says:

      Yes, you can do the same process again and this time just follow the steps. You can again set a new temporary password.

    • Daisy says:

      Hi it’s only giving me the box that allows me to put a message or phone number. It’s not giving me the option to input another temporary password

      • Alok says:

        The only thing I knew was we can regenerate our password again or else you could be missing something.

  • jrm says:

    I didn’t read all the comments to know if anyone else has posted this. I, too, was not being given an option to put in my temporary password. Finally, clicked on “Emergency Call” and then canceled out of that. Then I was able to put in the pin and get into my phone. Other than clicking on “Emergency Call” my phone was completely unresponsive to touch.

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