How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Phone With OGWhatsApp Version

If you don’t know what WhatsApp is, then I’m sorry you don’t belong to this generation. WhatsApp is no more just an application for sending or receiving messages it has now become a trend among the smartphone users. Around 90% of the younger generation uses WhatsApp in their phones. All this made this application to win the title of the most popular messaging app all across the globe. In this article, here at LoudTechie we are going to share how to use multiple WhatsApp accounts In one phone with OGWhatsApp, with the updated and latest version, it is now possible for the Android users to use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. The condition is that phone must be a dual sim phone with Android OS in it. To run multiple WhatsApp accounts in a dual sim phone, you need the latest version of WhatsApp that is OGWhatsApp. So, let’s learn how you can take the benefit of dual WhatsApp accounts with OGWhatsApp.

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How to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone with OGWhatsApp version:

#1. First and the most important thing to do before you start using your dual WhatsApp account are to take backup. The complete backup of your messages, media, and full data before you move on and download the 2016 OGWhatsApp version.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone with OGWhatsApp

#2. The second task you have to perform is to clear the WhatsApp data so that you can free up the junk space from your phone’s memory and for that, you need to follow the bellow steps:

  • Go to your phone’s setting.
  • Select the Applications or Storage according to whichever is given in your mobile.
  • Now select WhatsApp.
  • After opening the WhatsApp session from here, with little scroll down you will get “Clear Data”.
  • Now clear all the data by selecting that option.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone with OGWhatsApp

#3. Next thing you have to do is to change the name of WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp and for this, you have to follow few more steps:

  • Go to Your File Manager or ES File Explorer.
  • You will generally see two storage options there, that is Phone and SD card. Select the option SD card.
  • Search for the folder with name WhatsApp in it.
  • Rename the folder to OGWhatsApp.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone with OGWhatsApp

#4. Now simply uninstall the already present WhatsApp application from your device.

#5. Download 2016 latest version OGWhatsApp apk.

#6. While installation of OGWhatsApp it will ask you to enter your mobile number.

#7. Enter the old number which you were using in your old and uninstalled WhatsApp.

#8. Click Ok.

#9. Now you are ready to use your old number with OGWhatsApp.

#10. Next, you have to download the latest and updated version on 2016 WhatsApp official application from Play Store.

#11. The official version of Whatsapp will also ask you for your number.

#12. Here you have to enter the second number you are using in the same phone.

#13. Click Ok.

#14. Done! This will make two different shortcuts on your home screen. One by the name OGWhatsApp and the other by the name Whatsapp.

From now you can use two WhatsApp accounts in your Android phone simultaneously. Stay tuned for more WhatsApp tricks. Kindly like and share this article, if you find it interesting and worked for you.

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