How To Track Your Lost Smartphone And Get It Back

Losing a device as personal as your mobile phone can be a disastrous event for your day to day life. Not only is your mobile device more or less essential for your daily duties, but it is also full of personal information that you don’t want everyone to get their hands on. If you lost your phone and you need to track it down – you have come to the right place. We are going to show you how to find your mobile device, be it a smartphone or a not-so-smartphone.

Obviously it is easier to track down a smartphone – these devices are broadcasting their location to their overlords at all times, but it’s a bit harder to do for non-smartphones. Devices of the old like your favorite Nokia brick or the famous Motorola RAZR might have a GPS chip but they don’t actively broadcast their location – unless you make them do so.

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I lost my phone, what now?

You could have taken precautions and installed apps that let you track your phone, but you didn’t have the foresight to do so – not to worry though, the people who made your phone expected this, so you can still track your phone after you lose it.

For Smartphone Users:

iPhone users simply need to login with their iCloud account on another iOS device or on the website, from there you can remotely lock your iPhone, display an emergency message (with your contact details for example), or even wipe the phone clean of any data if you think you are never getting that piece back.

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Android users have it quite simple as well, all they have to do is go to the Android Device Manager website and login with their Google account. You can also install the Android Device Manager app from the Play Store on another Android device. From there you can ring the phone, display an emergency message, lock it or wipe the phone in the worst case scenario.

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Non-smartphone users are out of luck here, there are solutions to track your device via GPS but these solutions are 3rd party – which means you need to install them before your phone is lost. You can read about one of these solutions below.

What Apps Should I install to help me when I lose my Phone?

You can take some precautions before you lose your phone, like installing apps that will help you track and find your phone when it’s lost.

For smartphone users, a service like Prey not only works for your iPhone and Android devices but it even works on laptops. Other options such as Lookout and Avast for iPhone and Android also offer malware and virus protection, besides tracking. Each app has its own set of features; you just need to pick the one you prefer.

But what happens if you lose your non-smartphone device? You can use a service like AccuTracking in that case. AccuTracking does cost 6$/mo. but it provides you with real time tracking of your non-smartphone device, all you have to do is install the java application on your device.

There might be tones of other services and apps that we could not mention here, which might do the job better or worse. The point is to keep your device secure, most smartphones already have services built into them that help you do that, but for non-smartphones you need to have the foresight to be prepared for the worst case scenario – hopefully this article helped you with that.

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