How To Transfer Your Gmail Messages to Another Email Account

Too much email messages to send manually to your new email address? Here I will help you with a simple trick to do it automatically. If you want to transfer all or limited email messages from your old account to your new email account then this trick could be very helpful and time-saving tips for you.

How To Transfer Your Gmail Messages to Another Email AccountYou can use this trick for many purposes like while switching from one company to another, from one old or spammed email to another, or could be from one old email address to a new email address. You can use this trick to transfer your messages to any type of email accounts, like @gmail.com, @outlook.com, @yourcomapny.com, @yourdomain.com and much more.

Gmail also support consolidating multiple accounts into one primary Gmail account. But in this article, we are going to transfer Gmail messages to another email account.

Gmail support POP3 based importing, but there are many services that do not support POP3 importing at that time you can use Google Script available which will auto-forward all your old messages, one-by-one into your new email account.

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Step by Step Process to Transfer Gmail Messages

#1. Login to your Gmail account from which you want to make the transfer to a new one.

#2. Now install Gmail Auto-Forward add-on.

#3. It will ask for your permission to continue the process accept it.

#4. Go to Add-ons > Email Forwarder > Create New Rule.

How to Create New rule

#5. In this you will be asked to set 2 rules:

  • When all these conditions are met:
  • Do the following:

How To Transfer Your Gmail Messages to Another Email Account#6. Under First Rule: Select which label you want to transfer. Add email address from which you want to transfer emails to a new address.

#7. Under Second Rule: Add your new email address to which you want to transfer your old emails. Set Sender’s Alias. Also, can check if you want old attachments to be mailed to your new email address or not.

After setting your desired label selection you need to save the setting by pressing “Create Rule” at last of the form.

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Now all the manual part is done. The Google Script will run in background and auto-forward all your emails one-by-one. All the successfully processed emails will be labeled as “Forward” to keep the track on sent messages.

Depending on the size of your selected label or mailbox the process of transferring the messages will take hours or days. Because you may be aware of the Gmail’s daily mail sending limit. It allows us to send emails up to 500 recipients per day. But as here we are doing the transfer with one recipient only then there will be no delay regarding Gmail’s daily sending limit. To transfer all your emails remember to select “Inbox” while selecting label under the first rule. You can also “Manage Rules” by following same steps to Create New Rules.

How To Transfer Your Gmail Messages to Another Email Account

Hope this will solve your big issue in transferring emails from one account to another account.


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