How to Create a Quiz That is Sure to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

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How to Create a Quiz That is Sure to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Quizzes are a fantastic way to do a lot of things, and all internet-based businesses can benefit from them in one way or the other!

The main point of quizzes is information gathering, or just providing your customers with a reason to spend a little more time on your website, translating to sales and more money!

If you want to gather information from your quizzes, you need to get creative yourself. No one wants to answer a whole lot of direct, personal questions.

There is nothing we find more frightening than walls of inquisitive text. It just reminds us of our textbook days and government papers. No one wants to think about that when we’re looking to do a little bit of weekend online shopping, do we?

We don’t! But we sure do love colorful pictures that are accompanied by fun, engaging, and creative questions!

If you are looking to create your very own quiz, you will need to remember the following to make the best bang for your buck! Quiz creation is really not that complicated when you think about the base idea, but it does take some practice to make perfect.

If you are looking to create the perfect quiz, you need not look any further! Here are some life-changing things to keep in mind when you’re creating your quiz, to make the best of it!

Determine Your Target Audience

Determine Your Target Audience

Before you get into marketing anything through your new and fantastic quiz, you need to know who you are going to be talking to.

Determining your target audience is half the job. You don’t want to quiz Millenials on the importance and fun that catheters bring to the table, do you?

Know who you are talking to, and speak to them accordingly. Ask yourself what your demographic likes best, and then talk about it in a fun and inquisitive manner. Keep in mind the topic and don’t ever go too far away from it. You need the data you are going to be gathering.

Figure Out What Type of Quiz You Need

Figure Out What Type of Quiz You Need

There are really a whole lot of different types of quizzes. You can offer a wide arrange of types and kinds to your consumers. You just need to know which one will work best for what you need.

Ask yourself, what do you need it for? What are you representing? If you are representing a brand, you should ask the questions that will yield useful answers. If you are selling oatmeal, you don’t really need to know the favorite car brand of your consumer, do you?

Of course not! Figure out the topics and types of quizzes you should offer, to maximize the effect your quiz will make!

Find the Right Tools

Find the Right Tools

Remember, finding the right tools for the job is half the job! Measure twice, cut once!

There are a lot of fun quiz makers on the internet. They are sure to pique your interest, and most of them are extremely simple to use and manipulate to create the best possible quiz there is!

If you do everything right, you’ll find your perfect quiz yielding perfect results, earning you accurate data, you can use to make some ideal profit!

There are a lot of exciting and surprising tools you can employ. One incredible platform to post your quiz to Facebook, and one fantastic tool is LeadQuizzes.

To find out more about facebook quizzes, click here.

Come Up With the Right Questions

Come Up With the Right Questions

Do you know how important the answers are to you, your company, and your data analyst? The questions are far more critical to the consumer!

You need to ask the right questions to get yourself some correct answers! The data you are going to be gathering is later going to be used to improve your business and increase your profits, so you really need to get the questions right.

Try to give questions that will yield a simple, clean, and correct answer. You need to be subtle in conveying your message to the possible consumer and get the response you need.

Asking the right questions is a fantastic way to get the correct answers. If you aren’t sure how to accomplish this, you might want to talk to a content producer or writer. This might sound like overkill. But remember, this is going to make your money for you and give you an amazing ROI.

Create Interesting Outcomes

Create Interesting Outcomes

Every single quiz needs to end in one way or another, and ending it on a fun note is an amazing way to promote shares.

Shares are the main selling point of your quiz. It needs to play and replicate itself, and the best advertisement for your quiz is sharing. Sharing refers to social media, email services, pages, word of mouth. If people like the way the quiz ends, they are going to either replay it or send it to their friends.

From the consumer perspective, the only thing that matters is the fun factor and the engagement they are going to experience during the quiz. If the quiz provides a fun end, they are likely to share it with their peers.

If they share it with their peers, you get more information, more data, and more ROI! Create impressive outcomes to your quizzes, and watch them sell themselves!

Selecting images

Selecting images

The second most important part alongside the questions when it comes to your engaging an interesting quiz is the pictures you choose to represent it.

Humans are incredibly visual creatures, and we love it when something looks absolutely dashing.

You need to pick images that will paint the picture of your quiz very carefully. People are going to remember how it looks, and that is going to determine how popular your quiz will ultimately be.

There are a lot of websites that offer an innumerable amount of images. Honestly, millions and millions of royalty-free images are just up for the taking, and they are sure to fit the topic of whatever your quiz will be.

Some of the websites you can find some royalty-free pictures at are Unsplash and Pixabay. Combined, they provide over 2 million unique and interesting images that are just up for grabs!

Promoting your quiz

Promoting your quiz

To promote your quiz, you need to have an interesting one, to begin with. If you have followed all the tips and tricks we have given you in this article, you are bound to have one of the best, most compelling, and interesting quizzes on the internet!

If you are looking to promote your quiz, you really need to be as widespread as you possibly can. Your quiz is only as good as its performance. You need to promote it in any way you can, and it needs to take the internet by storm.

Some good starting points for quiz promoting are social media. Everyone uses social media these days, and there are numerous social media platforms for multiple different topics. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat; these are all fantastic choices for your quiz promotion.

If you really want your quiz to stand out among a whole lot of quizzes on the internet, you might want to solicit the services that social media influencers offer.

What are social media influencers, you might ask? Social media influencers are people that simply have a whole lot of followers on their social media accounts. They can be local celebrities, beautiful women, funny people, and a full array of people.

If these people who have the following share your quiz, it is sure to get more interaction. If it gets more interactions, you gather more data for yourself to analyze and turn into profit. You need to be careful when you’re paying for these services, as some influencers inflate their numbers. Always check them out!

The services of social media influencers cost, though, and bargaining with them is not always easy. But don’t think of it as an expense. Think of it as an investment in your business! Always remember, ROI is essential, and you’ll be fine!

Analyze the results

Analyze the results

When you’ve finished your amazing quiz, and you have released it into the world, the thing you should be doing right now is laying back in your chair and enjoying the fruits of your labor!

This is the final step to your quiz, but it is by far one of the most important ones! When you have released your quiz to the world, you are left with the information consumers leave behind.

If you have asked the right questions, and you have gotten the right answers, you are left with the right data! This data can later be furthered to your data analyst and turned into a whole lot of amazing things.

You can use the data you have gathered to make a brand new amazing marketing campaign, which will turn itself into profit. You can use it to make a new product, resulting in yes, more profit!

Data analytics is the thing that the business thrives on. If you gather sufficient and correct data, you have a massive edge on the competition, as you deeply understand the consumer!


In conclusion, quizzes are extremely important for any business that has a proper online presence.

Having a proper online presence is the most important step a business should be taking, and if you aren’t online in 2019, you’re more than missing out.

Use quizzes to improve your business and increase your profits. It is a smart investment and does not take a lot of time and money. It is a fantastic ROI tool, and if you’ve done everything right, it will put you on the map!

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