Admittedly, money does circulate through the digital veins in this data-driven age. Today, freelancing is transforming itself into the mainstream professions which offers us the freedom from being place-specific and time-stamped, and we can request money and send an invoice through PayPal or alike online services.

Here’s How To Request Money And Send Invoice Through Paypal

PayPal is awesome!

Let’s come to the focal point of this article and that’s how to request money and send invoice through PayPal as PayPal is one of the benchmarks in this particular business vertical.

To start the process, you will have to sign in to your PayPal account first. If you don’t have one you can easily sign up for the same. Furthermore, you will have to add and verify your bank account for accepting online payments. Now, after basic account settings you can also add your Credit/Debit cards for experiencing seamless money transactions and thankfully, you can also earn a handy amount of card rewards.

You are ready to request money and accept the same in your linked bank account through PayPal.

Note: In PayPal’s recently implemented rules there are a kind of bad news for all Indians account holders. Now in India PayPal has set a transaction limit for all users which is lower then $500. You cannot send or receive an amount higher than $500. So if you need to request payment higher than $500, I suggest you to divide them in parts to get it without any difficulties. Or you can switch to Payoneer which I see a perfect match for PayPal.

So, how to request money through PayPal?

Simply, sign in to your PayPal account. Hit the ‘my PayPal’ button and you will be guided to your account window. On the top of this page, you will found a selectable option as ‘send and request’. Under this option, you will find three other selectable windows as shown in the screenshot below.

How To Request Money And Send Invoice Through Paypal

Let’s consider that, you want to request a payment. Simply select the ‘request payment’ window. On the next window key in the address of the client and the amount of the payment. Moreover, you can add a note to each payment request.

How To Request Money And Send Invoice Through Paypal

Finally, hit the ‘request payment’ button and you are done.

I do like this process when I’m in such hurry. When you do this, your client receives an auto generated invoice, with an active link to complete the money transaction process, like shown in the screenshot below.

How To Request Money And Send Invoice Through Paypal

How to generate and send invoice through PayPal?

Hitmy Paypal’ button and go to send and request’ header. You will find that a ‘create invoice’ window is eagerly waiting for you. Personally, PayPal invoice is one of the spartan and ‘exactly needed’ type of invoices out there on the web. Painlessly, You can create a simple invoice and for that, you will have to key in the values respectively into those preformatted boxes.

There are an array of allied features like:
  1. Send bill to multiple clients
  2. Customize invoice
  3. Customize the settings of invoice generation and sending
  4. Preview invoice before sending

How To Request Money And Send Invoice Through PaypalThere is a new proverb saying, “In this age of internet money flows in the air. Learn to clutch them.” Supportingly, the greater part of the web users are living a life where internet connectivity equals human breathing. So, take a jump start with your business. It’s fairly easy to request money and send invoice through PayPal.

What’s your take? Do feel free to bug us anytime.

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