How to Find & Download Free Apps on Android Phone

Android apps have made our lives even in so many ways. From food to drinks to navigation, everything is possible using Android apps. In this article, we will teach you how to find and download free apps on android phone.

There are a substantial number of users who look to download the free apps on their android device but it is not a cake walk for most of them. They need to have an access to the Google Play Store. It is an official pre-installed app on Android devices that provides you an access to the Google Play store. With the help of the Google Play Store, you can not only browse and download music, books and magazines but also various apps from Google Play.


Method 1: Steps to Find and Download free Apps on an Android phone:

1. Firstly, you need to look for the Google Play Store app in the home screen of your smartphone and tap in order to launch it.

Google Play Store app 2. This screen would give you various categories such as Apps, Games, Movies, Books and Newsstand. Out of all these given options, you simply need to tap on the Apps option.

categories such as Apps, Games, Movies, Books and Newsstand3. This will pop up the app window which will equip you with various categories listed at the top. Scroll through “Top Free” and “Top New Free”.

“Top Free” Apps4. If you scroll to “Top Free”, you will see the top and free apps that fall under this category. If you go to “Top New Free” option, it will stuff you with the new apps that are free and also popular among various users.

“Top New Free” Apps5. You can also click on “Editor Choice” category to see more free apps that are suggested by editors.

Editor Choice Apps6. Once the app that you look for is found, tap on the install button; accept the terms and the installation process will begin.

install button

Method 2: Find and download free Android apps on PC and Mac:

1. Go to the Google Play Store and sign in using Gmail ID that was used at the time of activation.

2. On the left pane of the page, various categories such as Apps, Games, Movies, Books and Newsstand can be seen. Out of all of these, you simply need to tap on “Apps”.

Google Play Store3. The top of the screen will flood you with various categories such as Top Charts, New Releases and so on.

4. Click on “Top Charts” and you will be directed “Top Free in Android Apps”, then you need to click on “See More” to check the full list of free apps available for download.

Apps, Games, Movies, Books and Newsstand5. You can also click on New Releases Category and it will return back “Top New Free Android Apps”. After again clicking on “See More”, you will receive list of top new free apps available for android.

Top New Free Android Apps6. You can then browse through the free apps and click on the one you want to install. The Install button will be located on the screen. Upon clicking on it, the installation process will begin.

installation process will begin


Hope it will help you with your happy Free Android Apps downloading. It is very common thing to know but still a new user to Smartphone may find it interesting and helpful. Let me know if anything else I can help with regarding this task, comment section is always open.



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