How To Record Skype Calls On iPad & iPhone

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Twenty years ago, could you imagine talking to your loved one from another country free of cost?

It is quite possible these days with the help of Skype. An ample of users talk to their friends/ close ones through Skype.

Skype supports both VoIP and Video calls. You can make calls to other Skype users or may also make calls to mobile numbers. With my personal experiences, Skype is the best App/software to make voice and video calls.

It is interesting to note that these calls can be recorded by the users too.

This feature can prove to be extremely useful for people who undergo Skype for business calls. Using the recording feature, you can keep a track and backup of the calls you make.

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In this article, I will teach you how to record Skype calls on iPad & iPhone.

1. Recording Skype Calls with SkyRecorder: SkyRecorder record Skype calls on iPad & iPhone

Skyrecorder is one of the best Skype recording apps on the market. It works well for iOS users and lets you record the Skype calls that you make on your iPhone or iPad.

It supports VoIP recording only which means it won’t record your video calls.

Download: SkyRecorder for iOS

Here are some of the steps involved in recording with SkyRecorder:

  1. Tap on the ‘record’ button of the app and then start by placing a Skype call.
  2. Speakerphone needs to be selected in order to record your conversation on the Skype call.

Features of SkyRecorder:

  • Unlimited recording time.
  • It there is any interruption made by an incoming call on your iPhone, you can resume the recording later on with the help of Skyrecorder app.
  • It supports external stereo microphone.
  • Supported by all the operating systems in the industry.
  • The user interface of the app is simple and engaging.


2. Recording with QuickVoice: Recording with Quick Voice

QuickVoice is another useful app for recording your Skype conversations. It can be downloaded for free. QuickVoice records audio calls of unlimited duration. This is one of the best features of the QuickVoice app.

However, if the audio file goes over the limit of 5MB, then the recording cannot be transferred from your iPad.

Download: QuickVoice for iOS

Features of Quick Voice:

  • One Touch Recording
  • One Touch Stop & File Saved
  • Compressed Mp4 recording file
  • Records for Seconds or Hours
  • Pause Record and Resume with adjustable recording qualities available.
  • Also with Ringtone Recording Feature.


3. Recording with Call Recorder for Skype: Call Recorder for Skype App

Skype calls are recorded as an audio file using Call Recorder for Skype by ecamm.

It works in the same footsteps created by SkyRecorder and QuickVoice app. One of the best features with Call Recorder for Skype is you can turn the recording option on or off according to your own convenience.

Once the recording is set on, conversations are automatically recorded. In order to check the recordings, you simply need to visit the Audio recordings tab in settings.

Download: Ecamm Recorder

Features of Call Recorder by Ecamm:

  • It can record Skype audio and video calls both directly into your Mac.
  • You can set the recording to automatically.
  • HD video recording.
  • You can convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting/internet-ready movies for YouTube & Vimeo.

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