How To Share Old Blog Posts Automatically On Social Media Networks

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Almost every blogger is now using social media networks to maximize the popularity and reach of their blog posts.

But there are only a few people who fully understand and utilize the power of social media.

If you think that the use of social sites is limited to sharing the content when it is first published, then you’re wrong.

A good practice is that you need to keep sharing your old blog posts on regular intervals to provide them maximum exposure and ensure continuous traffic from your social networks.


There are the following two methods to share old blog posts automatically on social media sites.

  • Manual scheduling of posts
  • Use of Revive Old Post WordPress plugin

Content scheduling is the most common and widely used method for sharing old and new content to these social sites.

Sites like Facebook allow you to schedule posts for a later date and time. There are also many wonderful online applications like ViralTag, Buffer App, SocialPost, etc. where you can schedule posts to be shared on all popular social networks.

Here are some interesting social media management tools you can use to share your blog posts on social media.

All these services include manual adding and scheduling of your blog posts for different networks. As you can imagine or must have experienced that this is also a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, we have a much simpler alternative for sharing old content automatically to social networks.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically On Social Media Networks

In this article, you will learn more about ‘Revive Old Post’ plugin (by Revive Social) and a step-by-step guide to using it.

Use Revive Old Post to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin that can automatically share your old blog posts to social media networks to drive more traffic to your website. You can easily customize this plugin to set the sharing interval and the number of posts to be shared.

Let’s know the step-by-step process for installing and using this amazing plugin.

Step 1: Install and Activate the Revive Old Post WordPress plugin

You can find and install this plugin directly from the plugins section of your WP website dashboard. Go to Plugins -> Add New, and search for the term ‘Revive Old Post.’

Install the plugin you see by (See the image below).

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

Step 2: Configuration and Setup

Activate the plugin once it is done installing. You will start seeing the Revive Old Post tab in the left sidebar of your dashboard. Click the first option in the tab.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

As you can see, there are six tabs in the configuration panel, namely Accounts, General Settings, Post Format, Custom Schedule, Manage Queue, and Log.

We will discuss each option separately here.

# Adding Social Media Accounts

The first tab (Accounts) lets you add your social accounts where your posts will be shared. There are five social networking sites here.

NOTE: Free version allows you to add one Twitter and one Facebook account only.

Click Add Account button next to the social site you’d like to add.

Let’s assume you click Add Account for Twitter. A new window will open asking you to authorize your Twitter account.

Once you approve it, your account will be added successfully here. This allows Revive Old Post to access your Twitter account for automatic sharing.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

To add your Facebook account, you need to follow the specific instructions as mentioned in the image below.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

# Configuring the plugin for posting

Click the General Settings tab to start configuring the plugin.

There are a few options here that you can customize to choose the posts to share and the way your posts are shared on your social networking accounts.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

Each of the available setting options is explained below.

The minimum interval between shares: Enter the minimum time interval (in hours) between two posts sharing. You can even choose decimal units like 0.4 for 0.4 hours or 24 minutes.

Minimum age of post (in days) to be eligible for sharing

Maximum age of post (in days) to be eligible for sharing: Enter 0 for Disabled

Number of Posts to share: Number of posts to share each time.

Share old posts more than once: Select if you want to share the same old posts more than once. By default, once a post is shared it will not be shared again until you stop/start the plugin.

Post Type: Whether you want to share only posts or pages as well.

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking: Enable to see how much traffic Revive Old Post generated.

Exclude/Include Specific Categories: Insert any special category you'd like to include or exclude from sharing.

Select image size to be displayed along with your shared posts.

Click “Save” button when you’re done.

# Configuring the post format

The third tab (Post Format) lets you configure the style and look of the posts to be shared automatically. As you can see in the image below, there are many options to configure the post format.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

The Post Content option allows you to choose which part of the post you want to share. You can customize the length of the tweet.

If you use custom fields, you can enter a custom field for the plugin to fetch and use information from that field. You can add Additional Text to display and choose where to display it. Select whether you want to include a link back to your original post.

Once you are done, click the Save button at the bottom to save the changes.

The Custom Schedule and Manage queue options are usable only in the business (paid) version of the plugin.

Step 3: Start Sharing

To start sharing your old posts, go back to the Accounts tab and click the START SHARING button at the bottom.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

Once you click the button, the plugin will show a counter on the right side to inform you when you next post will be shared on social media.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

You can also click the SEE SAMPLE POST button to get a quick preview of how your shared posts will look like.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

The Exclude Posts option in the left sidebar allows you to exclude certain old blog posts from automatic sharing.

How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

I already explained above how you can exclude any category using your "General Settings".

The Pro version of Revive Old Post has some additional features that you can choose to activate if you like the free version. In Pro version you will get some extra features like:

  • Share on up to 50 Accounts
  • Post with featured image
  • Custom Share Messages
How to Share Old Blog Posts Automatically To Social Media Networks

The pro version starts from $75/year. If you like using the free version you can proceed to buy its pro version for the professional use. Feel protected with its 30 days money back guarantee policy.

Alternatives to Revive Old Post Plugin

In WordPress there is always an alternative to everything. Revive Old Post is a great plugin to share old blog posts automatically without any doubt. But as my main purpose is to be more resourceful for my readers.

Here I found two more alternative plugins that can do that same job for you.

Microblog Poster - Microblog Poster is also very useful when it comes to auto sharing of your blog posts. Few highlighted features of Microblog poster:

  • Auto publish new blog posts to social media networks
  • Auto publish old blog posts, tweet old posts

Blog2Social - This is another great alternative to Revive Old Post plugin. This one has some extra features like tracking, best time to post, multiple users and much more. It can also share old blog posts automatically. Here are some feature of Blog2Social:

  • Connect multiple social profiles with free version
  • Automatically share blog posts to all of your selected networks
  • Select and share images with your posts
  • Keep track of your social media posts
  • Re-share old posts automatically

Wrapping Up:

I tried to make this guide as simple as I can so that you can easily understand how to use it. I hope it will help you to share your old blog posts on social media.

If you like reading this guide and find it helpful do not forget to share it on your social networks and also feel free to let me know about some other alternatives to Revive Old Post.

What other methods do you use to share your old posts on social media sites?

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