The way Google Docs named people mind set their thoughts limited to documentation and spreadsheets only. But this Google’s cloud-based Office suite is fully packed with many amazing and helpful functions. Just the way one can use different formulas in desktop excel spreadsheet to make it simple for him while doing any entries or data sorting, the same way you can use different Google spreadsheet functions for many online tasks too.

How To Import HTML Web Data into Google DocsIn this article, we are going to talk about ImportHTML function. With this function, you can imports data from a table or list within an HTML page. Sounds Interesting, right?

Don’t get confused about this function. Let me make it simple for you.

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What is ImportHTML function?

This function will make it simple for you to import data from web pages and edit it inside your Google Docs.

After importing important web pages data into your Google Docs, you can read RSS feeds inside your Google Docs, you can translate text in cells from one language to another. Google Docs can also be used for monitoring web pages changes. Many uses are there it’s up to you how you want to use it.

This is not any complicated job to do. Even there is no script work you need to attempt. You just have to learn about some simple Google functions (formulas): IMPORTXML, IMPORTFEED, and IMPORTHTML.


How to Import Table Web Data into Google Docs

This fetching job is done using a simple formula. The Syntax for this: =ImportHTML (“Url”, “table”, “Index”)

#Step1: Open a new spreadsheet in your Google Docs, select any cell to edit and start writing the formula as given in the example.

=ImportHTML (“”, “table”, “4”)

How to Import Table Web Data into Google Docs#Step2: On pressing the enter button, it will process and import data from given web Url. As we have mentioned index value 4 in example formula. This will fetch 4th table from the web page. If we have given index value 2 in the formula then the 2nd table will fetch from that web page.


How to Import List Web Data into Google Docs

ImportHTML not only work with table data, you can also import lists from web pages. Using <ol> or <ul> tags instead of “table” in formula.

=ImportHTML (“”, “list”, “4”)

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Hope this tutorial will help you while fetching or importing web data. Use advanced functions available in your Google Docs. This will only import web data but not update it as if in future web data changes, those changes will not be updated automatically in your spreadsheet.

Do let us know about your experience regarding this function, make good use out of it.

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