How to Build Backlinks When You Have a Brand New Business

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How to Build Backlinks When You Have a Brand New Business

Starting a new business is a gigantic task in its own right. And to drive new customers is even more complicated.

However, it is not an impossible task to achieve. Your brand’s website may be brand new, just like your business. But you can still generate a lot of traffic on it with the help of a new SEO tool known as backlinks strategy.

Backlinks are one of the most crucial parts of SEO. It helps you establish a good working relationship with anyone who keeps a close eye on the content you have been sharing on your website.

That said, building a backlink portfolio can prove a little difficult for you, especially when you are just getting started. This short guide will help you understand why backlinks are so important and how you can use them to your advantage. Let’s get started with answering the questions below:

What Are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them for Your Business?

As the name suggests, backlinks are simply links to another website from your website. You post these links as naked URLs or anchor text links in your content that have the potential to increase traffic to your business.

In simple terms, you’ll need backlinks to reap the benefits of SEO for your business. Without links, your content would be a part of an isolated system. With the help of quality backlinks, you are helping your clients and customers to find your business.

As a small business owner creating quality content such as useful blog posts is an effective way to rank higher on search engines. And you can use these blogs as backlinks to your website content to further generate traffic to your website.

It may sound like a difficult task to achieve. However, you have plenty of ways in which you can get backlinks for your business. To save time and effort, you can buy backlinks guide to provide you with potential prospects for your business. Additionally, it provides you with various options that can help you find the ideal audience for your business.

But, only getting backlinks for your website is not enough. You’ll have to make sure that these links are giving your business the required boost. For that reason, you’ll have to reach a blogger who shares similar interests and is willing to publish your content.

This brings us to the next section:

What Is Blogger Outreach and How it Can Help Your Business?

Marketing your business with the help of an influencer is known as blogger outreach. It is a type of marketing in which you take advantage of an influencer's fan base to grow your business.

Simply put, you find a blogger who shares similar ideas as you. Ensure they have a broad fan base and high traffic on their website. Ask for their permission to publish your content as a guest blogger on their website or social networking sites. It will help give you the benefit of using that particular blogger's traffic as your own.

That's how a blogger helps you get the exposure you need for your business. So if you are a growing business trying to find ways to increase traffic to their website, blogger outreach can do wonders for your business. Besides, you get the benefit of creating a regular fan base to your website that can help your business grow in the long term.

Next, we discuss some of the important techniques that you can employ to your business website and help your business grow:

Content Publishing

The official term that is used to describe content publishing on other websites is called guest posting. Here is a new business owner, you write a blog under your product and services to post it on someone else's website. It will help earn backlinks from the author's bio or body content.

However, the content publication has changed notably after Penguin and Panda updates. Now only publishing content is not enough, and you have to make sure the content is helping the readers of that particular website. Simply put, guest posting is helpful when your content is relevant to the website and its users.

That said, now more than ever, you have multiple ways to share your content. And the most famous right now is guests-graphic, which helps you earn authority contextual backlinks for your website.

So when you are looking for ideas to create new content, research the most trending topics relevant to your and bloggers' website.


When you read the word "testimonial," the first thing that comes to your mind is your customers' positive feedback. And this is exactly what testimonials are, but in your case, you'll be the one leaving testimonials on others' websites. This is because, with testimonials, you can build quality backlinks to your website.

For instance, if you are using social media marketing tools like email marketing software or an SEO tool - post good reviews on their portals. Granting that you are a loyal user of their services, chances are high for you to generate some quality backlinks in the return of a testimonial. As mentioned above, make sure the review you write will help others decide on that particular service.

Make Your Voice Heard

To help your business grow, you’ll have to follow this saying, “Don’t for things to happen. Make them happen.” In this case, we are talking about spreading awareness for your brand. To make your voice heard, you’ll have to indulge in self-promotion, and at first, the chances are rare that you’ll get as much traction as you need. Nonetheless, you have to keep trying and employ every digital marketing tool that you can get your hands on.

You can start by building some valuable relationships on social networking websites by providing your customers with 24x7 online support. Soon, your online presence will start getting noticed by everyone in your industry, and from there, you can take your business to new heights.


The strategies mentioned above can give your business the boost it needs. Implement these techniques and flourish your business in ways you have never imagined.

About the Author Alok

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

Alok Rana founder of LoudTechie. Like to share his blogging experience and resources with readers. Offering best money making blogging opportunities to new bloggers. He loves to talk about how to blog, SEO, Traffic Strategies and Marketing.

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