How To Enable the Night-Reading Mode In Any iOS App

iOS is a great operating system that has gone through many changes over the years. Apple has developed and dedicated much of their time in developing the features of the widely used mobile operating system.

iOS is developed especially of devices built by Apple and they control a lot of the factors. But this mobile operating system is one of the best if you want great functionality right out of the box. It is also a great operating system when it comes to accessibility options.

In this post I will tell you how to enable the Night-Reading mode in any iOS app.


Enable the Night-Reading Mode in any iOS App

When it comes to night mode, the iBook app for iOS comes with a great night reading mode that you can use to read books at night time. It is a good feature because in places like your bed, you prefer dark room so a reading mode that supports night mode will only enhance your eBook reading experience better.

To activate the night mode in the iBooks app, you just need to go to the fonts menu and and choose the Night option and the night mode will be activated.

Enable the Night-Reading Mode in any iOS AppIf you want to activate the same thing across all apps on iOS then just follow these steps and you will be able to activate this mode across all apps in no time.


Procedure to Enable Night Reading Mode in iOS Across all Apps:

  • Unlock your iOS device – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Now navigate to the Settings icon and open it
  • Now go to General > Accessibility > Triple click Home > White on Black.

How To Enable the Night-Reading Mode In Any iOS AppPress the Home button to exit the settings menu.

How to Use this Feature?

Using this feature is very easy. Just follow the steps.

  • Tap the Home button three times simultaneously one after another.
  • This will enable the night reading mode on your iOS device.

Now whatever Apps you open will have this feature enabled by default.

How to Exit this Mode?

To exit this mode all you need to do is triple press the Home button again and your iOS device will return to normal mode.


When is this feature Useful?

This feature is quite useful is you are one of those people who use their phones in their bed without any light. This mode allows your eyes to relax and the strain on your eyes comes down significantly.

This is a really great feature all in all and the short cut of pressing the home button three times also allows you to activate the feature anytime you want to.

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